George Munday 10k

Date: 14/11/2021

Location: Leverington

Website: link

Don’t miss out on the return of our annual Remembrance Sunday race, the George Munday 10k, which will be held on 14th November 2021.  In a short period of time this has become a hugely popular event that embraces Remembrance Sunday with a moving pre-race tribute and of course a two-minute silence, alongside a fun, friendly and enjoyable race. 

Setting off from the pretty village of Leverington the race winds its way along fast, flat and quiet back roads towards the village of Newton before circling back to finish at the Leverington Sports and Social Club. 

The event is ideal for runners of all abilities and while it is great for those looking to smash their PB, it is also a perfect fit for someone taking on their first 10k race in a relaxed club environment on quiet country roads.

Parking is extremely limited this year and will be on a first come first served basis.  For this reason we would encourage car sharing where possible.

We look forward to seeing you there.


Race Licence: Pending

Entries are non-refundable and unfortunately cannot be deferred but transfers are available until midnight on 30/10/2021. Login to transfer your entry.

Your current entrants

Race Options

Name/Distance Start time Entrants
10k 11:03 am

Entrance limit reached for this race!

Affiliated £18.00
Unaffiliated £20.00
Waiting List 11:03 am
Waiting List - Affiliated £0.00
Waiting List - Unaffiliated £0.00
Name Club Wave
Louise Adams Diss Heywood Joggers 10k
John Airey Eye Community Runners 10k
Helen Airey Eye Community Runners 10k
Steven Allpress Bushfield Joggers 10k
Jennie Ambrose Three Counties Running Club 10k
Joanne Anderson March AC 10k
Colin Andrews 10k
Carole Armstrong Run DMC 10k
Ruth Atkins 10k
Laura Bailey 10k
Andrew Baldwin Fenland Running Club 10k
Tamara Barnes Three Counties Running Club 10k
Jo Baron Yaxley Runners & Joggers 10k
Carl Baron Yaxley Runners & Joggers 10k
Ruth Barrett 10k
Jonathan Bartrop Eye Community Runners 10k
Sonja Bates Run Mummy Run 10k
Gill Bates Eye Community Runners 10k
Rosie Battson King's Lynn Renegades 10k
Amy Baxter Three Counties Running Club 10k
Janice Beckett Lonely Goats RC 10k
Andy Beeston 10k
Tammy Bell Thorney Running Club 10k
Samantha Bell RbR Club 10k
Joseph Bennett Yaxley Runners & Joggers 10k
Steve Bennington Fenland Running Club 10k
Claudine Benstead Oakhampton running club 10k
Philip Berridge Thorney Running Club 10k
Clare Bickerstaff Fenland Running Club 10k
Amy Bilham Team PFBR 10k
Anita Blackburn 10k
Mike Blackledge March AC 10k
Adam Blake Yaxley Runners & Joggers 10k
Keith Blake Wymondham AC 10k
Gary Bligh Three Counties Running Club 10k
Karl Bolderson Eye Community Runners 10k
Frank Bowler Wymondham AC 10k
Lance Bowyer-Lowe King's Lynn Renegades 10k
Wayne Bradley Eye Community Runners 10k
Tim Brammer March AC 10k
Kathryn Brand March AC 10k
Michael Branston Yaxley Runners & Joggers 10k
Abigail Branston Yaxley Runners & Joggers 10k
Ian Bridges 10k
Natalie Bridgman Up and Out Ladies Running Club 10k
Amanda Britton Yaxley Runners & Joggers 10k
Stuart Brown Three Counties Running Club 10k
Michelle Brown Three Counties Running Club 10k
John Bryant 10k
Mitchell Bunn Renegade Runners 10k
Wendy Burgess Wymondham AC 10k
Alison Burton AAF 10k
Richard Burton AAF 10k
Caine Burton 10k
Kerry Buttriss 10k
Rod Bye Coltishall Jaguars RC 10k
Scott Bywater March AC 10k
Jan Calvert 10k
Elizabeth Camelford Bushfield Joggers 10k
Alan Clarke Fenland Running Club 10k
Steve Clarke Eye Community Runners 10k
Cheryl Cleary Thorney Running Club 10k
Timothy Clough Peterborough & Nene Valley AC 10k
Dawn Cobb Boston Community Runners 10k
Emma Cole March AC 10k
Paula Connolly Fenland Running Club 10k
Deborah Cook Yaxley Runners & Joggers 10k
Jennifer Cook King's Lynn Renegades 10k
Simon Cook 10k
Anneke Cook Wymondham AC 10k
Jamie Copeman 10k
Hilary Corrick Ranger Solent Running Sisters 10k
Sabrina Crothall Hunts ac 10k
Edward Crothall Hunts ac 10k
Samantha Cullen Eye Community Runners 10k
Karen Dando March AC 10k
Hannah Daniel March AC 10k
Amanda Davies Lynnsport Ladybirds 10k
Carole Davis March AC 10k
Sydney Davis March AC 10k
Graeme Dedman March AC 10k
Kay Dedman 10k
Anna Devine Yaxley Runners & Joggers 10k
David Dimech Renegade Runners 10k
Andy Doyle Renegade Runners 10k
Pauline Drewery Ryston Runners AC 10k
Alison Dunphy Eye Community Runners 10k
Vicky Dunthorne Kings Lynn Triathlon Club 10k
Paul Dunthorne Kings Lynn Triathlon Club 10k
Christine Easthall King's Lynn Community Runners 10k
Lynne Eborall Renegade Runners 10k
Gail Edrupt 10k
Steve Eke Renegade Runners 10k
Raeanne Elliott Yaxley Runners & Joggers 10k
Darren Elsdon KLTC 10k
Debbie Elsegood 10k
Terri England 10k
Kevin English 10k
Tony Epps March AC 10k
Steven Farquhar Ryston Runners AC 10k
Andrew Ferguson 10k
Colin Ferguson King's Lynn Renegades 10k
Sarah Fisher Ryston Runners AC 10k
Jason Fisher 10k
Bernadette Fitzharris Eye Community Runners 10k
Adrian Flintoft Yaxley Runners & Joggers 10k
Oliver Foxwell 10k
Janet Foxwell Renegade Runners 10k
Ben Foxwell 10k
Louise Franklin Team PFBR 10k
Steven Franklin Team PFBR 10k
Luke Frary 10k
Maria Frary 10k
Karen Freeman Yaxley Runners & Joggers 10k
Dawn Friend Yaxley Runners & Joggers 10k
Annette Garner 10k
Julie Garner Fenland Running Club 10k
Kat Garner 10k
Emily Garry March AC 10k
Daniel Gatward 10k
Claire Gayton Renegade Runners 10k
Diane Gill Eye Community Runners 10k
Karen Glenister 10k
Yvonne Goodsell Eye Community Runners 10k
Alfie Grant 10k
Alan Gray Stamford Striders 10k
Andrew Green Lonely Goats RC 10k
Nicola Green Lonely Goats RC 10k
Lisa Greengrass Wymondham AC 10k
Laura Greenwood Thorney Running Club 10k
Mike Halcomb Yaxley Runners & Joggers 10k
Jackie Hallett Boston Community Runners 10k
David Hammond Three Counties Running Club 10k
Richard Hammond Run DMC 10k
Nick Harding Stamford Striders 10k
Craig Harris Ryston Runners AC 10k
Alison Harris 10k
Lisa Harris 10k
Morgan Harrison Three Counties Running Club 10k
Daniella Hart Peterborough & Nene Valley AC 10k
Emily Hawke Yaxley Runners & Joggers 10k
Martin Heeley Ryston Runners AC 10k
Lucy Hicks Fenland Running Club 10k
Bob Hicks Fenland Running Club 10k
Darren Hillier Yaxley Runners & Joggers 10k
Adam Hitchcock Lonely Goats RC 10k
Carl Holland 10k
Lynne Howlett Lynnsport Ladybirds 10k
Sally Hurst Renegade Runners 10k
Mike Jackman Yaxley Runners & Joggers 10k
Ben Jackson Yaxley Runners & Joggers 10k
Jack Jackson Eye Community Runners 10k
Owen Jary Ryston Runners AC 10k
Langdon Jay 10k
Rebecca Jennings Run DMC 10k
Jim Johnson Cambridge & Coleridge AC 10k
Steve Joy Yaxley Runners & Joggers 10k
Helen Joyce Yaxley Runners & Joggers 10k
Paullette Judd 10k
Rebecca Judge Run DMC 10k
Helen Karreman Lynnsport Ladybirds 10k
Sally Kelly 10k
Nicki Kightly March AC 10k
Ian King Fenland RC 10k
Sally King 10k
Clare Kitchener Lynnsport Ladybirds 10k
Matthew Knott Three Counties Running Club 10k
Paul Kudlinski 10k
Trevor Lamb 10k
Lisa Lammiman Ladybirds 10k
Mark Lammiman 10k
Emma Langley 10k
Lisa Lee Renegade Runners 10k
Jodie Lee Three Counties Running Club 10k
Andrew Lensen 10k
Sarah Lensen 10k
Archie Lensen 10k
Chris Levy 10k
Bethany Lines Boston Community Runners 10k
Nicky Lipscombe West Norfolk Run Walk 10k
Sarah Lucas 10k
Elaine Lumley Ryston Runners AC 10k
Maisie Macdonald Three Counties Running Club 10k
Nick Mackay King's Lynn Renegades 10k
Darren Maddison Yaxley Runners & Joggers 10k
Kelly Maddy Thorney Running Club 10k
Jean Maggs Yaxley Runners & Joggers 10k
Irena Marcinek Ryston Runners AC 10k
Fountain Mark Ryston Runners AC 10k
Dean Markillie March AC 10k
Nicky Markillie March AC 10k
Nigel Marlow Fenland Running Club 10k
Sarah Marshall Thorney Running Club 10k
Beverley Mason Thorney Running Club 10k
Lawrence Matthews Run DMC 10k
Amy Maxwell Yaxley Runners & Joggers 10k
Victoria May Three Counties Running Club 10k
Lou Mayer Up and Out Ladies Running Club 10k
Paul McCarthy Yaxley Runners & Joggers 10k
Jacqueline McGonigle Termoneeny Running Club 10k
Elaine McMillan Eye Community Runners 10k
Steve Megson Yaxley Runners & Joggers 10k
Sarah Melton-Whitelam Three Counties Running Club 10k
Melissa Milham Fenland Running Club 10k
Robert Miller 10k
Ade Mills Halmer Harriers 10k
Simon Mills March AC 10k
Hayley Missin Fenland Running Club 10k
Cassie Moden Renegade Runners 10k
Beth Moden Renegade Runners 10k
Tracy Moore Thorney Running Club 10k
Henry Moore Thorney Running Club 10k
Diane Morris Eye Community Runners 10k
Daniel Mott 10k
Rimvydas Muduras Fenland Running Club 10k
Katie Needham 10k
Catherine Newcombe Lynnsport Ladybirds 10k
Bridges Nikki 10k
Kathy Norman 10k
Gary Norman 10k
Patricia Norris March AC 10k
Emma Norris 10k
Kanina O'neil March AC 10k
Ryan Oakes King's Lynn Renegades 10k
James Ord Renegade Runners 10k
Kerrie Page Renegade Runners 10k
Sarah Parr 10k
Michaela Parr Eye Community Runners 10k
Brett Patterson 10k
Stephanie Payne Fenland Running Club 10k
Gary Pearson 10k
Mike Pembery Renegade Runners 10k
Suzanne Pembery Renegade Runners 10k
Chris Penhaligon 10k
Philip Penn 10k
Adrian Pepper Terrington St Clement Running Club 10k
Linda Pepper RMR CRC 10k
Glenn Perkins Ryston Runners AC 10k
Debra Petley Boston Community Runners 10k
Sam Pettitt Yaxley Runners & Joggers 10k
Aaron Petts Three Counties Running Club 10k
Carl Pickett 10k
Claire Piercy Yaxley Runners & Joggers 10k
Fabia Pollard Lynnsport Ladybirds 10k
Rachel Porter Lynnsport Ladybirds 10k
Rebekah Potter Terrington St Clement Running Club 10k
Andy Potter Stamford Striders 10k
Jonathan Quail Three Counties Running Club 10k
Dean Reeves Lonely Goats RC 10k
Gavin Reynolds Ryston Runners AC 10k
Pam Reynolds 10k
Sandra Rhodes Three Counties Running Club 10k
Lee Richardson 10k
Charlotte Richardson Wymondham AC 10k
Emma Richmond Eye Community Runners 10k
Kizzy Rickett Halmer Harriers 10k
Kay Riley PANVAC 10k
Gemma Roberts Bushfield Joggers 10k
Sam Roberts 10k
Jon Rowell Fenland Running Club 10k
Martin Rowell 10k
Danielle Rowledge 10k
Tom Sargeant 10k
Jodie Savage 10k
John Savage 10k
Andy Savage Yaxley Runners & Joggers 10k
Joanna Sells Eye Community Runners 10k
Elisabeth Sennitt Clough Peterborough & Nene Valley AC 10k
Bradley Sheldrake 10k
Joanna Shevlin Eye Community Runners 10k
Claire Sibley Thorney Running Club 10k
Rod Sinnott Fenland Running Club 10k
Rob Sleight Eye Community Runners 10k
Odette Smee Thorney Running Club 10k
Daniel Smith Ryston Runners AC 10k
Miss Smith Fenland Running Club 10k
Andrew Smith Eye Community Runners 10k
Jacqui Smith 10k
James Smith Newmarket Joggers 10k
Claire Smithee 10k
Charlotte Sortwell Yaxley Runners & Joggers 10k
Keith Stanley Eye Community Runners 10k
Neil Stapleton West Norfolk AC 10k
Robbie Starling Wymondham AC 10k
Adie Stevens Stamford Striders 10k
Debbie Stevens Thorney Running Club 10k
Kev Steward Run DMC 10k
Rachel Stone Bushfield Joggers 10k
Henrik Stoner March AC 10k
Linda Storey Norwich Road Runners 10k
Mark Storey City of Norwich AC 10k
Jean Streeter 10k
Samantha Stringer West Norfolk AC 10k
Sharon Sweet Lonely Goats RC 10k
Jamie Sweet 10k
Ewa Szczygielska 10k
Andrew Taylor Newmarket Joggers 10k
Heidi Taylor Lonely Goat RC 10k
Amanda Teesdale Boston Community Runners 10k
Sri Lestari Thewlis 10k
Stuart Thewlis 10k
Liam Thompson Run DMC 10k
Abi Tiernan 10k
Carl Tipling 10k
David Towns Yaxley Runners & Joggers 10k
Craig Tuplin Skegness and District Running Club 10k
Richard Upchurch Thorney Running Club 10k
Helene Upchurch Thorney Running Club 10k
Ian Vallance Yaxley Runners & Joggers 10k
Laura Vincent Three Counties Running Club 10k
Richard Vincent 10k
Sue Ward March AC 10k
Peter Waterfield 10k
Neil Watson West Norfolk AC 10k
Denise Watson Eye Community Runners 10k
Debra Watts March AC 10k
Glen Watts Shaftesbury Barnet Harriers 10k
David Webb 10k
Barbara Welbourn Fenland Running Club 10k
John Welbourn Fenland Running Club 10k
Darren Wells Yaxley Runners & Joggers 10k
Mitchell Wesley 10k
Helen West 10k
Andy West Fenland Running Club 10k
Jason Western 10k
Samantha White Lynnsport Ladybirds 10k
Kirsty White Thorney Running Club 10k
Steve Whitelam Three Counties Running Club 10k
Katy Whiting Wymondham AC 10k
Emma Whitmore 10k
Richard Williams Halmer Harriers 10k
James Williams 10k
Roger Williams Fenland Running Club 10k
Christine Williams Wymondham AC 10k
Keri Williamson 10k
Karen Willmott Thorney Running Club 10k
Josh Willmott Thorney Running Club 10k
Charlie Wilson Ryston Runners AC 10k
Maureen Wolfe Ryston Runners AC 10k
Karen Wood Kings Lynn Triathlon Club 10k
Libby Woodhouse Runners-next-the-Sea 10k
Paul Woodhouse Runners-next-the-Sea 10k
Nina Wright Yaxley Runners & Joggers 10k
Maria Wright March AC 10k
Mike Wright Eye Community Runners 10k
Julian Young 10k
Roy Young Eye Community Runners 10k
Stacie Youngs Fenland Running Club 10k
Eva Zakalicka Up and Out Ladies Running Club 10k
charlotte price 10k
darren price 10k
Michael Docherty Waiting List
Naomi Henson Up and Out Ladies Running Club Waiting List
Elizabeth Harding Stamford Striders Waiting List
Zillah Smart Waiting List
Sam Barry Wymondham AC Waiting List
Melanie Tindale Newmarket Joggers Waiting List
Jane Holmes Waiting List