Ely Runfest - Virtual Race

Date: 30/09/2020

Location: Palace Green, Ely

Website: link

Given the current climate and restrictions on mass gatherings, it is unlikely we will be able to host the RunFest in the usual format. Therefore, for 2020 we are opening the RunFest as a virtual endeavour.

Distance options are: 2k, 5K, 10k, Half Marathon, Marathon, Ultra Marathon 70k

Ultra Marathon 70k

Note: Not to be completed as a single activity. To be completed as an accumulated distance. Evidence submission: Maximum 42.2km per activity, and up to a maximum of 8 activities.

When: Complete your distance within the month of September (1st – 30th)

Evidence: Submit your evidence using Strava, Garmin, Map my Run or similar. Either by sharing your race URL from your tracker or by uploading a screenshot of your completed race. This can be done in your user profile on Total Race Timing. Guidance for this will be given below.

Cost: £10 (all distances)

Number of places: 300

Age limits:

Under 8: 2k max
2k: 9 and over
5k: 12 and over
10k: 16 and over
HM: 17 and over
Marathon: 18 and over
Ultra: 20 and over

Participants under 18 must be registered by an adult.

The Reward: firstly, that warm, fuzzy feeling of accomplishment. But it is also all about the BLING!

Earn ones of these sparkly ETC medals (above), plus a certificate of completion outlining your achieved distance.

The boring bit: Runners undertake their virtual distance at their own risk. ETC will not take responsibility for any accidents or injuries sustained from participation in this virtual event. You should be sufficiently fit and physically healthy enough to complete the race distance chosen unaided. If in doubt, please seek medical advice. You may run, run/walk or walk the distance. Your chosen distance must be completed in one session unless you are participating in the Ultra.

Ultra Marathon: Participants will need to record each leg of their run and submit the links for all the completed legs at the end of the event, as evidence of the accumulated distance.

By entering your chosen distance, you are confirming your acceptance of these terms and waiver you right to claim against Ely Tri Club in the event on an accident.

All participants will be required to submit evidence of completion by 1st October to qualify for your reward. The run can be completed at any location, but you must adhere to relevant Government guidelines at the time of your participation.

Please use common sense when selecting your run route. We would suggest that you run in a park, along footpaths or trails, away from road traffic where at all possible.

We advise that all participants under the age of 11 be accompanied by an adult.

All race entry fees are non-refundable, and cannot be deferred towards a future race.

Already entered? - you may participate in the virtual race and we will refund you the difference, or a full refund can be given. We are unable to defer places to the 2021 event on this occasion.

Find us and follow us on Instagram, virtual_elyrunfest_2020 and share photos and your success with all the other entrants, local sports clubs, and friends of Ely RunFest. Good luck everyone and enjoy.

Entries are non-refundable and the transfer window is now closed.

Your current entrants

Race Options

Name/Distance Start time Entrants
10km 11:00 am
10k £10.00
Half Marathon 10:00 am
Half Marathon £10.00
Marathon 09:00 am
Marathon £10.00
Ultra Marathon 70k 08:00 am
Ultra Marathon 70k £10.00
2k 00:00 am
2k £10.00
5k 00:00 am
5k £10.00
Name Club Wave
Emma Ashton Lets Run Girls Ely 10km
Jeremy Beanland 10km
Amy Beanland 10km
Roxandra Beldean Soham, Ely, Cambs 10km
Andrew Black Parkrunner 10km
Jane Brzezinska-Baggs 10km
Fiona Butler Ely Triathlon Club 10km
Karl Coutts Thetford AC 10km
Rachel Cox Lonely Goat Running Club 10km
Diane Craven Lets Run Girls Ely 10km
Stephen Crisp Soham, Ely, Cambs 10km
Laura Davies 10km
Christine Dettman Lets Run Girls Ely 10km
Tally Doyle Renegade Runners 10km
Rhiannon Eggleton Chatteris Running Club 10km
J’lean Ferreira 10km
Nicola Hayter 10km
Sam Herbert Fordy Runs 10km
Liz Heselwood 10km
Sarah Jones 10km
Claire Louise Lets Run Girls Ely 10km
Kyran Mathew 10km
Ian Mathew 10km
Laura Owens 10km
Sue Payne Lets Run Girls Ely 10km
Nicola Peck Lonely Goats RC 10km
Sandra Pietsch Lets Run Girls Ely 10km
Joanne Plowright 10km
Teresa Reed Soham, Ely, Cambs 10km
Ben Royal 10km
Caroline Seamark 10km
Mark Taylor 10km
Sarah Taylor 10km
Emma Tiley 10km
Jackie Trower Lets Run Girls Ely 10km
Fran Badcock Half Marathon
Michelle Bird Chatteris Running Club Half Marathon
Simon Bransfield-Garth Half Marathon
Kirstie Bransfield-Garth Half Marathon
Naomi Course Ely Triathlon Club Half Marathon
Martin Craze Half Marathon
Claire Dalton-Cole l Half Marathon
Simon Davies Lonely Goat RC Half Marathon
Andy Doyle Renegade Runners Half Marathon
Jane Dunsmore Half Marathon
Steven Farquhar Ryston Runner Half Marathon
Sarah Fisher Renegade Runners Half Marathon
Chris Fulford Ely Triathlon Club Half Marathon
Bethany Gaunt Half Marathon
Claire Gradwell Lets Run Girls Ely Half Marathon
Matthew Halliday Chatteris Running Club Half Marathon
Cheryl Hardy Half Marathon
Caroline Kluckow Half Marathon
Leanne Nigro Half Marathon
Patricia Norris March AC Half Marathon
Tony Read Half Marathon
Martin Robinson Ross County AC Half Marathon
Sarah Rollo Half Marathon
Jennifer St Quintin Ely Triathlon Club Half Marathon
Alexandra Stanbury Ely Half Marathon
Ofelia Stanciu Half Marathon
Greg Stockbridge Half Marathon
Wendy Tunstall Half Marathon
Emma Welham Half Marathon
Lee Welham Half Marathon
Ian Woodroffe Half Marathon
Scott Wright Half Marathon
Helen Barker-Barrett Marathon
Allistair Berry Ely Runners Marathon
Barry Botwright Marathon
Richard Clissold-vasey Marathon
Billy Cornish Red Lodge Runners Marathon
Jane Crawford Vegan Runners Marathon
Warren Dennis Lonely Goat RC Marathon
Amy Devereux Tri Sport Epping Marathon
Micheal Houlihan Harlow Running Club Marathon
Andrew Millis Marathon
Sarah Partridge Ryston Runners AC Marathon
Hannah Rhatigan Ely Runners Marathon
Jayne Robinson Lonely Goat RC Marathon
Laura Saunders Marathon
Debbie Abraham Ely Runners Ultra Marathon 70k
Stuart Byrne Ely Runners Ultra Marathon 70k
Tracy Crowley St Neots Riverside Runners Ultra Marathon 70k
Claire-Louise Gradwell Lets Run Girls Ely Ultra Marathon 70k
Lou Hartnett Ely Triathlon Club Ultra Marathon 70k
Richard Ingram Lonely Goat RC Ultra Marathon 70k
Linda Ingram Skegness Coasters Ultra Marathon 70k
Mark Johnson Ultra Marathon 70k
Matt Jones Ultra Marathon 70k
Louise Markham Team Bex Ultra Marathon 70k
Karl Mayers Red Lodge Runners Ultra Marathon 70k
Matthew Monteith Lonely Goat RC Ultra Marathon 70k
Andy Murfitt Ely Triathlon Club Ultra Marathon 70k
Warren Newell Lonely Goat RC Ultra Marathon 70k
Justina Newman Ultra Marathon 70k
Simon Nicholls Lonely Goats RC Ultra Marathon 70k
Janette Palmer Lonely Goats RC Ultra Marathon 70k
Estivy Perez Ely Runners Ultra Marathon 70k
Beth Pettit Ultra Marathon 70k
Robert Quinlan Norfolk Gazelles RC Ultra Marathon 70k
Kieran Rose Ultra Marathon 70k
Malcolm Rust Lonely Goats RC Ultra Marathon 70k
Clare Scott Lonely Goats RC Ultra Marathon 70k
Paul Sheldrake Lingwood Legits Ultra Marathon 70k
Catriona Sinclair Ultra Marathon 70k
Hannah Taylor Ultra Marathon 70k
Caroline Ward Ely Triathlon Club Ultra Marathon 70k
Cassie Wildey Lonely Goat RC Ultra Marathon 70k
Alison Wright St Neots Riverside Runners Ultra Marathon 70k
Zyggi Brzezinski 2k
Aleks Brzezinski 2k
Isla Heselwood 2k
Caiden Owens 2k
Elsie Parkington 2k
Erin Parkington 2k
Martin Reed Soham, Ely, Cambs 2k
Ben Reed Soham, Ely, Cambs 2k
Sam Reed Soham, Ely, Cambs 2k
Sophie Taylor 2k
Isla Taylor 2k
Louise Wright 2k
Elliott Wright 2k
Nathan Wrighy 2k
Amanda Beavis Lets Run Girls Ely 5k
Adam Bishop 5k
Jane Carter Lets Run Girls Ely 5k
Kate Crowe 5k
Emma Davis Lets Run Girls Ely 5k
Sarah Fuller 5k
Donna Goodge Lets Run Girls Ely 5k
Maisie Green None. 5k
Rhys Grooms None. 5k
Tihana Harrison Lets Run Girls Ely 5k
Julia Harvey 5k
Chris Harvey 5k
Chris Murray Ely Triathlon Club 5k
Christine Williams Wymondham AC 5k