Ely Tri Club Runfest - Entries now closed

Date: 26/09/2021

Location: Ely Cathedral

Website: link

One day, four events…..There is a distance to suit all. Pick your race……..10k, Half Marathon, Marathon or Ultra Marathon. What more could you ask for?

Come and join ETC for an epic day of running in and around the stunning City of Ely and the surrounding Fenland countryside. Each distance follows the same route, with differing turnaround points, and support stations approximately every 10k.

This is a low key, friendly event on a mostly flat course (apart from that last, cheeky little climb back up to the Cathedral and the awaiting finish line).

Location: Start/Finish outside the iconic Ely Cathedral, CB7 4DL

Distances: Ultra 66k, Marathon 42k, Half Marathon 21k, 10k

Full Route (Ultra): Start outside the awesome Ely Cathedral, through the City onto the river bank path of the River Great Ouse. Follow this path through Wicken Fen, the first ever National Trust site, onto White Fen. Onwards onto the path along the River Cam, following the path to the outskirts of Cambridge – the halfway point. Follow the same route back to the ‘Ship of the Fens’.

Turnaround points for the other distances:
10k – just before Barway village
Half Marathon – just before entering the village of Wicken
Marathon – the far side of Wicken Fen near Upware

There is a cut-off point for the Ultra distance: you must be at the halfway point by 1300 to be allowed to continue. Finish – 1900. As there will be Ultra runners out on course for most of the day, there are no cut-off times for the other distances.

If unaffiliated to UK Athletics or Trail Running Association – additional cost of £2.00

Finishers will receive an ETC medal and technical t-shirt, plus that warm, fuzzy feeling of achievement.

Age limits:
10K and half marathon - 16 on the day of the event
Marathon – 18
Ultra - 20

Prizes – Half Marathon, Marathon and Ultra: Male & Female 1st (£50) 2nd (£30) 3rd (£15) plus Trophy.

This event is run under UK Athletics and Trail Running Association rules and is permitted.

Please see the withdrawal policy and Terms & Conditions on the ETC Event FaceBook page 

The transfer window is now closed.

Your current entrants

Entrance is closed for this race.

Race Options

Name/Distance Start time Entrants
Ultra 66K 08:00 am

Entrance is closed for this race.

Affiliated (inc admin fee) £36.05
Unaffiliated (inc admin fee) £38.11
Marathon 42.2k 09:00 am

Entrance is closed for this race.

Affiliated (inc admin fee) £30.90
Unaffiliated (inc admin fee) £32.96
Half Marathon 21.2k 10:00 am

Entrance is closed for this race.

Affiliated (inc admin fee) £25.90
Unffiliated (inc admin fee) £27.90
10k 11:00 am

Entrance is closed for this race.

Affiliated (inc admin fee) £15.90
Unaffiliated (inc admin fee) £17.90
Name Club Race/Wave
Andrew Bainbridge Ramsey Road Runners Ultra 66K
Robert Bishop Ultra 66K
James Calvert Ipswich JAFFA RC Ultra 66K
Hannah Cooke Cambridge Triathlon Club Ultra 66K
William Coulet Ultra 66K
Craig Holgate Ely Runners / Centurion Running Ultra 66K
Ryan Jarvis Lonely Goat RC Ultra 66K
Tom Levinson Ely Runners Ultra 66K
James Martin Ultra 66K
Ricardo Mendes Ultra 66K
Beth Pettit Ultra 66K
Nina Pitcairn Ultra 66K
Mark Richardson Ultra 66K
Glen Tunstall Run For Your Life Ultra 66K
Graham Veitch Ultra 66K
Lin Bolton Rickinghall Runners Marathon 42.2k
Simon Callow Wellingborough & District AC Marathon 42.2k
Graham Chapman Ely Runners Marathon 42.2k
Wendy Cook Marathon 42.2k
Jackie Dockerill Marathon 42.2k
Paul Dunn Marathon 42.2k
Steve Falgate Cambridge & Coleridge AC Marathon 42.2k
Glenn Foulger Marathon 42.2k
Dean Harvey Marathon 42.2k
Stephen Hayes 100 Marathon Club Marathon 42.2k
Andy Hoddle 100 Marathon club Marathon 42.2k
Kerry Hudson FETCH Everyone (FERC) Marathon 42.2k
David Irwin St Neots Riverside Runners Marathon 42.2k
Kelly Jennings Marathon 42.2k
Andri Johnston Marathon 42.2k
James Johnston Marathon 42.2k
Ian Lawson Grange Farm & Dunmow Runners Marathon 42.2k
Rajesh Logasundaram Marathon 42.2k
Tommy Long Marathon 42.2k
Joshua Moore Marathon 42.2k
Nick Payne Grantham Running Club Marathon 42.2k
Jamie Plummer Marathon 42.2k
Nicolas Proisy Marathon 42.2k
Rodrigo Santos St Neots Riverside Runners Marathon 42.2k
Gary Spackman Breakfast Club Marathon 42.2k
Jo Summers North Herts Road Runners Marathon 42.2k
Kerry Surkitt 100 Marathon club Marathon 42.2k
Matthew Sutton Marathon 42.2k
Jesse Tierney Marathon 42.2k
Wendy Tunstall Marathon 42.2k
Kathy Unwin St Neots Riverside Runners Marathon 42.2k
Adam Williams Marathon 42.2k
Peter Wood Ely Runners Marathon 42.2k
Michelle Anderson Half Marathon 21.2k
Katherine Andert Half Marathon 21.2k
Fran Badcock Half Marathon 21.2k
Rebecca Baker Bad Boy RC Half Marathon 21.2k
Andy Barber Ely Runners Half Marathon 21.2k
Tony Barber Half Marathon 21.2k
Jonathan Barnard Half Marathon 21.2k
Jeremy Beanland Half Marathon 21.2k
Peter Bolton Stowmarket Striders RC Half Marathon 21.2k
Amanda Brewster Stowmarket Striders RC Half Marathon 21.2k
Amy Brooke Half Marathon 21.2k
Tony Brown March AC Half Marathon 21.2k
Molly Butler Half Marathon 21.2k
Olga Buzhak Half Marathon 21.2k
Mik Carr Bungay Black Dog RC Half Marathon 21.2k
Katy Cooper Half Marathon 21.2k
Brian Corleys Bushfield Joggers Half Marathon 21.2k
Annabel Crichton Fulham Running Club Half Marathon 21.2k
Joanna Crinson Half Marathon 21.2k
Kate Crowe Half Marathon 21.2k
Claire Dalton-Cole Half Marathon 21.2k
Simon Davies Lonely Goat RC Half Marathon 21.2k
Alessandra De Riva Half Marathon 21.2k
Debbie Dekker Half Marathon 21.2k
Lenka Dinnage Half Marathon 21.2k
Paul Forshaw FETCH Everyone (FERC) Half Marathon 21.2k
Marcia Foy Half Marathon 21.2k
Matthew Foy Half Marathon 21.2k
Bethany Gaunt Half Marathon 21.2k
Tom Godsal Half Marathon 21.2k
Jane Green Half Marathon 21.2k
Mark Green Half Marathon 21.2k
Michael Haggas Half Marathon 21.2k
Jack Hargraves Half Marathon 21.2k
Callum Hatch Cambridge Cycling Club Half Marathon 21.2k
Karen Hatton Saint Edmund Pacers Half Marathon 21.2k
Liz Heselwood Half Marathon 21.2k
Matthew Hill Half Marathon 21.2k
Mandy How Half Marathon 21.2k
Ned Hoyle Cambridge Triathlon Club Half Marathon 21.2k
Mark Jones Half Marathon 21.2k
Karl Jones Half Marathon 21.2k
Tony Kirby-cook Ely Runners Half Marathon 21.2k
Caroline Kluckow Half Marathon 21.2k
Christina Latta Half Marathon 21.2k
Phillip Laurier Lowestoft Road Runners Half Marathon 21.2k
Charlotte Lemanski Histon Hobblers Half Marathon 21.2k
Alice Lightowlers Half Marathon 21.2k
Portia Maddick Royston Runners Half Marathon 21.2k
Lewis Marriott-Hall Ely Triathlon Club Half Marathon 21.2k
Melissa Mason-Hughes Half Marathon 21.2k
Stuart Matthews Saint Edmund Pacers Half Marathon 21.2k
Naomi McGovern Half Marathon 21.2k
Caroline Mcintosh Newmarket Joggers Half Marathon 21.2k
Patsy Merrett Half Marathon 21.2k
Puri Meseguer Bernal Half Marathon 21.2k
Anna Mitchell Half Marathon 21.2k
Jen Moss Hi-runners Half Marathon 21.2k
Lindsey Neaves Half Marathon 21.2k
Janet Noland Ely Runners Half Marathon 21.2k
Chris Oliphant Half Marathon 21.2k
James Oliver Half Marathon 21.2k
Owen Parker Bishops Stortford RC Half Marathon 21.2k
Sarah Porter Half Marathon 21.2k
Andrew Pounce ETC Half Marathon 21.2k
Robert Quinlan Norfolk Gazelles AC Half Marathon 21.2k
Gyöngyi Rabai Half Marathon 21.2k
Ambika Rajesh Half Marathon 21.2k
Andrew Rands Ely Runners Half Marathon 21.2k
Noreen Rawlings Half Marathon 21.2k
Lorainne Reeves Brandon Fernhoppers Half Marathon 21.2k
Richard Riley Half Marathon 21.2k
Dougal Ritson Half Marathon 21.2k
Lisa Robbins Half Marathon 21.2k
Clive Roker Half Marathon 21.2k
Derek Sadler North Norfolk Beach Runners Half Marathon 21.2k
Thomas Sauerwald Cambridge & Coleridge AC Half Marathon 21.2k
Greg Scriven Half Marathon 21.2k
Jamie Shea Half Marathon 21.2k
Kelly Sizer Half Marathon 21.2k
Paul Smith Half Marathon 21.2k
Samantha Smith Half Marathon 21.2k
James Snow Half Marathon 21.2k
Ofelia Stanciu Half Marathon 21.2k
Kevin Steventon Half Marathon 21.2k
Nigel Syrett Half Marathon 21.2k
Sarah Taylor Half Marathon 21.2k
Christine Taylor Haverhill Running Club Half Marathon 21.2k
Jonathan Thetford Reepham Runners Half Marathon 21.2k
Martin Thorpe Half Marathon 21.2k
Zakir Tnimov Half Marathon 21.2k
Rachel Tonkin Half Marathon 21.2k
Abigail Topley Half Marathon 21.2k
Gediminas Vaskys Half Marathon 21.2k
Gemma Willis Half Marathon 21.2k
Jason Wing Half Marathon 21.2k
Ali Woods Half Marathon 21.2k
Scott Wright Half Marathon 21.2k
Paulius Adomaitis 10k
Tricia Ashton 10k
Suzanne Bailey Newmarket Joggers 10k
Alicia Bailey 10k
Stan Bannerman 10k
Lee Barber Framlingham Flyers 10k
Janice Beckett Lonely Goat RC 10k
Andrew Bouskill 10k
Zach Briggs 10k
Karol Bukowy 10k
Jimmy Carter 10k
Joana Cerveira St Neots Riverside Runners 10k
Margaret Cook 10k
Karl Coutts Thetford AC 10k
Rebecca Cox 10k
Laura Davies 10k
Paul Day 10k
Rory Dillon 10k
Martyna Dziedzic 10k
Kirsty Elizabeth 10k
Daniel Everest 10k
Chris Farrier 10k
Amy Fox Chatteris Running Club 10k
Garrick Fox Bungay Black Dog RC 10k
Steve Frost 10k
Karen Glenister 10k
Laura Gomez Cuadrado 10k
Jo Gowing 10k
Gillian Green Newmarket Joggers 10k
Jessica Guittet-Roberts 10k
Helen Hagon 10k
Lorraine Hales 10k
Paul Hales Capel Cheetahs 10k
Ryan Hales 10k
Regan Hamel 10k
Alicia Hammond Ryston Runners 10k
Tamsyn Hardy 10k
Tom Harrington 10k
Millie Hatch 10k
Rebecca Hayes 10k
Martin Hayes 10k
Chris Haystead Norfolk Gazelles AC 10k
Sanna Hekkala-Rolfe 10k
Rachel Hobbs 10k
Graham Hobbs Dereham Runners & AC 10k
Stewart Hobbs 10k
Fen-Han Hou 10k
Philip Housden Biggleswade AC 10k
Janet Hutchinson Isleham Joggers 10k
Amy Jackson 10k
Gareth Kavanagh-Dixon 10k
Zoe King 10k
Yevhenii Kobets 10k
Stephen Kyle 10k
Sarah Ladt Newmarket Joggers 10k
Jim Last Framlingham Flyers 10k
Gary Layton 10k
James Lee Ely Triathlon Club 10k
Chris Leek Framlingham Flyers 10k
Karen Lonsdale 10k
Tristan Maddick 10k
Chris Maddy Thorney Running Club 10k
Kelly Maddy Thorney Running Club 10k
Deborah Marsh 10k
Dawn Marshall Saint Edmund Pacers 10k
David Marshall 10k
Cedric Mendoza 10k
Katrina Mitchell 10k
Clare Mitchell 10k
James Money 10k
Samantha Morrey 10k
Mike Munson Stowmarket Striders RC 10k
Gemma Neal 10k
Philip Neave Bungay Black Dog RC 10k
Anne Osborn 10k
Damon Parkington 10k
Sue Payne Lets Run Girls Ely 10k
Cathy Pearson Norfolk Gazelles AC 10k
Jon Pentelow Ryston Runners 10k
Nicola Perry Ramsey Road Runners 10k
David Platt 10k
Natalie Power 10k
Maddy Rees 10k
Steve Robinson 10k
Stuart Rollings 10k
Bryony Saint Boston Community Runners 10k
Jimmy Secker Saint Edmund Pacers 10k
Darren Shaffick-Richardson Ramsey Road Runners 10k
Jamie Siegal 10k
Maisy Smyth 10k
Matthew Spence 10k
Barry Stocks 10k
Daniel Stocks Saint Edmund Pacers 10k
Matthew Stocks 10k
Maryann Sycamore DC Fitness Social Runners 10k
Sara Taha Hajj Ahmad 10k
Gavin Taylor 10k
Cathy Taylorson 10k
Clare Teesdale Boston Community Runners 10k
Rachel Thomas 10k
Abberley Tim Ely Runners 10k
Clara Townsend Lonely Goat RC 10k
Jackie Trower Lets Run Girls Ely 10k
Marc Walker Newmarket Joggers 10k
Andy Walter Norfolk Gazelles AC 10k
Hannah Walton 10k
Matthew Watts 10k
Louise Weeks 10k
John Wenn 10k
Rebecca White 10k
Ian Wiggins Ryston Runners 10k
Susie Wilkinson 10k
Peter Williams Ely Triathlon Club 10k
Matthew Winney 10k