Ely Tri Club Runfest - Entries Closed

Date: 25/09/2022

Location: Ely Cathedral

Website: link

One day, four events…..There is a distance to suit all. Pick your race……..10k, Half Marathon, Marathon or Ultra Marathon. What more could you ask for?

Come and join ETC for an epic day of running in and around the stunning City of Ely and the surrounding Fenland countryside. Each distance follows the same route, with differing turnaround points, and support stations approximately every 10k.

This is a low key, friendly event on a mostly flat course (apart from that last, cheeky little climb back up to the Cathedral and the awaiting finish line).

Location: Start/Finish outside the iconic Ely Cathedral, CB7 4DL

Distances: Ultra 66k, Marathon 42k, Half Marathon 21k, 10k

Full Route (Ultra): Start outside the awesome Ely Cathedral, through the City onto the river bank path of the River Great Ouse. Follow this path through Wicken Fen, the first ever National Trust site, onto White Fen. Onwards onto the path along the River Cam, following the path to the outskirts of Cambridge – the halfway point. Follow the same route back to the ‘Ship of the Fens’.

Turnaround points for the other distances:
10k – just before Barway village
Half Marathon – just before entering the village of Wicken
Marathon – the far side of Wicken Fen near Upware

There is a cut-off point for the Ultra distance: you must be at the halfway point by 1300 to be allowed to continue. Finish – 1900. As there will be Ultra runners out on course for most of the day, there are no cut-off times for the other distances.

If unaffiliated to UK Athletics or Trail Running Association – additional cost of £2.00

Finishers will receive an ETC medal plus that warm, fuzzy feeling of achievement.

Age limits:
10K and half marathon - 16 on the day of the event
Marathon – 18
Ultra - 20

Prizes – Half Marathon, Marathon and Ultra: Male & Female 1st (£50) 2nd (£30) 3rd (£15) plus Trophy.

This event is run under UK Athletics and Trail Running Association rules and is permitted.

Please see the withdrawal policy and Terms & Conditions on the ETC Event FaceBook page 

Route Maps
Ultra: https://www.mapmyride.com/routes/view/2670666973
Marathon: https://www.mapmyride.com/routes/view/2670665917
Half Marathon: https://www.mapmyride.com/routes/view/2670663805
10k: https://www.mapmyride.com/routes/view/2670673570

Entries are non-refundable and the transfer window is now closed.

Your current entrants

Entrance is closed for this race.

Race Options

Name/Distance Start time Entrants
Ultra 66K 08:00 am

Entrance is closed for this race.

Affiliated (inc admin fee) £36.05
Unaffiliated (inc admin fee) £38.11
Marathon 42.2k 09:00 am

Entrance is closed for this race.

Affiliated (inc admin fee) £30.90
Unaffiliated (inc admin fee) £32.96
Half Marathon 21.2k 10:00 am

Entrance is closed for this race.

Affiliated (inc admin fee) £25.90
Unffiliated (inc admin fee) £27.90
10k 11:00 am

Entrance is closed for this race.

Affiliated (inc admin fee) £15.90
Unaffiliated (inc admin fee) £17.90
Name Club Race/Wave
Alastair Anderson Lonely Goat RC Ultra 66K
Lauren Buffini Ultra 66K
Alastair Dias-Dougan Ultra 66K
Lenka Dinnage Ultra 66K
Carol Fitzgerald Up and Out Ladies Running Club Ultra 66K
Kelly Jennings Ultra 66K
Tom Levinson Ely Runners Ultra 66K
Ben Levinson Ultra 66K
Steve Marshall Lincoln & District Runners Ultra 66K
Dominick McIntyre Fetch Everyone Running Club Ultra 66K
Dorottya Nagy Ely Triathlon Club Ultra 66K
Timothy O'Neill HI Runners Ultra 66K
Sophie Paine Ultra 66K
Michael Robey Harlow Running & Tri Club Ultra 66K
Rebecca Baker Bad Boy Running Club Marathon 42.2k
Tomas Barasa Marathon 42.2k
Amy Beanland Marathon 42.2k
Christopher Cant Ipswich Triathlon Club Marathon 42.2k
Kate Crowe Marathon 42.2k
Matthew Dallywater UKnetrunner.co.UK Marathon 42.2k
Stephanie Eagling Marathon 42.2k
Michael Eglington Dereham Runners Marathon 42.2k
Donna Glover Marathon 42.2k
Lynsey Gordon Parkfit Marathon 42.2k
Rebecca Grey Marathon 42.2k
Maud Hodson Eton Manor AC Marathon 42.2k
Courtney Long Marathon 42.2k
Richard Milne Marathon 42.2k
David Moles 100 Marathon Club Marathon 42.2k
Chris Nice Marathon 42.2k
Matthew Pooley Marathon 42.2k
Jared Struck Marathon 42.2k
Emily Sweatt Ely Runners Marathon 42.2k
Patrick Swinley Lingwood Leg-its Marathon 42.2k
Emily Symington Marathon 42.2k
Catherine Tipling Renegade Runners Marathon 42.2k
Kirsty Bennett Half Marathon 21.2k
Carl Bidwell Half Marathon 21.2k
Christopher Bleach Half Marathon 21.2k
Lin Bolton Reepham Runners Half Marathon 21.2k
Peter Bolton Reepham Runners Half Marathon 21.2k
Dominic Bovis Half Marathon 21.2k
Simon Brett Half Marathon 21.2k
Natalie Bridgman Up and Out Ladies Running Club Half Marathon 21.2k
Morag Brockington Muddy Mucky Munkeys Half Marathon 21.2k
Chris Brown Ely & District Cycling Club B&T Motor Repairs Half Marathon 21.2k
Brian Corleys Bushfield Joggers Half Marathon 21.2k
Chris Davies Half Marathon 21.2k
Debbie Dekker Half Marathon 21.2k
Claire Duckett Half Marathon 21.2k
Peter Edgley Arunners RC Half Marathon 21.2k
Caroline Fletcher Dereham Runners AC Half Marathon 21.2k
Elizabeth Freeman Ely Runners Half Marathon 21.2k
Kirsty Greenham Half Marathon 21.2k
Hilary Harmer Reepham Runners Half Marathon 21.2k
Victoria Hendry Half Marathon 21.2k
Christine Hilcenko Half Marathon 21.2k
Nigel Horney Keswick AC Half Marathon 21.2k
Ceridwen Howell Runners-Next-the-Sea Half Marathon 21.2k
Bruce Hunter Muddy Mucky Munkeys Half Marathon 21.2k
Claire Johnson Half Marathon 21.2k
Peter Leet Half Marathon 21.2k
Gareth Marshall Lonely Goat RC Half Marathon 21.2k
Puri Meseguer-Bernal Half Marathon 21.2k
Robert Moye Half Marathon 21.2k
Helena Mueller Half Marathon 21.2k
Terry Pickford Half Marathon 21.2k
Georgina Pope Half Marathon 21.2k
Noreen Rawlings Half Marathon 21.2k
Clive Roker Half Marathon 21.2k
Jonathan Saunders Fordy Runs Running Club Half Marathon 21.2k
Clifford Smoothy Fordy Runs Running Club Half Marathon 21.2k
Helena Sparrow Half Marathon 21.2k
Aidan Stannard Half Marathon 21.2k
Greg Stockbridge Half Marathon 21.2k
Laura Stow Half Marathon 21.2k
Assad Tabet Half Marathon 21.2k
Zsuzsanna Toth Lonely Goat RC Half Marathon 21.2k
Kathy Unwin Lonely Goat RC Half Marathon 21.2k
Gediminas Vaskys Half Marathon 21.2k
Craig Ward Half Marathon 21.2k
John Wenn Half Marathon 21.2k
Matt Wright Ely Tri Club Half Marathon 21.2k
Ben Aldhouse 10k
David Aldhouse 10k
Josephine Aldhouse 10k
Leighton Barker Ely Tri Club 10k
Emma Bibby 10k
Tautvydas Bielskus 10k
Katherine Boardman 10k
Tom Brand BRJ Run & Tri 10k
Hannah Brown 10k
David Bryan 10k
Karol Bukowy 10k
Rachel Carpenter 10k
Jonathan Carter Lonely Goat RC 10k
Graham Chapman Ely Tri Club 10k
Matthew Collard 10k
Christy Collard 10k
Mark Coulson 10k
Sara Cunnington 10k
Rory Dillon 10k
Steve Frost 10k
Lucy Godfrey 10k
Marcus Goodge 10k
Matt Goodwin 10k
Kate Guy 10k
Alicia Hammond Ryston Runners 10k
Jack Hargraves 10k
Tanya Hatton 10k
Lucas Hilcenko 10k
Jenni Homent 10k
Alex Jameson East London Runners 10k
Matt King Saint Edmund Pacers 10k
Nicky Lambert 10k
Kirsty Longhurst Vegan Runners 10k
Julia Manning 10k
David Manning 10k
Daniel Martell 10k
Philip Martell 10k
Valerie McDonnell-Lenoach 10k
Richard McKee 10k
Dan Meads 10k
Marina Murdoch Wymondham AC 10k
Sophie Mynott Ely Runners 10k
Emma Newman 10k
Damon Parkington 10k
Jon Pentelow Ryston Runners 10k
Jo Rayner Wymondham AC 10k
Lauren Robson 10k
Sarah Roth 10k
Caroline Seamark 10k
Jonathan Smith 10k
Ben Speechley 10k
Peter Stearn 10k
Karol Szczek 10k
Katherine Tabet 10k
Sean Trelford Ely Runners 10k
Phillip Trelford Ely Tri Club 10k
Christina Underwood 10k
Anne Valentine 10k
Matthew Watts 10k
Louise Weeks 10k
Olivia Williams 10k