Beat the Jaguar - Cancelled

Date: 10/09/2023

Location: Scottow Enterprise Park

Website: link

Coming on 10th September 2023 from the club with the friendliest and most encouraging marshals around.  A completely new race format, unique in the area. 

It’s a race that literally anyone who enters has an equal chance of winning!

The fastest male and female runners (or Jaguars) will set off last, will you be hunted down, or will you Beat the Jaguar?

How will this work on the day?

  1. Instead of a single start time, we will have staggered starts all aimed at the same finish time
  2. All entrants must provide a verifiable, recent 5k time.  This can be power of 10, parkrun or another local race
  3. Runners will set off this amount of time before our designated finish time.  Eg. Our finish time is set at 11:00am, you typically do parkrun in 45 minutes so will set off at 10:15am.  If your 5k time is 17:30 you will set off at 10:42.30. (actual timings are TBC)
  4. First three male and female athletes to finish are our winners and that’s it.
  5. Yes! It really could be you!

Some things to note

  • This will only work if everyone is as honest as possible about their actual, current, full gas 5k time. 
  • To prevent someone putting a really slow time in and winning by miles, but also allowing someone to smash it out of the park, every runner will have a minimum finish time set.
    • Your min finish time will be based on a % or your projected finish time.
    • Finish quicker than this time and although we will cheer you all the way to the line, we are afraid that you become ineligible for a prize. 
  • You can submit a faster suggested finishing time than the one we can check for the following reasons. 
    • Our races are pan flat
    • If all your times come from hilly races or your favourite parkrun is a little undulating, then you may legitimately expect to finish much quicker than normal (I’m looking at you Brundall parkrunners!)
  • When you collect your number on race day, you will be given a start time. 
  • It is your responsibility to ensure that you are at the start line ready to go! 
    • You can start after your designated time and will still receive your race time (chip to chip).
    • Anyone starting 10 seconds or more ahead of their start time will be ineligible for prizes.
  • This is going to make a pre race briefing impossible so you must read the final instructions carefully (if stuck speak to a Coltishall Jaguar and we will try to help)
  • These rules are a work in progress so may be subject to change as we get closer to race day

Lastly, please remember that we are all volunteers and are doing our best.   We are trying something different which whilst hopefully a lot of fun, is more complicated and might not be 100% successful this year.  If you think you have spotted something glaring and awful that we have missed above then please get in touch.  You can email the race director at

Entries are non-refundable and the transfer window is now closed.

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5k 10:30 am

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