Keith Hall Memorial 10km - Provisional Date

Date: 27/03/2022

Location: Thorney

Website: link

The race is organised and administered from Bedford Hall, widely seen as the base for Thorney Running Club. The race is a road race that takes runners through the length of the village, out into the back roads and back again. With the support of the local council we close the main road for one hour whilst the race is live.

Entries are non-refundable and unfortunately cannot be deferred but transfers are available until midnight on 20/03/2022. Login to transfer your entry.

Your current entrants

Entrance is closed for this race.

Race Options

Name/Distance Start time Entrants
10k 10:30 am

Entrance is closed for this race.

Affiliated £12.00
Unaffiliated £14.00
Name Club Wave
Helen Airey Eye Community Runners 10k
John Airey Eye Community Runners 10k
Joanne Anderson March AC 10k
Katie Arnold Stamford Striders 10k
Jane Ash Stamford Striders 10k
David Babbs Stamford Striders 10k
Neil Bason Yaxley Runners & Joggers 10k
Sean Beard peterborough & nene valley AC 10k
Anna Best BRJ Run & Tri 10k
Clive Best BRJ Run & Tri 10k
Clare Bickerstaff Fenland Running Club 10k
Glyn Blakey North Herts Road Runners 10k
Ian Bridges 10k
Alan Buckberry Sleaford Striders AC 10k
Mike Bull 10k
Richard Burton AAF 10k
Alison Burton 10k
Kirsty Butters Ryston Runners AC 10k
Martin Candish Stamford Striders 10k
Fran Carlin Stamford Striders 10k
Sarah Caskey peterborough & nene valley AC 10k
Jane Chambers Bushfield Joggers 10k
Geoffrey Clark Yaxley Runners & Joggers 10k
Richard Coles peterborough & nene valley AC 10k
Tim Cook Werrington Joggers 10k
Alan Court 10k
Ann Cox Stamford Striders 10k
Fiona Cressy-Roberts City of Norwich AC 10k
Mark Darlow March AC 10k
Paul Davidson Grantham AC 10k
Kay Dedman 10k
Sue Dibble Bushfield Joggers 10k
Alison Dunphy Eye Community Runners 10k
Marcus Durrant 10k
Graham Edwards Stamford Striders 10k
Shona Elkin Werrington Joggers 10k
Stephen Ellen Eye Community Runners 10k
Petra Ellen Eye Community Runners 10k
Raeanne Elliott Yaxley Runners & Joggers 10k
Darren Ellis Yaxley Runners & Joggers 10k
Denisa Faragova Eye Community Runners 10k
Denise Fassler Werrington Joggers 10k
James Fisher Ely Runners 10k
Bernadette Fitzharris Eye Community Runners 10k
Alan Fountain 10k
Chris Fox Woodbridge Shufflers RC 10k
Nathaniel Francis 10k
Karen Freeman Yaxley Runners & Joggers 10k
Dawn Friend Yaxley Runners & Joggers 10k
Annette Garner 10k
Caroline Garner Werrington Joggers 10k
Franco Genovese 10k
Steve Glencross Stamford Striders 10k
Angela Godwin Stamford Striders 10k
Chris Godwin Stamford Striders 10k
Shane Goldsmith Bushfield Joggers 10k
Barry Graves Ely Runners 10k
Gwen Graves Ely Runners 10k
Mike Halcomb Yaxley Runners & Joggers 10k
Rosslyn Hamlyn Werrington Joggers 10k
Phillip Hamlyn Werrington Joggers 10k
Richard Hammond Run DMC 10k
James Hammond Run DMC 10k
Tessa Hammond Eye Community Runners 10k
Wendy Harrison March AC 10k
Benjamin Hart 10k
Louise Hathaway Helpston Harriers AC 10k
Paul Hensby March AC 10k
John Herbert Helpston Harriers AC 10k
Jason Hobson 10k
Stuart Hodgkinson Stamford Striders 10k
David Hood 10k
Andrew Hooker Halmer Harriers 10k
Kevin Howlett Ryston Runners AC 10k
Julian Huckle Werrington Joggers 10k
Ian Humphries Werrington Joggers 10k
Malcolm Hunt March AC 10k
Kate Hurn 10k
Jack Jackson Eye Community Runners 10k
Ruth Jones Helpston Harriers AC 10k
Helen Joyce Yaxley Runners & Joggers 10k
Marc Joyce Eye Community Runners 10k
Brian Kearsey Stamford Striders 10k
Sonia Kendal Stamford Striders 10k
Anne Kirk Ramsey Road Runners 10k
Tony Lack Ramsey Road Runners 10k
Kylie Laws 10k
Jodie Lee Three Counties Running Club 10k
Louise Lee Stamford Striders 10k
Martin Littlemore March AC 10k
Martin Lott 10k
Jeff Lucas Werrington Joggers 10k
Paul Lunn Helpston Harriers AC 10k
James Macdonald Peterborough & Nene Valley AC 10k
Linda Marshall Ryston Runners AC 10k
Ruth Marston-Smith 10k
Matthew Mason Ely Runners 10k
Lawrence Matthews RunDMC 10k
Christopher Mcinerney Royston Runners 10k
Sarah Melton-Whitelam Three Counties Running Club 10k
Ian Milburn Ryston Runners AC 10k
Alex Mitton BRJ Run & Tri 10k
Paul Mitton BRJ Run & Tri 10k
Suzanne Moon Stamford Striders 10k
Michael Moore Helpston Harriers AC 10k
Alan Moorehead 10k
Jim Morris Helpston Harriers AC 10k
George Munford Ramsey Road Runners 10k
Thomas Musson Helpston Harriers AC 10k
Rebecca Musson Helpston Harriers AC 10k
Bryan Newman March AC 10k
Bridges Nikki 10k
Kanina O'neil March AC 10k
Ellena Olik Bushfield Joggers 10k
Victoria Olik Bushfield Joggers 10k
James Orrell BRJ Run & Tri 10k
Richard Orrell BRJ Run & Tri 10k
David Parkes 10k
Simon Parkes Nene Valley Harriers 10k
Sally Pearton 10k
Sara Penketh Werrington Joggers 10k
Wendy Perkins peterborough & nene valley AC 10k
Andrew Porter North Herts Road Runners 10k
Andy Potter Stamford Striders 10k
Antoinette Rendle Bushfield Joggers 10k
Glenn Richer UK Netrunners 10k
Peter Ridley Eye Community Runners 10k
Michael Robinson 10k
Chris Rowe Eye Community Runners 10k
Penny Rowe Eye Community Runners 10k
Chris Rudd Three Counties Running Club 10k
Tony Savage Ryston Runners AC 10k
Andy Savage Yaxley Runners & Joggers 10k
John Saw Rugby & Northampton AC 10k
Yvonne Scarrott Harborough AC 10k
Fay Scrivener March AC 10k
Elisabeth Sennitt Clough PANVAC 10k
Helen Sewell Ryston Runners AC 10k
Adie Stevens Stamford Striders 10k
Jane Stevenson 10k
Jim Stocker Huntingdonshire AC 10k
Philippa Taylor Helpston Harriers AC 10k
Amanda Teesdale Boston Community Runners 10k
John Thomas Corby 10k
Sharon Thomas Werrington Joggers 10k
Joel Thompson Bourne Town Harriers 10k
Caroline Tiller Ramsey Road Runners 10k
David Towns Yaxley Runners & Joggers 10k
Barry Warne peterborough & nene valley AC 10k
Dominic Watson PANVAC 10k
David Watts March AC 10k
Debra Watts March AC 10k
Richard Weber North Herts Road Runners 10k
Darren Wells Yaxley Runners & Joggers 10k
Steve Whitelam Three Counties Running Club 10k
Emma Wiles Werrington Joggers 10k
Marie Williamson Ramsey Road Runners 10k
Claire Willis Stamford Striders 10k
Andi Woolley Three Counties Running Club 10k
Lisa Woolley Three Counties Running Club 10k
Ivan Yallup 10k
Roy Young Eye Community Runners 10k
Jurgita Zitkeviciene 10k