EPIC Aylsham 5k - Virtual Race

Date: 30/08/2020

Location: Aylsham Market Place, NR11 6EL

Website: link

Details: The first of our mini-series along with the EPIC North Walsham 5K. EPIC Norfolk and Total Race Timing have teamed up for a 5K race around the town of Aylsham. We’ve had to adapt the race this year due to the Covid-19 restrictions. Therefore, we have expanded the race over a month and removed items such as chip timing and handling of water and medals etc. You will need to complete this route https://www.strava.com/routes/2712733862010024612 any time between 1 – 31 August 2020. You’ll be able to submit a time when you login to Total Race Timing. Although we are encouraging participants to complete the route above, you can complete your own 5K route if you wish to but wouldn’t be eligible for any awards.

Share your run on Facebook and Instagram and tag us in @epicnorfolk using #epic5k.

All profits from the race will be reinvested into local sport and physical activity.

Please read the following Health & Safety guidelines:

  • Please note that there will be no road closures in place. The majority of the route is foot pathed so please use them.
  • We advise you run in groups of no more than 3 people.
  • Wear high vis clothing or bib.
  • Inform a family member or friend when you will be running the route so they know when to expect you back home.
  • Carry an emergency contact card with you.

Race Entry: £13.00 + 90p booking fee. All entrants will receive a bespoke race medal in the post.

All entrants must be at least 11 years or over.

Facilities: Parking nearby.

Awards: To be eligible for the quickest time awards, you need to complete the actual race route and submit a time and evidence via Total Race Timing.

Sponsors: A massive thank you to Coxford’s Butchers, Aylsham Runners, Clarion Futures, Aylsham Growers, Co-op, Dewing Grain.

Entries are non-refundable and unfortunately cannot be deferred but transfers are available until midnight on 31/07/2020. Login to transfer your entry.

Your current entrants

Race Options

Name/Distance Start time Entrants
5k 19:30 pm
5k (£13 + 90p booking fee) £13.90
Name Club Wave
Danny Abel 5k
Gabriella Abel 5k
Charlotte Adams 5k
Amii Andrews 5k
Lisa Appleton Reepham Runners 5k
Sam Appleyard-Smith 5k
Matthew Armiger Aylsham Runners 5k
Vicky Bailey Norwich Road Runners 5k
Laura Bailey Aylsham Runners 5k
Chris Baker Aylsham Runners 5k
Lucy Baker Aylsham Runners 5k
Sarah Baker 5k
Cat Baker-Dare 5k
Karen Balcombe North Norfolk Beach Runners 5k
Kim Balls 5k
Owen Barber Coltishall Jaguars RC 5k
Kathryn Barlow 5k
Becky Bates 5k
Amy Beck Norwich Road Runners 5k
Andrea Bell Norwich Road Runners 5k
David Bell Norwich Road Runners 5k
Dianne Bird Aylsham Runners 5k
Shayney Blyth Reepham Runners 5k
Annette Boreham North Norfolk Beach Runners 5k
Leanne Botwright Bure Valley Harriers 5k
Callum Bowen-Jones Dereham Runners AC 5k
Rebecca Bowers 5k
Becky Boyce Lonely Goats RC 5k
Mark Bradley Coltishall Jaguars RC 5k
Kevin Bray Norwich Road Runners 5k
Ian Bray Norwich Road Runners 5k
Simon Brighten 5k
Nigel Bullen Norfolk Gazelles RC 5k
Andy Burr 5k
Lynn Burrell 5k
James Burrows 5k
Donna Butcher Aylsham Runners 5k
Kevin Butler 5k
Sandra Butler 5k
Alan Bygrave 5k
Linda Bygrave Aylsham Runners 5k
Jo Bygrave Norwich Road Runners 5k
Frankie Campling Lonely Goats RC 5k
Natasha Carver Aylsham Runners 5k
Susan Carver Norwich Road Runners 5k
Eleanor Chapman Norwich Road Runners 5k
Tanya Chapman Norwich Road Runners 5k
Laurajane Chapman 5k
Scott Chapman Norwich Road Runners 5k
Jemma Chenery 5k
Chris Chorley Bungay Black Dog RC 5k
Shelley Christopher North Norfolk Beach Runners 5k
Kerry Clarke Aylsham Runners 5k
Peter Clarke 5k
Kerri Clarke 5k
Paula Clarke 5k
Helen Clarke 5k
Melanie Claxton 5k
Christopher Coates The Stragglers RC 5k
Jonathan Cole 5k
Rachael Cole Lonely Goats RC 5k
Marc Coles Norwich Road Runners 5k
Trudy Cooper 5k
Lucy Copeman 5k
Olivia Corfield 5k
Kyra Cornish Norwich Road Runners 5k
Luke Cornish Norwich Road Runners 5k
Kelly Cornish Norwich Road Runners 5k
Brett Cornish Norwich Road Runners 5k
Laura Cornwell 5k
Joanna Cottrell Coltishall Jaguars RC 5k
Rowena Cove 5k
Chantelle Cox 5k
Bee Lee Crampsie 5k
Jane Crane 5k
Olivia Crane 5k
David Crotch Norwich Road Runners 5k
Harriette Crowe Aylsham Runners 5k
Anne Crowe Aylsham Runners 5k
Jo Davies 5k
Carl Davis 5k
Roxanne Demmen 5k
Kerry Didwell 5k
Natalie Drake North Norfolk Beach Runners 5k
Joseph Dye 5k
Danielle Earl 5k
Jackie Eastaugh-king Norwich Road Runners 5k
Adele Easton 5k
William Edmonds GoodGym Norwich 5k
Ian Edwards Norfolk Gazelles RC 5k
Amy Edwards 5k
Kingsley Elliff 5k
Melanie Elliott 5k
Paul Elliott 5k
Martin Elsworthy 5k
Jill Elsworthy 5k
Helen Emerson GoodGym Norwich 5k
Steff Firth 5k
Chloe Fisher Runners-next-the-Sea 5k
Caroline Flatt Lonely Goats RC 5k
Julian Flatt 5k
Becci Flook 5k
Andrea Fordham Aylsham Runners 5k
Sara Fordham 5k
Barry Foulser Lonely Goats RC 5k
Lewis Frazer Norwich Road Runners 5k
Matthew Freezer Dereham Runners AC 5k
Thomas Frosdick 5k
Graham Fryer Coltishall Jaguars RC 5k
Sarah Fuller 5k
Martin Garrard 5k
Mark Garrett Norwich Road Runners 5k
Laura Gatward 5k
Ricky Gedge 5k
Elizabeth Gibbons Aylsham Runners 5k
Jason Gibbons 5k
Nicholas Gibbs 5k
Jill Gibbs 5k
Steve Girling 5k
Mark Goldsmith 5k
Diane Gooch Waveney Valley AC 5k
Shaune Gooch Norwich Road Runners 5k
Clare Gooch Norwich Road Runners 5k
Donna Gotterson Aylsham Runners 5k
Rachel Gotts Aylsham Runners 5k
Sarah Grand North Norfolk Beach Runners 5k
Duncan Green 5k
Sue Greeves 5k
Mark Griffin 5k
Kirsty Grint Norfolk Gazelles RC 5k
Jake Groves 5k
Toby Groves 5k
Emma Grumbt 5k
Myles Hague Aylsham Runners 5k
Gavin Hales 5k
Elizabeth Halford GoodGym Norwich 5k
Barry Halkyard Coltishall Jaguars RC 5k
Debbie Hall Coltishall Jaguars RC 5k
Lyndsey Hallett 5k
Emily Harding Waveney Valley AC 5k
Neil Hardingham 5k
Robert Harman 5k
Kerry Harman 5k
Quintin Harper 5k
Kim Harrington 5k
Amanda Harris 5k
Nicola Hartley Aylsham Runners 5k
Stephen Haughton Hercules Wimbledon AC 5k
Neal Hayes-Bradley Self 5k
Colin Hayman 5k
David Hender Norwich Road Runners 5k
Christine Herring Lonely Goats RC 5k
Esme Hicks Norwich Road Runners 5k
Adam Higgs Lonely Goat RC 5k
Stephen Higgs Lonely Goats RC 5k
Richard High Norwich Road Runners 5k
Leslie Hill Norfolk Gazelles RC 5k
Sacha Hill 5k
Rebecca Hill 5k
Charlotte Lucy Hodgson Norwich Road Runners 5k
Claire Holmes Norwich Road Runners 5k
Linda Homer Lonely Goats RC 5k
Andrew Hornby Pirate Ship Of Fools 5k
Dean Howard North Norfolk Beach Runners 5k
Matthew Howe 5k
Angela Hudson Coltishall Jaguars RC 5k
Cheryl Hunt 5k
Melanie Ibbott 5k
Nicola Ireson 5k
Daniel Jackman Lonely Goats RC 5k
Lynne Janes Aylsham Runners 5k
Eleanor Jarvis Norwich Road Runners 5k
Ian Jarvis 5k
Amy Jenkins Norwich Road Runners 5k
Andrew Johns Aylsham Runners 5k
Laura Johnson Coltishall Jaguars RC 5k
Graham Johnson Coltishall Jaguars RC 5k
Peter Jones 5k
Ben Kendall Norwich Road Runners 5k
Kym Kendle-Weavers 5k
Lorraine Khanna 5k
James Kidd 5k
Lizzi Kilpatrick 5k
Beth King Norfolk Gazelles RC 5k
Mia Kirby 5k
Ben Kirby 5k
Anna Kirkham 5k
Brenda Kite 5k
Claire Knight Aylsham Runners 5k
Chloe Kreuz 5k
Andrew Kreuz 5k
Diane Lain Longdale Striders 5k
Jacqueline Lanham 5k
Henry Layte 5k
Fiona Leadbetter Lonely Goats RC 5k
Ann Ledsham-Darter 5k
Kristy Lee 5k
Emily Ling 5k
Caroline Long 5k
Aimee Long 5k
Oliver Loveless 5k
Sarah Lowndes Aylsham Runners 5k
Charlotte Lynskey 5k
Pieter MacKeith Tri-Anglia TC 5k
Paul Mallett 5k
Tanya Manners Aylsham Runners 5k
Tony Manners 5k
Leila Manners 5k
Finley Manners 5k
Thoang Marriott 5k
Michele Martin Aylsham Runners 5k
Joanne Mason 5k
Hayley Maud Waveney Valley AC 5k
Hannah Mayes 5k
Craig McCann 5k
Emma McCann 5k
Alastair McCartney 5k
Karen McGrath Aylsham Runners 5k
Jack Merritt North Norfolk Harriers AC 5k
Claire Miller RunBuddies 5k
Valerie Minns Aylsham Runners 5k
Angela Morgan Lonely Goats RC 5k
Heather Morton Aylsham Runners 5k
Andrew Morton 5k
Alan Murphy 5k
John Neenan Lonely Goats RC 5k
Lisa Netto Norfolk Gazelles RC 5k
Denis Newson 5k
Bernard Nunn Lonely Goats RC 5k
Karen Nye Longdale Striders 5k
Peter O'Connor 5k
Innes O'Malley North Norfolk Harriers AC 5k
Paul O'Malley 5k
Andy Oakley 5k
Mark Ollett Team Dunerunner 5k
Nico Paganini 5k
Emma Pain Aylsham Runners 5k
Sean Parker 5k
Jessica Parker Norfolk Gazelles RC 5k
Rachel Parkes 5k
Matthew Parkhouse Norwich Road Runners 5k
Michelle Parks 5k
Sarah Pearson 5k
Carolyn Penn 5k
Pat Phillips Bure Valley Harriers 5k
Kelly Piesse 5k
Abigail Price Aylsham Runners 5k
Robert Quinlan 5k
Michael Radbourne 5k
Daniel Read 5k
Alison Read Coltishall Jaguars RC 5k
Angelika Reichstein Norwich Road Runners 5k
Alan Richardson Waveney Valley AC 5k
Chris Richardson Norwich Road Runners 5k
Jayne Richardson Waveney Valley AC 5k
Claire Riches Vegan Runners 5k
Jonathan Rider 5k
Joanne Ring Norwich Road Runners 5k
Alan Robertson 5k
Paul Rodgers Lonely Goats RC 5k
Matt Rowe 5k
Sue Rowland #Runmummyrun 5k
Stephen Russell 5k
Nicola Sandell North Norfolk Beach Runners 5k
Alex Sanderson 5k
Bobbie Sauerzapf Bungay Black Dog RC 5k
Niall Scott Wymondham AC 5k
Kathryn Scott 5k
James Scrivens Aylsham Runners 5k
Mel Seton 5k
Nick Sexton 5k
Steve Sharp 5k
Alexa Siney Lonely Goats RC 5k
Tamara Skoulding 5k
Emma Slaughter 5k
Andy Smith Coltishall Jaguars RC 5k
David Smith Lowestoft Road Runners 5k
Rachael Smith Lonely Goats RC 5k
Alice Smith Norwich Road Runners 5k
Kate Smith Aylsham Runners 5k
Steve Smith Coltishall Jaguars RC 5k
Susan Smith 5k
Lindsay Smith 5k
Wendy Smith Norwich Road Runners 5k
Sarah Smith Harriers of Dereham 5k
Julian Smith Coltishall Jaguars RC 5k
Paul Smith Harriers of Dereham 5k
Paul Smithson 5k
Louise Smyth 5k
Kelly Snelling Norwich Road Runners 5k
Gary Snelling Norwich Road Runners 5k
Grace Soanes 5k
Emma Soanes 5k
Jenny Sparkes Norwich Road Runners 5k
Jack Stuttle Coltishall Jaguars RC 5k
Liam Swift Rotherham Harriers & AC 5k
Michael Swindells Iceni Velo 5k
Mal Taylor 5k
Martin Taylor 5k
Claire Taylor Aylsham Runners 5k
Jonathan Thetford Reepham Runners 5k
Dave Thomas Norwich Road Runners 5k
Adrienne Thompson 5k
Kevin Thompson Norfolk Harriers 5k
Oliver Thompson Longdale Striders 5k
Hayley Thompson Reepham Runners 5k
Peter Thompson Norfolk Gazelles RC 5k
Sarah Thornton-Green 5k
Andy Tibble Norwich Road Runners 5k
Catherine Townsend Aylsham Runners 5k
Luke Townshend Coltishall Jaguars RC 5k
Matthew Trollope 5k
Lisa Trower 5k
Rebecca Tuff Ryston Runners AC 5k
Toby Vernon Stratton Striders 5k
Holly Walker Lonely Goats RC 5k
Stuart Warner 5k
Paul Waters 5k
Philip Websdale Dereham Runners AC 5k
Barry Wells Norwich Road Runners 5k
Jason Wells 5k
Laura Weston Runners-next-the-Sea 5k
Sara Westwood Aylsham Runners 5k
Dylan White City of Norwich AC 5k
Anna White 5k
Steve White 5k
Emily Whiteley Reepham Runners 5k
Tom Whiting City of Norwich AC 5k
Amelia Whiting Norfolk Gazelles RC 5k
Christopher Wilde 5k
Samantha Willis 5k
Kevin Willoughby 5k
Tracey WinterBone North Norfolk Beach Runners 5k
Amanda Wood 5k
Lucy Woodward 5k
Kathryn Wright 5k
Annette Yeomanson Coltishall Jaguars RC 5k
Jessica Youngs 5k