North Walsham 5k

Date: 28/06/2019

Location: North Walsham Memorial Park, NR28 9AY.

Website: link

Details: A 5K race around the town of North Walsham. The community of North Walsham will be out in force to support and cheer on runners throughout the town. EPIC Norfolk is a Social Enterprise aimed at increasing physical activity levels amongst communities, all profits made from the race will be distributed to local community organisations.

Race Entry: £12.75 for race only or £25.75 for 8-week CouchTo5K + FREE race entry (CouchTo5k will be held at the Memorial Park on Friday evenings at 5.30pm for 8-weeks leading up to the race – numbers will be limited). All entries include chip-timing and race medal.

All entrants must be at least 13 years or over.

Although the race will be run under UK Athletics Rules, it is not a UK Athletics Affiliated Race.

Race Time: 7.30pm, starting and finishing in the Memorial Park.

Facilities: Parking nearby, baggage storage and toilets all available at the race H.Q. There will also be refreshments and entertainment as part of the town's Fun Weekend.

Male: 1st, 2nd & 3rd.
Female: 1st, 2nd & 3rd.

Entries are non-refundable but transfers are available until midnight on 20/06/2019. Login to transfer your entry.

Your current entrants

Race Options

Name/Distance Start time Entrants
5k 19:30 pm
inc. admin fee £13.65
Name Club Wave
Esme Abbott City of Norwich AC 5k
Blessin Adams 5k
Oliver Aldous 5k
Amii Andrews Norwich Road Runners 5k
Lisa Appleton Reepham Runners 5k
Katy Armes GoodGym Norwich 5k
Karen Balcombe North Norfolk Beach Runners 5k
Owen Barber Coltishall Jaguars RC 5k
Sara Basey-Fisher 5k
Wayne Basham 5k
Samantha Beales Coltishall Jaguars RC 5k
Michelle Bell 5k
Dianne Bird 5k
Daniel Bird 5k
Adam Bishop 5k
Stuart Bizley Dereham Runners AC 5k
Paul Bloomfield Coltishall Jaguars RC 5k
Susan Bond PCRC Runsters 5k
Sarah Bowden 5k
Karen Bradley Coltishall Jaguars RC 5k
Jamie Bradley 5k
Trudi Bradley 5k
Mark Bradley Coltishall Jaguars RC 5k
Ian Bray Norwich Road Runners 5k
Pat Brightman Great Yarmouth & District AC 5k
Steve Brown PCRC Runsters 5k
Kim Brown 5k
Cheryl Brown Renegade Runners 5k
Catherine Burke North Norfolk Beach Runners 5k
Jonny Burrell 5k
Jo Bygrave Norwich Road Runners 5k
Laura Canning 5k
Thomas Carey Norwich Road Runners 5k
Eddie Carman North Norfolk Beach Runners 5k
Howard Carter 5k
Ash Cawston 5k
Riki Chase 5k
Kerry Clarke 5k
Jonathan Cole 5k
Dawn Cook Norwich Road Runners 5k
Roly Cook Norwich Road Runners 5k
Alexandra Cook 5k
Paul Coulthread Lonely Goats RC 5k
Jane Crane 5k
Rhiannon Dack 5k
Lorrain Dawson Great Yarmouth Road Runners 5k
Emma Dawson Great Yarmouth Road Runners 5k
Jenna Daykin 5k
Simon Demmen 5k
Roxanne Demmen 5k
Robert Dodd 5k
Katie Doughty 5k
Andy Doyle Renegade Runners 5k
Tally Doyle 5k
Natalie Drake North Norfolk Beach Runners 5k
Nic Drake 5k
Connor Drew 5k
Paul Dyball 5k
Jackie Eastaugh-king Norwich Road Runners 5k
Lynne Eborall 5k
Michael Eccles Bure Valley Harriers 5k
William Edmonds Norwich Good Gym 5k
Holly Edmonds 5k
Noel Elton 5k
John Fagan North Norfolk Beach Runners 5k
Elise Faiers 5k
James Falconer 5k
Radley Fenn Coltishall Jaguars RC 5k
Katie Fenn Coltishall Jaguars RC 5k
Julian Flatt 5k
Barry Foulser 5k
Sarah Freeman 5k
Matthew Freezer Dereham Runners AC 5k
Thomas Frosdick 5k
Graham Fryer Coltishall Jaguars RC 5k
Richard Fuller 5k
Ruth Gainsford Coltishall Jaguars RC 5k
Martin Garrard 5k
Alex George 5k
Clemmie Gleeson 5k
Julie Goodwin 5k
Sarah Grand 5k
Bradley Graves 5k
Amanda Gray Wymondham AC 5k
Sue Gray Run Buddies 5k
Duncan Green 5k
Lynn Greenfield 5k
James Greenfield 5k
Ellen Groom 5k
Trevor Groves 5k
Robert Groves Reepham Runners 5k
Myles Hague 5k
Elizabeth Halford Norwich Good Gym 5k
Barry Halkyard Coltishall Jaguars RC 5k
Stephanie Hall Coltishall Jaguars RC 5k
Maureen Hamis Norwich Road Runners 5k
Gabrielle Hampton 5k
Mica Hanlon 5k
Liz Harris North Norfolk Beach Runners 5k
Stephen Haughton NNBR/ Hercules 5k
Clare Hicks Coltishall Jaguars RC 5k
Stephen Higgs Lonely Goats RC 5k
Helen Hinsley 5k
Andrew Hinsley 5k
David Hinton 5k
Amanda Hodson Runbuddies - North Walsham 5k
Claire Holmes Norwich Road Runners 5k
Andrew Hornby Pirate Ship Of Fools 5k
James Hornigold Renegade Runners 5k
Paul Hovell Tri-Anglia TC 5k
William Howard 5k
Lois Howlett 5k
Angela Hudson Coltishall Jaguars RC 5k
Nicholas Hudson Coltishall Jaguars RC 5k
Matt Hume 5k
Nicola Ireson Run Mummy Run 5k
Daniel Jackman 5k
Laura Johnson Coltishall Jaguars RC 5k
Sally Johnson 5k
Vikki Johnson 5k
Graham Johnson Coltishall Jaguars RC 5k
Clare Johnson 5k
Sharon Jones Coltishall Jaguars RC 5k
Lee Keeves 5k
Frances Keeves PCRC Runsters 5k
Hannah Kilby 5k
Peter Kilby 5k
Marcus Kilpatrick 5k
Lizzi Kilpatrick 5k
Rita King Runbuddies - North Walsham 5k
Anna Kirkham 5k
Brenda Kite 5k
Martin Law 5k
Elizabeth Letzer North Norfolk Beach Runners 5k
Thomas Lincoln-Kemp Coltishall Jaguars RC 5k
Iwona Litwiniec Coltishall Jaguars RC 5k
Stephanie Lloyd Runbuddies - North Walsham 5k
Michael London 5k
Laura London 5k
Daryl London North Norfolk Beach Runners 5k
Sarah Lowndes 5k
Haydn Lyon Longdale Striders 5k
Tanya Manser 5k
Aaron Marche 5k
Stewart Marden 5k
Raymond Marshall Norwich Road Runners 5k
Sam McLean 5k
Samual Merritt 5k
Claire Miller Runbuddies - North Walsham 5k
Harly Moon 5k
Jonathan Moore 5k
Toby Morrell Tri Harder 5k
Rebecca Morrell 5k
Ronnie Mount Norwich Road Runners 5k
Dawn Mountain FiT2RuN 5k
Marina Murdoch Wymondham AC 5k
Mark Murdoch 5k
Philip Neave Bungay Black Dog RC 5k
John Neenan 5k
Matt Nelson 5k
Olivia Newstead Coltishall Jaguars RC 5k
Morgan Newstead Run Buddies 5k
Becky Nichols 5k
Megan Nickalls 5k
Andrew North 5k
Peter O'Connor 5k
Nina OBrien 5k
Eva Osborne Wymondham AC 5k
Lee Oxbury Norfolk Gazelles RC 5k
Nicki Paul 5k
Perry Payne Norwich Road Runners 5k
Barbara Peek 5k
Harry Peek 5k
Matthew Peek 5k
Imogene Phillips Lonely Goats RC 5k
Louise Playford 5k
Franklyn Plume Coltishall Jaguars RC 5k
Heidi Pooley 5k
Emma Potter-Campbell Dereham Runners AC 5k
Sonya Powley RunBuddies 5k
Amanda Price Run Buddies 5k
Michael Radbourne 5k
Wayne Ramsbottom Dereham Runners AC 5k
Cameron Raven Runners-next-the-Sea 5k
Steve Razzell 5k
Clare Razzell 5k
Dean Reeves Lonely Goats RC 5k
Chris Reid 5k
Sarah Rhoden Wymondham AC 5k
Paul Richardson Dereham Runners AC 5k
Graham Robson North Norfolk Beach Runners 5k
Rachel Robson North Norfolk Beach Runners 5k
Paul Rodgers Lonely Goats RC 5k
Matthew Rogers Coltishall Jaguars RC 5k
Patrick Rolph 5k
David Sadler 5k
Samantha Seaman Lonely Goats RC 5k
Fiona Searson 5k
Mark Sellick 5k
Mel Seton 5k
James Short 5k
Dennis Simpson Norwich Road Runners 5k
Jade Smiles Lonely Goats RC 5k
Paul Smith Harriers of Dereham 5k
Julian Smith Coltishall Jaguars RC 5k
Kathy Smith Harriers of Dereham 5k
Daniel Smith Coltishall Jaguars RC 5k
Rachael Smith 5k
Gary Smith Waveney Valley AC 5k
Sarah Smith Harriers of Dereham 5k
Steve Smith Reepham Runners 5k
Paul Smith Norwich Road Runners 5k
Sophie Smith Lonely Goats RC 5k
Sophie Speed Harriers of Dereham 5k
Aaron Stearman North Norfolk Beach Runners 5k
Clive Steward Longdale Striders 5k
Richard Stratton 5k
Bethany Studd 5k
Jack Stuttle Coltishall Jaguars RC 5k
Daniel Sutton 5k
Megan Swain Coltishall Jaguars RC 5k
Hattie Swain Coltishall Jaguars RC 5k
Liam Swift Rotherham Harriers & AC 5k
Claire Taylor 5k
Oliver Thompson Longdale Striders 5k
Kevin Thompson Longdale Striders 5k
Adrienne Thompson 5k
Laura Thompson 5k
Peter Thompson Norfolk Gazelles RC 5k
Andy Tibble Norwich Road Runners 5k
Donna Todd 5k
Mark Townsend Norwich Road Runners 5k
Andy Tubb 5k
Jimmy Tubb 5k
Tina Tubb 5k
David Tuthill 5k
Violet Vincent Coltishall Jaguars RC 5k
Lorna Vyse Harriers of Dereham 5k
Derek Wacey 5k
Holly Walker 5k
Georgina Wall Norwich Road Runners 5k
Anthony Wall 5k
Samantha Wall Norwich Road Runners 5k
Wendy Wallace 5k
Keith Walpole Norwich Road Runners 5k
Neil Walpole Norwich Road Runners 5k
Vicky Wardrope 5k
James Warner Smith North Norfolk Beach Runners 5k
Lisa Webb 5k
Barry Wells Norwich Road Runners 5k
Kirsty West 5k
Dominic West 5k
Sara Westwood 5k
Rebecca Wicks Coltishall Jaguars RC 5k
Ruth Wilby 5k
Jo Williams Runbuddies - North Walsham 5k
Sonia Witham Norwich Road Runners 5k
Timothy Witting Coltishall Jaguars RC 5k
Libby Woodhouse Runners next the Sea 5k
Clive Woolnough 5k
Annette Yeomanson Coltishall Jaguars RC 5k
Tyrone Young Team Dunerunner 5k
Jessica Youngs 5k
kingsley elliff 5k
gay webster 5k