East Coast 10k

Date: 13/10/2019

Location: Great Yarmouth

Website: link

Sportlink Grand Prix

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Sportlink Running & Fitness….so very proud to sponsor the Grand Prix series whilst supporting Norfolk athletics and road running.

Run by Runners for Runners.

Click Here for a full fixture list for the series.

Great Yarmouth Road Runners are pleased to announce that the Great Yarmouth East Coast 10k returns again in 2019.

The popular accurately measured route takes you along the fast and flat pavements and promenade of Great Yarmouth with fast times a guarantee.

Race memento for all participants - Plus age category prizes and prizes for leading runners available.

There are refreshments, changing and plenty of onsite parking available.

Entries are non-refundable but transfers are available until midnight on 09/10/2019. Login to transfer your entry.

Your current entrants

Race Options

Name/Distance Start time Entrants
10k 10:00 am
Affiliated £16.00
Unaffiliated £18.00
Name Club Wave
Hannah Abbott Uk Run Chat 10k
Kat Abigail-Hardman 10k
Darryl Ainslie Lowestoft Road Runners 10k
Carolyn Anderson 10k
Martin Bagnall Reepham Runners 10k
Stuart Barber 10k
Louise Barber 10k
Kirstie Barber 10k
Michelle Barker Wymondham AC 10k
Darren Barnes 10k
Samuel Beardmore 10k
Yitzhak Ben-aroya Wymondham AC 10k
Kevin Boldy Great Yarmouth Road Runners 10k
John Bowen 10k
Kyle Brooks Wymondham AC 10k
Andrew Brown Waveny Valley AC 10k
Natalie Brown Waveney Valley AC 10k
Scotty Bruce Lowestoft Road Runners 10k
Terry Brunton 10k
David Bufton 10k
Linda Bufton 10k
Teresa Burdett Lonely Goat Running Club 10k
Vickie Cable Waveney Valley AC 10k
Daryl Cable Waveney Valley AC 10k
Steven Carruthers Rock Estate Runners and Riders 10k
Nic Clifford (None) 10k
Marc Coles Norwich Road Runners 10k
Katherine Cooper 10k
Anna Coulborn Great Yarmouth Road Runners 10k
Tiffany Cross Kidney Research UK 10k
Richard Crossland Bungay Black Dog RC 10k
Marian Crossland City of Norwich AC 10k
Jayne Crowe 10k
Luke Crowe 10k
Linda Cusack Thetford AC 10k
Mark Darby 10k
Jason Day 10k
Alan Diaper Great Yarmouth Road Runners 10k
Martin Doherty Norfolk Gazelles RC 10k
Theresa Dooley Norfolk Gazelles RC 10k
David Drew 10k
Stephen Eaglen 10k
Jackie Eastaugh-king Norwich Road Runners 10k
Michael Eccles Bure Valley Harriers 10k
Peter Elliott Thetford AC 10k
Gary Etherington Vegan Runners 10k
Naomi Etherington 10k
Martin Farr Lowestoft Road Runners 10k
Glenn Fletcher Waveney Valley AC 10k
Lynsey Fletcher Waveney Valley AC 10k
Sue Fletcher Waveney Valley AC 10k
Colin Foreman 10k
Katrina Foreman 10k
Steven Foulkes 10k
Garrick Fox Bungay Black Dog RC 10k
Kevin Frazer Wymondham AC 10k
Emma Garrard Lowestoft Road Runners 10k
Steve Girling 10k
Brian Gooda 10k
Sam Graham Gosport Road Runners 10k
Michael Gray Lonely Goats RC 10k
Elaine Haggarty Great Yarmouth & District AC 10k
Jessica Hall Waveney Valley AC 10k
Adrian Harris 10k
Elly Haylock Lonely Goats RC 10k
Clare Haynes Tri-Anglia Triathlon Club 10k
Luke Hillard 10k
Jo Hinchley 10k
Peter Hindley 10k
Candice Hobson 10k
Robert Hodges 10k
Fiona Houghton Waveney Valley AC 10k
Guy Humphrey 10k
Jen Inglis Norwich Road Runners 10k
Emma Jay Norfolk Gazelles RC 10k
Susan Jewson Waveney Valley AC 10k
James Jewson 10k
Katie Jewson 10k
Jenny Jones Lonely Goat Running Club 10k
Martin Keeler 10k
Charlotte Keeler 10k
Erin Kelf 10k
Jayne Kemp 10k
hung Lai Lowestoft Road Runners 10k
Christina Lakey Wymondham AC 10k
Andrew Lane Wymondham AC 10k
Laura Latimer 10k
Victoria Laughland 10k
Joe Liddament 10k
Shaun Long 10k
Donna Lorne Wymondham AC 10k
Grainne McAdam 10k
Byron McGill Bungay Black Dog RC 10k
Kate McIntosh 10k
Sophie Mclellan 10k
Richard Midwinter 10k
Chris Moore Norfolk Gazelles RC 10k
Susan Moore Norfolk Gazelles RC 10k
Jonathan Mulley 10k
John Munday 10k
Will Munday 10k
Gill Munday 10k
Philip Neave Bungay Black Dog RC 10k
Sarah Norman Waveney Valley AC 10k
Joanne Orford Bungay Black Dog RC 10k
Glenn Orford Bungay Black Dog RC 10k
Suzanne O’Halloran 10k
Chris Parker North Norfolk Beach Runners 10k
Caroline Parnis Lowestoft Road Runners 10k
Louise Paterson Bure Valley Harriers 10k
Michael Persich 10k
Amy Prescott Norwich Road Runners 10k
Matt Pyatt Dereham Runners AC 10k
Keelan Pywell 10k
Michael Quantrill Waveney Valley AC 10k
Mandy Roberts Waveney Valley AC 10k
Karen Robertson Bedford Harriers AC 10k
Andrew Robertson Bedford Harriers AC 10k
Claire Sargeant Beccles Triathlon Club 10k
Mary Schofield 10k
Debbie Secret Lowestoft Road Runners 10k
Paul Sharman 10k
Ashleigh Sharman 10k
Steve Sharp 10k
Pete Sharpe Wymondham AC 10k
Camilla Skarin 10k
Caroline Skoyles 10k
Howard Skoyles 10k
Adrian Slattery 10k
Gary Smith Waveney Valley AC 10k
Ian Smith 10k
Sophie Smith Lonely Goats RC 10k
Julian Smith Coltishall Jaguars RC 10k
David Smith Lowestoft Road Runners 10k
Ben Snelling Norwich Road Runners 10k
Aaron Stearman North Norfolk Beach Runners 10k
Tracy Stevens Wymondham AC 10k
Lisa Stewart Waveney Valley AC 10k
Bethany Studd 10k
Kirsty Sturman 10k
Lucy Thomas Bloodhill Runners 10k
Hazel Thorn Lonely Goat Running Club 10k
Manda Timby NA 10k
Matthew Tooley 10k
Sarah Tovell Norwich Road Runners 10k
Tracy Walker 10k
Pam Warne Waveney Valley AC 10k
Fay Wheeler Wymondham AC 10k
Richard White Wymondham AC 10k
Garry Whiting Wymondham AC 10k
Rebecca Wicks Lonely Goats RC 10k
Ms Williams 10k
Julie Winner Wymondham AC 10k
Rob Winner Wymondham AC 10k
Nick Wright 10k
Hannah Wroth 10k
martin gibson KTH 10k
gary pearson 10k
shayne sharman 10k