The Nelson Knee-Knobbler

Date: 27/03/2022

Location: Caister Independent Life Boat

Website: link

We’re back …. THE NELSON KNEE-KNOBBLER - SUNDAY 27th March 2022

Having had to postpone this event in March 2020 and then again in 2021 due to COVID-19 – Dunerunner is super excited to bring back The Nelson Knee-Knobbler in 2022!!!

2022 will see we’ve made a few changes for you lovely sandy lovers, the first being with the distances…. In true Dunerunner style we’ve gone just a little bit bigger, and non-standard too…!

So, for 2022 you can now either ‘Go Short’ over 5 miles, or ‘Go Long’ for the full 10 miles (distances are approximate and could be a little longer – oopsey..!) - all on that beautiful golden sandy stuff.

With both distances starting and finishing outside of The Caister Independent Lifeboat Station, you’ll now head south towards Great ‘Yarco’ Yarmouth with your toes’ inches from the sea - and for some of you maybe even in the sea if you don’t get your timings of the waves washing up right!

You’ll reach a turn-around point where you’ll weave your way back amongst the dunes seeking out the direction flags as you head back towards Caister. Before crossing the finish, line there is a ‘‘little loopy ouch-ouch’ after which you can sprint to the finish line and feel pleased you haven’t got to do it all again.

The ‘Go Long’ 10mile loop is the same as the ‘Go Short’ route, heading south towards Great ‘Yarco’ Yarmouth, reaching the turnaround and then weaving your way back towards Caister Lifeboat Station via the ‘little loopy ouch-ouch’ – just what you need before starting off on your second lap south again...!

The Go Long runners will start first then followed by the Go Short guys – giving them something to chase down.

Entries are non-refundable and unfortunately cannot be deferred but transfers are available until midnight on 12/03/2022. Login to transfer your entry.

Your current entrants

Race Options

Name/Distance Start time Entrants
Go Short 10:40 am
Human Powered £17.00
Cani Powered £17.00
Go Long 10:30 am
Human Powered £21.00
Cani Powered £21.00
Name Club Wave
Sarah Bane Go Short
Roger Barber Go Short
James Bell Go Short
Chris Chorley Team Dunedawg Go Short
Lucie Curtis Go Short
Christina Lee Go Short
Alison Morton Go Short
David Murdoch Peterborough Paws Go Short
Emily Murdoch Peterborough Paws Go Short
Joanne Orford Bungay Black Dog RC Go Short
Glenn Orford Bungay Black Dog RC Go Short
Wendy Richards Waveney Valley AC Go Short
Bobbie Sauerzapf Team Dunedawg Go Short
Timothy Shattock Go Short
Michelle Sinclair Team Dunerunner Go Short
Lauren Smith Go Short
Andy Smith Coltishall Jaguars RC Go Short
Daniel Swift Go Short
Amelia Tayt Go Short
Gary Thurtle Go Short
Lisa Baker Tri2Run Go Long
Rhys Ballard Go Long
Jemma Chapman Team Dunerunner Go Long
Donna Fiddeman Team Dunedawg Go Long
Kim Foster Team Dunerunner Go Long
Rowenna Gordon Canicross New Forest Go Long
Martin Hazell Go Long
Lisa Heal Go Long
Arran Heal Go Long
Ian Kennedy Framlingham Flyers Go Long
Ellie Lake Go Long
Sarah Lesting Tri 2 Run Go Long
Anthony Maclean Framlingham Flyers Go Long
Neil May Team Dunerunner Go Long
Sophie Mok The lonely goat Go Long
Jock O'Connor Go Long
Clare OUADDANE Waveney Valley AC Go Long
Suzanne Orr Peterborough Paws Go Long
Dean Pointer Uk trail association Go Long
Clive Purbrook Newmarket Joggers Go Long
Allison Ragosa Tri-Anglia TC Go Long
Kevin Raisborough Poringland Runners Go Long
Stephen Ramm Go Long
Sean Rayner Team Eat natural Go Long
Phil Robinson Go Long
Jayne Spurrier Three Counties Running Club Go Long
Vincent Willard Go Long
Greg Wilson Go Long
Benjamin Young-Longstaff Go Long