Sportlink Virtual Run Challenge - Entries Closed

Date: 31/10/2019

Location: Anywhere

Website: link

As part of our 25th Anniversary celebration at Sportlink we are running our very first Virtual Run Challenge. We have set three distances of 25k, 100k and 200k which are to be completed throughout October.

Monies from this challenge will be going to two local charities close to our hearts, Nelson’s Journey and The Hallswood Animal Sanctuary. Walk it, jog it or of course run whilst doing it in your own time and of course wherever you like. Record your activities on Strava, Garmin Connect, Polar Flow or any other platform you use and at the end of the challenge send screenshots of your activities to

Finishers will all receive a medal which will be available to collect in store at Sportlink from our Anniversary weekend of the 16th and 17th November and then throughout the rest of the month.

Entries are non-refundable and non-transferable.

Your current entrants

Entrance is closed for this race.

Race Options

Name/Distance Start time Entrants
25k 23:59 pm

Entrance is closed for this race.

25k £11.00
100k 23:59 pm

Entrance is closed for this race.

100k £11.00
200k 23:59 pm

Entrance is closed for this race.

200k £11.00
Name Club Wave
Charles Allen 25k
Louise Archer 25k
Alison Bailey Longdale Striders 25k
Susan Bayliss 25k
Joshua Blackwell Beccles and Bungay Harriers 25k
Alexandra Chorlton 25k
Kingsley Elliff Sizewell parkrun 25k
Karen Emery North Norfolk Beach Runners 25k
Stephanie Firth 25k
Duncan Green 25k
Elizabeth Halford GoodGym Norwich 25k
Kathryn Hammond Sportlink 25k
Alexandra Haswell Bure Valley Harriers 25k
Alice Hewitt 25k
Baz Hipwell 25k
Ceridwen Howell Runners-next-the-Sea 25k
Dave Hyam 25k
Nicola Ireson 25k
Susan Jewson Waveney Valley AC 25k
Katie Jewson 25k
Kate Lott 25k
Samantha Manning Lonely Goats RC 25k
Wayne Manser 25k
Dibs McCallum 25k
Jill Morris 25k
Chris Palmer Runners-next-the-Sea 25k
Aaron Protheroe 25k
Dawn Sanderson 25k
Emily Spragge Coltishall Jaguars RC 25k
Fi Stewart 25k
Mandy Swift 25k
Neil Wallington Lonely Goats RC 25k
Debbie Winteringham 25k
Lisa Alborough Lonely Goats RC 100k
Nick Applin 100k
Simon Blackwell Beccles and Bungay Harriers 100k
Emma Blackwell Beccles and Bungay Harriers 100k
Luke Catchpole Lowestoft Road Runners 100k
Gareth Chandler I try to lay off the biscuits now thanks 100k
Hannah Chapman Longdale Striders 100k
Dawn Collyer Norfolk Harriers 100k
Kayleigh Coulson Norwich Road Runners 100k
Cy Culpin 100k
Oliver Dack 100k
Becki Dockree Lonely Goats RC 100k
Sean Donoghue Longdale Striders 100k
Adrian Dyde North Norfolk Beach Runners 100k
Peter Elliott Thetford AC 100k
Rob Emery North Norfolk Beach Runners 100k
Fudge Farrar Bungay Black Dog RC 100k
Lizzie Frisby 100k
Richard Furness 100k
Sophie Getley Norfolk Harriers 100k
Victoria Gray Wymondham AC 100k
Ally Hadden Norwich Road Runners 100k
Karen Hamilton Waveney Valley AC 100k
Hannah Harper-Newman 100k
Elly Haylock Lonely Goats RC 100k
Mark Head 100k
Esme Hicks Norwich Road Runners 100k
Gemma Holland Wymondham AC 100k
Geraldine Hough 100k
Debbie Jackson 100k
Sarah Jay Bure Valley Harriers 100k
David Kellaway Dereham Runners AC 100k
Phillip Laurier Lowestoft Road Runners 100k
Victoria Lintin Longdale Striders 100k
Patrick Manning Lonely Goats RC 100k
Jac Marsh Lonely Goats RC 100k
Rachel Martell 100k
Sophie McLaren Wymondham AC 100k
Sarah Nelis Wymondham AC 100k
Karen Nye Longdale Striders 100k
Mark Ollett Team Dunerunner 100k
Robert Organ 100k
Daniel Patterson 100k
Nicki Payne Tri-Anglia TC 100k
Marcus Pearson 100k
Lorraine Phillips Lonely Goats RC 100k
Louise Playford 100k
Robert Quinlan 100k
Leon Raby Longdale Striders 100k
Cameron Raven Runners-next-the-Sea 100k
Alison Read Coltishall Jaguars RC 100k
Emma Saxton 100k
Joanne Scent Norwich Road Runners 100k
Jordan Sibley Lonely Goats RC 100k
Jenny Sparkes Norwich Road Runners 100k
Nathan Stearman Norwich Road Runners 100k
Gary Stevens Norwich Road Runners 100k
Karl Steward 100k
Melanie Sturman 100 Marathon club 100k
Liam Swift Longdale Striders 100k
Lynn Tate 100k
Gill Thomas Lonely Goats RC 100k
Julie Waters Waveney Valley AC 100k
Susan Watts 100k
Philip Websdale Dereham Runners AC 100k
Sarah Whitelock Norwich Road Runners 100k
Katie Whitmore Wymondham AC 100k
Rebecca Wicks Lonely Goats RC 100k
Anthony Williams 100k
John Wilson 100k
Rob Winner Wymondham AC 100k
Julie Winner Wymondham AC 100k
Dani Winteringham 100k
Darren Woodward Tri-Anglia TC 100k
Jon Beverley Reepham Runners 200k
Jodie Causer Norwich Road Runners 200k
Jack Cheung 200k
Dick Cheung 200k
Steven Cleveland Norwich Road Runners 200k
Mandy Foyster Norwich Road Runners 200k
Ruth Gaunt Norwich Road Runners 200k
Stuart Gollands Lonely Goats RC 200k
Myles Hague Aylsham Runners 200k
Juliette Head Beccles and Bungay Harriers 200k
Pete Johnson Ryston Runners AC 200k
Glyn Manton Norwich Road Runners 200k
Chris Mickleburgh Sportlink 200k
Jacqui Millard Lonely Goats RC 200k
Tina Moseley Norwich Road Runners 200k
Jennifer Oey 200k
Kevin Rowe Norwich Road Runners 200k
Mark Sayer 200k
Simon Wright Norwich Road Runners 200k
Anna Wright Norwich Road Runners 200k