NNBR Holt 10km - Provisional Date

Date: 29/05/2022

Location: Gresham's School, Holt. NR25 6EA

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Sportlink Grand Prix

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Sportlink Running & Fitness….so very proud to sponsor the Grand Prix series whilst supporting Norfolk athletics and road running.

Run by Runners for Runners.

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This popular race, suitable for all abilities is a mostly flat course in beautiful North Norfolk scenery, with a mixture of road and trail, starting and finishing in the stunning grounds of the prestigious Gresham School. With lots of excellent facilities for parking, changing, bag storage, and toilets, Gresham School is an ideal venue for the NNBR annual 10k race.

We are following the same route as 2019, starting and finishing within the school complex. The main sports hall is race HQ. Within the sports hall we offer an ample seating/rest area. Pre and Post Race massage will be offered. Our home-made cake/refreshment stall will be open pre and post-race, with all proceeds going to charity (to be announced).

Free Parking is available, SatNav NR25 6EA, follow signs on the day.

Entry £15 Affiliated, £17 Unaffiliated. Minimum Age 16 on the day. A Medal, water and snack for all Finishers as well as Age Group Trophies.

Collect race numbers on the day at registration, open at 8.45am – so we recommend you arrive in good time to park, collect your race number and get settled. Runners to write their name, any medical condition, emergency contact name and contact number on reverse of their race number. There will be a secure Bag drop area too.

Numbers must be visible whilst racing.
For your convenience, chips will be incorporated into the bibs.
Minimum Age is 16 on the day of the race.
The race is held under ARC Rules of Competition.
The race is chip timed, and the start will be sectioned by estimated finishing time.
The course will be marshalled and clearly signposted.
The race starts in the Gresham School grounds at 10:30am.
Unfortunately no pets, wheelchairs or prams.

The course is run mainly on open roads. Although the race route follows quiet roads, they are NOT CLOSED from traffic and are narrow! Please follow Marshal’s directions at all times and keep to the left!

First Aid/Medical cover will be present at the start/finish of the race. If you feel pain, experience dizziness or any other symptoms immediately stop running and seek help from a marshal.

· Water will be provided free of charge at the half way mark, please do not litter the course.
- Headphones are banned from the race. Anyone seen wearing them will be disqualified and removed from the results.
- Appropriate footwear should be worn.
- If you are unable to run on the day, transfers are available on the website until 14 days before the race. After this date, PLEASE DO NOT pass your race number to someone else. If this is identified, both the runner and ‘new runner’ will be disqualified, banned from future races and referred to the permit regulators.
- It would be helpful if you share lifts!
- The organisers accept no responsibility for runners vehicles, contents, or baggage. Baggage left in the Hall must be left by the runner, and redeemed by the runner with their number.
- For more information email: NNBRHolt10k@outlook.com


Prize giving will in the Sports Hall at completion of the race, approximately 12:00pm. Runners are responsible for collecting their prizes or delegating a deputy. Enjoy the refreshments whilst you wait.

NNBR Holt 10k 2020 Trophy List
1st, 2nd, 3rd, Male
1st, 2nd, 3rd, Female
1st Male 20-39
1st Female 20-39
1st Male 40-44
1st Female 40-44
1st Male 45-49
1st Female 45-49
1st Male 50-54
1st Female 50-54
1st Male 55-59
1st Female 55-59
1st Male 60-64
1st Female 60-64
1st Male 65-69
1st Female 65-69
1st Male 70 +
1st Female 70+
Oldest Male Finisher
Oldest Female Finisher
1st Male Team (of 3, on lowest finishing places)
1st Female Team (of 3, on lowest finishing places)
1st Junior Male (16-19)
1st Junior Female (16-19)

Transfers are available until midnight on 13/05/2022. Login to transfer your entry.

Your current entrants

Entrance is closed for this race.

Race Options

Name/Distance Start time Entrants
10k 10:30 am

Entrance is closed for this race.

Affiliated £15.00
Unaffiliated £17.00
Name Club Wave
Louise Adams Diss Heywood Joggers 10k
Louise Adamson Waveney Valley AC 10k
David Aldis City of Norwich AC 10k
Aidan Banfield Wymondham AC 10k
Mary Barrett Dereham Runners AC 10k
William Bartram Norwich Road Runners 10k
Katharine Bartram Norwich Road Runners 10k
Wayne Basham 10k
Amy Beck Norwich Road Runners 10k
David Beighton Saint Edmund Pacers 10k
Jeremy Bell 10k
Yitzhak Ben-aroya Wymondham AC 10k
David Bennett Runners-next-the-Sea 10k
Marion Bensley Coltishall Jaguars RC 10k
Matthew Bensley Lonely Goats RC 10k
Keith Beswick Runners-next-the-Sea 10k
Andrew Bird Bure Valley Harriers 10k
Sarah Bird Bure Valley Harriers 10k
Margaret Blair 10k
John Bone Great Yarmouth Road Runners 10k
James Bool Great Yarmouth Road Runners 10k
Kenneth Bowman Coltishall Jaguars RC 10k
Caroline Brown Ely Runners 10k
Ness Browne Dereham Runners AC 10k
Sarah Buchan 10k
Cindy Burgess Wymondham AC 10k
Derek Bye Norfolk Gazelles RC 10k
Steven Carruthers Lowestoft Road Runners 10k
Ian Carter Lonely Goats RC 10k
Hazel Cason Dereham Runners AC 10k
Colin Chambers Skegness and District Running Club 10k
Rachel Chester Wymondham AC 10k
Jane Clarke City of Norwich AC 10k
Ben Coghill 10k
Jonathan Cole 10k
Marc Coles Norwich Road Runners 10k
Anneke Cook Wymondham AC 10k
Giselle Couch 10k
David Crotch Norwich Road Runners 10k
Anthony Cude Runners-next-the-Sea 10k
Oliver Dack Norwich Road Runners 10k
Clare Daly 10k
Cathal Daly City of Norwich AC 10k
Paolo De Marco Tri-Anglia TC 10k
Stephanie Deeks Great Yarmouth Road Runners 10k
Alan Diaper Great Yarmouth Road Runners 10k
Theresa Dooley Norfolk Gazelles RC 10k
Gavin Douglas Norfolk Gazelles RC 10k
William Edmonds GoodGym Norwich 10k
Leon Edwards 10k
Nicholas Eley Coltishall Jaguars RC 10k
Anne Ellen Norfolk Gazelles RC 10k
Peter Elliott Thetford AC 10k
Sam Evans 10k
Andy Evans Norwich Road Runners 10k
Justine Fawcett Bungay Black Dog RC 10k
Victoria Ferrar 10k
David Field Norwich Road Runners 10k
Janette Franks 10k
Michael Franks 10k
Katie Franks 10k
Anthony Fullam Lonely Goats RC 10k
Mark Garrett Norwich Road Runners 10k
Samantha Grainger Wymondham AC 10k
Amanda Gray Wymondham AC 10k
Lisa Greengrass Wymondham AC 10k
Mark Griffin Lonely Goats RC 10k
Daniel Grocott Runners-next-the-Sea 10k
Rob Hall Bungay Black Dog RC 10k
Tom Hanna 10k
Richard Hanson 10k
Graham Hardingham Norfolk Gazelles RC 10k
Stephen Haughton Hercules Wimbledon AC 10k
Adrian Hill 10k
Chantelle Holmes Norwich Road Runners 10k
Vicki Hook 10k
James Hopgood 10k
Alice Horney 10k
Phil Houghton 10k
William Howard North Norfolk Beach Runners 10k
Ceridwen Howell Runners-next-the-Sea 10k
David Howell 10k
Ruth Hoyle Norwich Road Runners 10k
James Hoyle 10k
Daniel Hubbard 10k
John Hudson Norwich Road Runners 10k
Dominique Hudson 10k
Samuel Huetson North Norfolk Beach Runners 10k
Katie Huggins Runners-next-the-Sea 10k
Ian Jarvis Lonely Goats RC 10k
Eleanor Jarvis Norwich Road Runners 10k
Kathryn Jervis Norwich Road Runners 10k
Alison Jones 10k
Matthew Jones City of Norwich AC 10k
Ben Kendall Norwich Road Runners 10k
Sophie Kendall Norwich Road Runners 10k
John Kenyon Runners-next-the-Sea 10k
Beth King Norfolk Gazelles RC 10k
Jason Knights 10k
Neville Knights Dereham Runners AC 10k
Beryl Knowles Norwich Road Runners 10k
Sarah Lambirth Jog Scotland Rosemount Aberdeen 10k
Andrew Lane Wymondham AC 10k
Martin Law Reepham Runners 10k
Kirsty Lawrence 10k
Alastair Leckie Norwich Road Runners 10k
Gary Linder North Norfolk Beach Runners 10k
Chris Lubbock Runners-next-the-Sea 10k
Chris Luddington 10k
Samantha Lulham Rutland Running & Tri Club 10k
Gary Mann Norwich Road Runners 10k
Amanda Marshall Runners-next-the-Sea 10k
Shawn Mason Great Yarmouth & District AC 10k
Robert McKillop Lonely Goats RC 10k
Chris Moore Norfolk Gazelles RC 10k
Susan Moore Norfolk Gazelles RC 10k
Fiona Morrison 10k
Hayley Murfit Runners-next-the-Sea 10k
Philip Neave Bungay Black Dog RC 10k
Minka Nicholson 10k
Jurgens Nortje Wymondham AC 10k
Suzanne Nurse North Norfolk Beach Runners 10k
James O'Neill Ryston Runners AC 10k
John Osborne 10k
Lee Oxbury Norfolk Gazelles RC 10k
Joseph Oxtoby 10k
Sheila Oxtoby British Triathon Club 10k
Chris Palmer Runners-next-the-Sea 10k
Tonya Patten Poles Apart Fitness Club 10k
Karl Peebles City of Norwich AC 10k
Martin Perry 10k
Richard Peters Coltishall Jaguars RC 10k
Andrea Peters 10k
Rachel Peters 10k
Tim Pinkstone 10k
Emma Potter-campbell Dereham Runners AC 10k
Hugh Powell 10k
Amy Prescott Norwich Road Runners 10k
Sam Prescott 10k
Clive Purbrook Newmarket Joggers 10k
Hannah Purvis Wymondham AC 10k
Kevin Raisborough Lonely Goats RC 10k
Cameron Raven Runners-next-the-Sea 10k
Tracey Renshaw Wymondham AC 10k
Sarah Rhoden Wymondham AC 10k
Sarah Robertson 10k
Philippa Rudd Tri-Anglia TC 10k
Graham Sampson Bungay Black Dog RC 10k
Mark Saunders Tri-Anglia TC 10k
Michael Savvas Norwich Road Runners 10k
Elaine Savvas Lonely Goats RC 10k
Annie Schwick 10k
Fiona Sewell Jog Scotland Airyhall Aberdeen 10k
David Smith Lowestoft Road Runners 10k
Jennifer Smith 10k
Lisa Smith Great Yarmouth Road Runners 10k
Kareana Symonds Dereham Runners AC 10k
Stephen Taylor Garden City Runners 10k
Andrew Thomas Great Yarmouth Road Runners 10k
Peter Thompson Norfolk Gazelles RC 10k
Andrew Thompson Ely Runners 10k
Hazel Thorn Lonely Goats RC 10k
Jan Totterdale Dereham Runners AC 10k
Alan Varle Waveney Valley AC 10k
Laura Waters Lonely Goats RC 10k
Juliette Watkinson Wymondham AC 10k
Lisa Webb 10k
Philip Websdale Dereham Runners AC 10k
Gary Wells 10k
Victoria Wells 10k
Thomas Wharton 10k
Sonja White Coltishall Jaguars RC 10k
Freya Whitelock 10k
Garry Whiting Wymondham AC 10k
Katy Whiting Wymondham AC 10k
Kevin Whittred 10k
Melanie Widdows Lonely Goats RC 10k
Joanna Wilcox 10k
Linsey Wilcox 10k
Michael Wilkinson Norwich Road Runners 10k
Louise Wilkinson City of Norwich AC 10k
Fiona Williams Great Yarmouth Road Runners 10k
Bryn Williams Tri-Anglia TC 10k
Colin Withers Norwich Road Runners 10k
Gill Woodhouse Dereham Runners AC 10k