The Norfolk Marathon

Date: 28/04/2024

Location: Cromer

Here’s the big one, a road Marathon taking place in glorious Norfolk!

EPIC Norfolk are organising this fantastic event, the finish line is breathtaking and will overlook Cromer Pier with a stunning view of the sea. You can view the route here

Sponsors: This event is sponsored by Tarmac Traffic Management.

Race Entry: Affiliated entry £41 + booking fee, Unaffiliated entry £43 + booking fee. You can select a charity place for free, (chose a charity from the list), and by doing so you agree to raise a minimum of £250 for that charity and consent EPIC Norfolk to sharing your contact details with them. You will also agree that if you are unable to participate on the day, you will be liable for paying the entry fee to the charity.

Training Plan: Participants can purchase a 16-week Marathon training plan created by England Athletics Running Coaches for only £17.50. Includes: pacing guides for target finish times between 3:45 and 5:00 hours, 16-week plan with 4 runs a week, warm up routine, and a guide to post-run stretches. This will be emailed to participants in November.

Race numbers: Can be posted for £1.10 extra or collected in the morning before the race.

Race T-shirts: You can order a race t-shirt via this link

All entries include chip-timing and a bespoke race medal.

Minimum Age: All entrants must be at least 18 years or over.

This event is run under UK Athletics Rules, the event holds a UK Athletics License.

Any profits from the race will be reinvested into local sport and physical activity by race organisers EPIC Norfolk.

Dementia Support: You will have the option to donate an extra £5 to EPIC Norfolk, to support our campaign of delivering physical activity and adapted sports to 1000’s of people in Norfolk living with Dementia.

Cut Off Time: Runners will be required to finish within 6 hours.

In the event that this race is postponed to another date due to unforeseen circumstances such as the weather, natural disasters etc, your entry will automatically be moved to the new date or you will have the option to transfer your place or complete it virtually.

In the event that this race is cancelled (and not postponed to a new date), you will be automatically deferred to next year’s race or you can request a refund before the deadline date, which will only be set in the event of a cancellation of this race.

Any questions please email

Entries are non-refundable and unfortunately cannot be deferred but transfers to another runner are available until midnight on 14/04/2024. Login to transfer your entry.

Your current entrants

Race Options

Name/Distance Start time Entrants
Marathon 09:30 am

Entrance limit reached for this race!

Affiliated (inc admin fee) £42.50
Unaffiliated (inc admin fee) £44.50
Charity Entry (£250 fundraising commitment required) £0.00
Waiting List 09:30 am
Waiting List - Affiliated £0.00
Waiting List - Unaffiliated £0.00
First Name Surname Club Race/Wave
Milo Abbiss Marathon
Will Abbott Marathon
Belinda Abbs Marathon
Kathryn Abigail Marathon
Hannah Adams Marathon
Tara Adams Marathon
Tracy Adams Three Counties Running Club Marathon
Earlsdon Adams Marathon
James Adams Marathon
Darren Addison Marathon
Paul Addison Marathon
David Addy Coltishall Jaguars RC Marathon
Lisa Alborough Marathon
David Aldcroft Marathon
Shaun Aldous Bungay Black Dog RC Marathon
Gary Aldred Great Yarmouth Road Runners Marathon
Simon Aldridge Marathon
Jim Aldridge Marathon
Michele Alexander Great Yarmouth Road Runners Marathon
Heath Alexander-Bew Wymondham AC Marathon
Lily Alger Norfolk Gazelles AC Marathon
Usmaan Ali Bahadur Marathon
Alison Allee Marathon
George Allen Marathon
Richard Allsworth Marathon
Josh Allton-Jones Marathon
Julia Allum Marathon
Mike Allum Marathon
Miguel Alvarez Marathon
Stephen Ambrose Marathon
Shelley Ames Marathon
Harriet Amos Petts Wood Runners Marathon
Joanna Andrews Marathon
Mandy Andrews Marathon
Amii Andrews Aylsham Runners Marathon
Chris Andrews Norwich Road Runners Marathon
Jamie Andrews Marathon
Brian Anley Marathon
Thomas Annable Marathon
Thom Annison Marathon
Sam Applegate Marathon
Samuel Applegate Marathon
Steve Apsey Isle Of Wight RR AC Marathon
Charlotte Archer Marathon
Marco Arcidiacono Saffron Striders RC Marathon
Diane Armstrong Bentham Beagles Running Club Marathon
Chloe Arnold Marathon
Kamal Aryal Marathon
Robin Ashe Bungay Black Dog RC Marathon
Chris Ashwell Marathon
Jim Ashworth-Beaumont Marathon
Wayne Askew Marathon
Matthew Askins Marathon
Thomas Atkin Marathon
Ellie Atkins Cambridge & Coleridge AC Marathon
Allison Austin Haverhill Running Club Marathon
Sean Avenell Harwich Runners Marathon
Joey Avenell Marathon
Ben Aylmer Marathon
Charlotte Bacon Desborough & Rothwell Running Club Marathon
Gary Bacon Marathon
Sam Bailey Marathon
Mark Bailey Marathon
Ian Bailey Marathon
Matt Bailey Marathon
Andrea Bailiss Marathon
Rosalind Baillie Marathon
Melissa Baker Norwich Road Runners Marathon
Adam Baker Marathon
Sarah Baker Runners-Next-the-Sea Marathon
Amanda Baker Dereham Runners AC Marathon
Duncan Baker Marathon
Stacey Baker Marathon
Joe Baldock Marathon
Hilary Ball Bungay Black Dog RC Marathon
Jenny Bamford Marathon
Roger Barber Marathon
Marnie Barham Marathon
Steve Barkey Marathon
Kristin Barnard Norfolk Harriers RC Marathon
Jake Barnard Saint Edmund Pacers Marathon
Steph Barnes Marathon
Cameron Barnes Marathon
Alison Barratt Marathon
Hannah Barratt Marathon
Peter Barrett Attleborough Athletics Academy Marathon
Shauna Barton Marathon
Philip Bartram Marathon
Tom Bartram Marathon
Alan Bartrum Marathon
Ashley Bates Marathon
Jacob Bates Marathon
Billy Battams Marathon
James Baxter Marathon
Simon Bayman Marathon
Zoe Baynes Marathon
Samantha Beales Marathon
Tony Beales Wymondham AC Marathon
Alexandra Beard Marathon
Emma Beardshaw Marathon
Joe Beaven Marathon
Chloe Bedford Marathon
Anna Bedford Marathon
Phil Beecher Marathon
Sara Beevis Marathon
Jeremy Bell Marathon
Karen Bell Marathon
Wesley Belsten Great Yarmouth Road Runners Marathon
Scott Bemment Clapham Chasers Marathon
Charlene Bennett Desborough & Rothwell Running Club Marathon
Matty Bensley Lonely Goat RC Marathon
Marion Bensley Coltishall Jaguars RC Marathon
Tara Betts Runners-Next-the-Sea Marathon
Marcus Betts Marathon
Roland Bewick Runners-Next-the-Sea Marathon
Flash Bezuidenhout Brighton & Hove FrontRunners Marathon
Jude Bickley Marathon
Simon Biddulph Marathon
Craig Bill Lonely Goat RC Marathon
Charlie Bircher Marathon
Dianne Bird Aylsham Runners Marathon
Joseph Bird Marathon
Charlotte Bird City of Norwich AC Marathon
Ellery Bishop Marathon
Heather Blackmore Marathon
Rob Blowers Norfolk Gazelles AC Marathon
Chelsea Bolton Marathon
Lin Bolton Reepham Runners Marathon
Gethin Bond Marathon
Amanda Bond Marathon
Jake Bonham Marathon
Kurt Booth Marathon
Edward Booth Marathon
Jennifer Border Norwich Road Runners Marathon
Chrissie Boswell Tri-Anglia Triathlon Club Marathon
Andy Bowen Marathon
Peter Bowers Marathon
Adam Bowers Marathon
Nicola Bowles Marathon
Steven Bowman Marathon
David Bowman Marathon
Stephen Bradbury Yaxley Runners & Joggers Marathon
Matt Bradshaw Marathon
Adam Bradshaw Marathon
Paul Bradshaw Desford Striders Marathon
Todd Branthoover Marathon
Aimee Bravo-French Marathon
Paul Brear Clarkson Marathon
Anna Brett Marathon
Alistair Bridges Marathon
Fiona Bridgwater Marathon
Keith Brighty Coltishall Jaguars RC Marathon
Harriet Brooke Great Yarmouth Road Runners Marathon
Claire Brooks Marathon
Kyle Brooks Wymondham AC Marathon
Arthur Brooks 100 Marathon Club Marathon
Daniel Brooks Marathon
Sean Broster Marathon
Janine Broster Marathon
Percy Brown Marathon
Emma Brown Marathon
Alex Brown Marathon
Paul Browne Marathon
Rob Browne Marathon
Alister Brudenell Marathon
Jason Brunt Norfolk Gazelles AC Marathon
Pandora Buck Great Yarmouth Road Runners Marathon
Caitlin Buck Marathon
Jason Buckley Marathon
Liam Buffin Marathon
Adam Buffin Marathon
Michelle Bull Marathon
Remi Bullent Marathon
Chloe Bullett Marathon
Dale Bullimore Great Yarmouth & District AC Marathon
Lucinda Bullimore Great Yarmouth & District AC Marathon
Mark Burberry Marathon
Stuart Burdett Marathon
Kelly Burgess Innovation Multisport Marathon
Sian Burnett Marathon
Tom Burrell Brentwood Running Club Marathon
Holly Burrows Marathon
Elise Burton Marathon
Andrew Bush Marathon
Ben Bussens Marathon
Vince Butler Marathon
Jack Bye Marathon
Rod Bye Coltishall Jaguars RC Marathon
Jo Bygrave Norwich Road Runners Marathon
Lucy Callaby Dereham Runners AC Marathon
Tim Callaghan Marathon
Richard Calver Marathon
Katie Calver Marathon
Lucy Campbell Norfolk Harriers RC Marathon
Frankie Campling Norwich Road Runners Marathon
Amber Cantwell Marathon
Andy Cardell Marathon
Leigh Carey Marathon
Ollie Carlisle Marathon
Chris Carman Marathon
Lucy Carmichael Marathon
Philip Carr Marathon
Euan Carrier Marathon
Kimberly Carter Marathon
Chris Carter Norfolk Gazelles AC Marathon
Jonathan Carter City of Norwich AC Marathon
Allison Carter Tri-Anglia Triathlon Club Marathon
Susan Carver Norwich Road Runners Marathon
Erin Castle Harleston Running Club Marathon
Mark Cator Marathon
Tom Cawdell Ampthill & Flitwick Flyers RC Marathon
Stephanie Cawthorne Marathon
Zaneta Cegielska Marathon
Victoria Chadwick Marathon
Milly Chalcraft Marathon
David Chalcraft Marathon
Keith Chant Marathon
Aneliese Chapman Marathon
Susan Chapman Lowestoft Road Runners Marathon
Hannah Chapman Marathon
Stuart Charlesworth Norfolk Gazelles AC Marathon
Matt Cherry Marathon
George Chesney Marathon
Rachel Chester Wymondham AC Marathon
Tony Chisam Marathon
Wai kit Choi Camberley & District AC Marathon
Chris Chorley Bungay Black Dog RC Marathon
Cheryl Churchill Marathon
Josh Churchill Marathon
Laura Churchill Marathon
Sarah Circuit Coltishall Jaguars RC Marathon
Justine Clark Marathon
Rhonda Clark Marathon
Matthew Clark Marathon
David Clark Marathon
John Clark BRJ Run and Tri Marathon
Stuart Clarke Lonely Goat RC Marathon
Adam Clarke Marathon
Stuart Clarke Marathon
Jennifer Clarke Marathon
Kerry Clarke Aylsham Runners Marathon
Aidan Clarkson Marathon
James Cleverley Marathon
Ben Cliffe Marathon
William Cobbold Marathon
Paul Cohen Marathon
George Cole Marathon
Angela Cole Marathon
Bridget Coleman Marathon
Lucy Coleman Marathon
Edmund Coleshill Marathon
Jemma Collins Aylsham Runners Marathon
Mark Collins Great Yarmouth Road Runners Marathon
Benjamin Collison West Norfolk AC Marathon
Mark Colman Marathon
Charlie Congreve Marathon
Dominic Conquest Marathon
Emma Constance Marathon
Shaun Conway Marathon
Dean Cook Marathon
Ben Cook Marathon
Liam Cook Marathon
Russell Cook Ware Joggers Marathon
Roly Cook Norwich Road Runners Marathon
Roy Cooper Marathon
Philip Cooper Three Counties Running Club Marathon
Corinne Cooper Marathon
Rachel Cork Marathon
Jason Corner Marathon
Estelle Corner Marathon
Sarah Cornish Marathon
Daniel Cornish Marathon
Steven Cosham Marathon
David Coslett Runners-Next-the-Sea Marathon
Nick Costin Marathon
Craig Costine Marathon
Paul Cottrell Marathon
James Coulter Marathon
Rachael Covell Marathon
Harry Cowper Johnson Marathon
Thomas Cox Marathon
Hannah Cragg Marathon
Toby Craig Marathon
George Crane Marathon
Emma Crane Marathon
Rosalyn Crawford Marathon
Mark Crawford Marathon
Philip Crisp Marathon
Michael Crisp Marathon
Roger Cromer Marathon
Elliott Crowe Marathon
Ian Cullen Marathon
Louis Cummins Marathon
Josh Cunningham Marathon
Alexander Curtis Marathon
Ryan Curtis Marathon
Robert DAlessandro Marathon
Jalanie DAlessandro Marathon
Oliver Dack Marathon
James Dain Marathon
Chris Dann Marathon
Laurent Davesne St Neots Riverside Runners Marathon
Kieren Davies Marathon
Katie Davies Norwich Road Runners Marathon
Belinda Davies Lonely Goat RC Marathon
Kieron Davies Marathon
Myles Davies-Regan Marathon
Martin Davila-Smith Lonely Goat RC Marathon
Richard Davis Marathon
Greg Davis Newmarket Joggers Marathon
Abi Davis Marathon
Thomas Davis Smith Marathon
Nathan Daw Marathon
Valerie Dawson Marathon
Salena Dawson Norfolk Gazelles AC Marathon
Chris De Ceglie Marathon
Ashley Dease-Vincent Marathon
Harvey Debenham Marathon
Roxanne Demmen Marathon
Mark Denmar Marathon
Paul Dennis Marathon
Jacob Desborough Marathon
Calum Dickinson Marathon
Callum Didwell Marathon
Greg Dimsey Marathon
Heather Dingle Marathon
Aaron Doddington-smith Norwich Road Runners Marathon
Nick Dowdy Ely Runners Marathon
Sophie Draper Marathon
Marc Drury Newmarket Joggers Marathon
Mark Drysdale Marathon
Mary Dsouza Marathon
Leo Dudley Marathon
Steve Duggan Great Yarmouth Road Runners Marathon
Catherine Dunbar Marathon
Robert Duncombe Little Baddow Ridge Runners Marathon
Paul Dungay Marathon
Gary Dunger Marathon
Stanley Dunn Marathon
Sean Dunn Marathon
Wayne Dunn Marathon
James Dunnett Marathon
Sarah Dunsdon Marathon
Richard Dye Bungay Black Dog RC Marathon
Chris Dye Great Yarmouth Road Runners Marathon
Mike Eades Marathon
Phil Earle Ware Joggers Marathon
Sammy-Jo Edwards Marathon
Adele Edwards Dereham Runners AC Marathon
Sophie Edwards Marathon
Ben Edwards Marathon
Laura Eke Marathon
Kingsley Elliff Marathon
Zoe Elliott Isle Of Wight RR AC Marathon
Christian Ellis Great Yarmouth Road Runners Marathon
Loren Ellis Marathon
Sarah Ellis Marathon
Laura Ellis Marathon
Michael Ellis Marathon
Stuart Ellison Marathon
Ben Elmer Marathon
Kira Elmes-dance Marathon
Lynn Emmett Beccles & Bungay Harriers Marathon
Andrea English Marathon
Amber Erwin Marathon
Karen Evans Tri-Anglia Triathlon Club Marathon
Rob Evans Marathon
Minnie Eve Marathon
James Eves Marathon
Denise Ewart Marathon
Jennifer Eyers Marathon
Paul Fairchild Wymondham AC Marathon
James Farrar Marathon
Rob Feast Marathon
Katie Fenn Coltishall Jaguars RC Marathon
Hazel Ferreira St Neots Riverside Runners Marathon
Ellen Ferrie Marathon
Lee Paul Field 100 Marathon Club Marathon
Kevin Finch Lonely Goat RC Marathon
Chloe Fincham Marathon
Yusuf Firat Marathon
Andrew Fish Marathon
Dan Fisher Marathon
Michael Fisher Marathon
Malcolm Fisher Dereham Runners AC Marathon
Mark Fitch Marathon
Sally Flintham Marathon
Becci Flook Marathon
Ian Flowerdew Marathon
Janine Flowerdew Marathon
Stuart Ford Marathon
Victoria Ford Marathon
Lee Forder Marathon
Claire Forkes Marathon
Joanne Forster Lonely Goat RC Marathon
Claire Foulkes North Norfolk Beach Runners Marathon
Shirley Fowler Haverhill Running Club Marathon
Mark Fox Marathon
Simon Fox Marathon
Stuart Fox Marathon
Mandy Foyster Norwich Road Runners Marathon
Madeline Franklin Marathon
Katie Franks Marathon
Paul Freear Ryston Runners Marathon
Kevin Freeman Marathon
Matthew Fretwell Marathon
Ben Frost Norwich Road Runners Marathon
Ethan Frost Marathon
Steve Frost Marathon
Stuart Fryer Marathon
Francis Fuller Marathon
Nicky Fuller Marathon
Roz Furr Marathon
Teresa Futter Runners-Next-the-Sea Marathon
Phoebe Gale Marathon
Penny Galey Marathon
Sarah Gamble Marathon
Louise Gardiner Marathon
Nathan Gardiner Marathon
Carolyn Garner Marathon
Mark Garnham Marathon
Richard Garrard Marathon
Becky Garratt Marathon
Bradley Garrett Marathon
Catherine Garrod Marathon
Ellie Gaskins Coltishall Jaguars RC Marathon
Daniel Gatward Marathon
Ruth Gaunt Norwich Road Runners Marathon
Thomas Gayton Marathon
Ollie Gent Marathon
George Getley Marathon
Teresa Gibb Marathon
Leticia Gil Marathon
John Gil Marathon
Adam Gilbertson Marathon
Arabella Gilby Marathon
Lily Gilby Colchester Harriers AC Marathon
Ross Gill Marathon
Rebecca Gilroy Halstead RRC Marathon
Jason Ginn Marathon
Richard Ginn Pocklington Runners Marathon
Teresa Gizzi Marathon
Martin Glendenning Marathon
Daniel Godbolt Great Yarmouth Road Runners Marathon
David Godsmark Marathon
Ian Goldie Marathon
Stuart Gollands Runners-Next-the-Sea Marathon
Paul Gooch Marathon
Tom Good Marathon
Matt Goode Norfolk Gazelles AC Marathon
David Goodman Marathon
Dan Goodwin Marathon
Brittany Gordon Marathon
James Gosden Marathon
Kieran Gough Marathon
Jon Goult Marathon
Ian Gow Marathon
Josh Graham Vegan Runners UK Marathon
Toby Grainger Marathon
Richard Grant Marathon
Lewis Grant Marathon
Chris Grayson Marathon
Paul Green Marathon
Ben Green Marathon
Daniel Green Marathon
Lewis Green Marathon
Jimmy Gremillon-merry Marathon
Jaye Griffiths Marathon
Haley Griggs Marathon
Kyle Grimadell Marathon
Sam Grimmer Marathon
Carly Grimmer Marathon
Daniel Grocott Marathon
Michael Groombridge Pitsea RC Marathon
Steven Grove Marathon
Alice Guest Marathon
Steven Guy Marathon
Luke Guy Norwich Road Runners Marathon
Stacey Halford Marathon
Mark Hall Norwich Road Runners Marathon
Marcus Hall Marathon
Darren Hall Lonely Goat RC Marathon
Leanne Hall Marathon
Wayne Hallam Marathon
Naomi Hallam Norfolk Gazelles AC Marathon
Rosemarie Halvey Norwich Road Runners Marathon
Martin Hamilton Marathon
Chris Hamlin Tri-Anglia Triathlon Club Marathon
Apryl Hammett 100 Marathon Club Marathon
Lee Hannaford Marathon
Kevin Hanner Marathon
Kevin Hanney Norfolk Gazelles AC Marathon
Richard Hanson Marathon
David Harbottle NEJ Running Club Marathon
Jonathan Harding BRJ Run and Tri Marathon
Eleanor Harding Marathon
Robin Hargreaves Marathon
Mark Harman Marathon
Stacey Harper Norwich Road Runners Marathon
James Harper Marathon
Philip Harris Marathon
Rick Harris Marathon
Jonnie Harris Marathon
Kyle Harris Marathon
Joseph Harrison Marathon
James Harrison Marathon
Nicholas Harrold Marathon
Lewis Hart Marathon
Katie Hart Marathon
James Hartwell Marathon
Laura Hartwell Marathon
Daren Harvey-cole Marathon
Simon Harwood Marathon
Amanda Haslam Marathon
Simon Hawken Marathon
Emily Hawkins Marathon
Peter Hawkins Marathon
Kathryn Hawkswell Yaxley Runners & Joggers Marathon
Andrew Hayton Marathon
Thomas Hazelden Marathon
Melanie Heale Marathon
Britta Heidecke Marathon
Samantha Henry Marathon
Phil Henry Marathon
Daniel Herrick Marathon
Nia Heycocks Marathon
Stephen Hickman Isle Of Wight RR AC Marathon
Stu Hillman Marathon
Clark Hindle Marathon
Fiona Hinton Run Mummy Run CRC Marathon
Liam Hobdell Marathon
William Hobson Marathon
Lisa Hodges Marathon
Amelia Hodges Marathon
Ellen Hodges Marathon
Jack Hodson Marathon
Lee Hodson Marathon
Guy Hodson Marathon
Toby Hogsbjerg Marathon
Trevor Holden Marathon
Alice Holden Marathon
Lauren Holder Marathon
Carl Holland Marathon
Ross Hollingsworth Marathon
Samantha Holmes Marathon
Andy Holt Marathon
Jon Holt Lonely Goat RC Marathon
Nicholas Hood Marathon
Keziah Hopkins Marathon
Michelle Horgan Great Yarmouth Road Runners Marathon
Martin Horlock Norwich Road Runners Marathon
Suzanne Horth Norfolk Harriers RC Marathon
James Howard Marathon
Tyler Howell Marathon
Suzanne Howes Marathon
Terry Hubbard Great Yarmouth Road Runners Marathon
Julian Huckle Marathon
John Hudson Norwich Road Runners Marathon
Owen Hudson Marathon
Andrew Huggins Marathon
David Hughes Marathon
Jane Hunt Harleston Running Club Marathon
Morag Hunter Marathon
Shaun Hunton Marathon
Mark Hurren Marathon
Ruby Hutchins Marathon
Richard Huthwaite Marathon
Georgina Ireland Marathon
Cayn Ireson Marathon
Erin Irwin Marathon
Jennifer Isaac West Norfolk AC Marathon
Matthew Ismail-Farmer Marathon
Fatima Ismail-Farmer Marathon
Mark Ismay Marathon
Daniel Jackman Marathon
Damian Jackson Marathon
Rachel Jackson Marathon
Louise Jackson Marathon
Brittany Jackson Marathon
Courteney Jacobs Great Yarmouth Road Runners Marathon
Paul James Marathon
James Jarmy City of Norwich AC Marathon
Thomas Jarrett Marathon
Ryan Jarvis March AC Marathon
Lauren Jarvis Marathon
Stewart Jeeves Redway Runners Marathon
Cenk Jeffery Marathon
Laura Jenkins Diss and District AC Marathon
Max Jennings Tri-Anglia Triathlon Club Marathon
Joanne Jesney Marathon
Elizabeth Johnson North Norfolk Beach Runners Marathon
Lloyd Johnson Marathon
Will Johnson Marathon
Carlene Johnson Marathon
Matt Johnston Marathon
Lucy Johnstone Ashford & District RRC Marathon
Marisa Jolley Marathon
Lee Jones Marathon
Marcus Jones Marathon
Tom Jones Aylsham Runners Marathon
Luke Jones Marathon
Daniel Jones Marathon
Christopher Jones Wellingborough & District AC Marathon
Paul Jones Norfolk Gazelles AC Marathon
Graham Jones Marathon
Tom Jordan Bure Valley Harriers Marathon
Graham Joyce Marathon
Dimitris Kakofengitis Marathon
Patrick Kavanagh Marathon
Nikki Kavanagh North Norfolk Beach Runners Marathon
Shaun Kavanagh Marathon
Amanda Keeble Marathon
Rich Keeble Marathon
Bruce Kelf Marathon
Erin Kelf Great Yarmouth Road Runners Marathon
John Kennedy Bishops Stortford RC Marathon
Daniel Kennedy Marathon
Julia Kennelly Wymondham AC Marathon
Deborah Kent Marathon
Andrew Kent Marathon
Robert Kent Marathon
Mia Keogh Marathon
Peter Keogh Marathon
Taylor Kern Marathon
Edward Kidd Marathon
Louisa Kiddell Marathon
Joanna Killingworth Norwich Road Runners Marathon
Emily King Marathon
Anne-Marie King Dereham Runners AC Marathon
Holly King Norwich Road Runners Marathon
Jordon King Marathon
Grant King Dereham Runners AC Marathon
Charlie Kinsey Marathon
Ben Kirby Marathon
Aaron Kirk Marathon
Sara Kitley Marathon
Deividas Kivyta Marathon
David Knight Norwich Road Runners Marathon
Narasimha Rao Kollipara Marathon
Peter Laddiman Norfolk Harriers RC Marathon
Alistair Laidlaw Marathon
Megan Lake Marathon
Roshan Lal Marathon
Sean Lambert Marathon
Gavin Lane West Norfolk AC Marathon
Zoe Langford Marathon
Siobhan Laskey Marathon
Jason Latham Marathon
Katka Laughton Marathon
Stephanie Laurence Bure Valley Harriers Marathon
Gemma Lawrence Marathon
Claire Lawrenson Norfolk Gazelles AC Marathon
Toby Layton Marathon
Tom Leckie Marathon
Kristian Lee Marathon
Tom Leeder Marathon
Simon Leeder Marathon
Graeme Leeson Ryston Runners Marathon
Scott Leger Royston Runners Marathon
Madeleine Leizerman Marathon
Aaron Leverett Marathon
Hayley Leveridge Marathon
Steven Levett Marathon
Simon Levy Ryston Runners Marathon
Michelle Lightfoot Bungay Black Dog RC Marathon
Anna Lillie Garden City Runners Marathon
Hanna Lindqvist Marathon
Lukas Lindridge Marathon
Morgan Lingley Marathon
Kerrie Lingwood Aylsham Runners Marathon
David Litchfield North Norfolk Beach Runners Marathon
Cameron Liu Marathon
Timothy Lloyd Marathon
Gareth Lloyd Marathon
Connah Lloyd Marathon
Jason Loates City of Norwich AC Marathon
Simon Lock Notfast RC Marathon
Sophie Loftus Marathon
Rajesh Logasundaram Marathon
Daryl London North Norfolk Beach Runners Marathon
Reuben Longley Marathon
Darren Love Marathon
Andrew Loveday Marathon
Alison Lowe Marathon
Patrick Lynch Marathon
Kerry MacRae Marathon
Oliver Mackett Marathon
Richard Mackie HI Runners Marathon
Tristan Macnab Marathon
Thomas Madigan Marathon
Nick Mahn Marathon
Robin Maingay Marathon
Joshua Mangham Marathon
Patrick Manning Lonely Goat RC Marathon
Emma Mantle Marathon
Glyn Manton Norwich Road Runners Marathon
Ian Marcer Marathon
Anthony Marett Marathon
Aimee Marlow Marathon
Nigel Marlow Fenland Running Club Marathon
Holly Marshall Marathon
Andrew Marshall Marathon
Lewis Marshall Marathon
Ruthie Martin Marathon
Andrea Martinelli Marathon
James Mason Marathon
Betty Masters Marathon
Adam Masterson Wymondham AC Marathon
Alby Matthews Marathon
Patrick Matthews Marathon
Annabel McConnell Marathon
Jennifer McDonald Marathon
Byron McGill Bungay Black Dog RC Marathon
Lindsay McGowan Marathon
Ross McIntosh Marathon
Colin McKenzie Marathon
Robert McKillop Lonely Goat RC Marathon
Sophie McLaren Marathon
Tim McMahon Saffron Striders RC Marathon
Sean McNulty Marathon
Lucy Mccallum Runners next the sea Marathon
Liam Mcgrath Marathon
Alex Mcgregor Marathon
Luke Mcgurk Marathon
Aimee Mclachlan Marathon
Pj Mcparland Marathon
Callum Mcveigh Marathon
Terry Medler Marathon
Steve Megson Yaxley Runners & Joggers Marathon
James Mendes Marathon
Joseph Mercer Marathon
Lily Metcalf Marathon
Daniel Metcalfe Marathon
Charlie Michael Marathon
Dee Middleton-hall Wymondham AC Marathon
Caroline Midgley Marathon
Darren Mildon Marathon
John Miller Norwich Road Runners Marathon
Joe Milligan Marathon
Annie-Elle Millington Marathon
Andrew Millis Vegan Runners UK Marathon
Robert Milner Waveney Valley AC Marathon
Erick Miraflor Marathon
Rachel Montesanto Marathon
Jamie Monument Marathon
Catherine Monument Marathon
Harly Moon Marathon
Danny Moore Marathon
David Moore Norfolk Gazelles AC Marathon
Matthew Moore Marathon
Charles Moore Marathon
Kevin Moore Marathon
Joseph Moore Norfolk Gazelles AC Marathon
Nick Moore Marathon
Mandy Moore Bungay Black Dog RC Marathon
Chloe Moore Coltishall Jaguars RC Marathon
Jason Moore Marathon
Natasha Moore Marathon
Amandine Moores Marathon
Shane Morgan Marathon
Lucie Morran Bungay Black Dog RC Marathon
Dave Morris HI Runners Marathon
Stacy Morris Marathon
Charlotte Mortoza-Cowles Marathon
Ander Movilla Marathon
Jane Munro HI Runners Marathon
Anthony Munson Marathon
Fionnuala Murphy Marathon
Nikki Murphy Marathon
Daniel Muttitt Marathon
Eric Mytton Marathon
Sam Naylor Marathon
Sam Neil Marathon
Nicolette Neile Team Dunerunner Marathon
Lucy Nelson Marathon
Victoria Neville Reepham Runners Marathon
Gary Newman Marathon
Tom Newman City of Norwich AC Marathon
Helen Newson Marathon
Steven Newson Norfolk Gazelles AC Marathon
Kristina Newton Marathon
Yeuk yu peter Ng Marathon
Olivia Nicholas Beccles & Bungay Harriers Marathon
Dave Nichols Beccles Triathlon Club Marathon
Andrew Nichols Marathon
Steve Nichols Norwich Road Runners Marathon
Ethan Norman Marathon
Kirsty Norton Marathon
Daz Noyce Marathon
Catherine O Connor Marathon
Nick Oakhill Marathon
Paul Oakley Horsham Joggers Marathon
Adam Oldfield Marathon
Andy Olive Wymondham AC Marathon
Simon Olley Marathon
Robert Organ Norfolk Gazelles AC Marathon
Shawn Overall Marathon
Anakin Owen Marathon
Luke Owen Marathon
Neil Oxbury Marathon
Benjamin Oxley Marathon
Ruth O’Regan Marathon
Marie Pacey Runners-Next-the-Sea Marathon
Kristi Padreddii Marathon
Steve Palfrey Marathon
Joe Palmer Marathon
Andy Palmer Norwich Road Runners Marathon
Daniel Parfitt Marathon
Paul Parker Coltishall Jaguars RC Marathon
Dave Parker Marathon
Matthew Parkhouse Norwich Road Runners Marathon
Nathan Parkinson Marathon
Laura Parry City of Norwich AC Marathon
Karen Patterson March AC Marathon
Matthew Paul Marathon
Carol Paul Fairlands Valley Spartans Marathon
Grenville Payne Marathon
Gavin Payne Marathon
Andy Payne Runners-Next-the-Sea Marathon
Marcus Pead Marathon
Mary Pearson Wellingborough & District AC Marathon
Ben Pearson Marathon
Jack Pearson Marathon
Heidi Pearson Marathon
Jennifer Peart Marathon
Bradley Peart Marathon
Sam Peck Marathon
Rita Peck Marathon
Robert Pelkey Marathon
Jack Pellegrini Marathon
Amy Pellegrini Marathon
David Pemberton Marathon
Ady Pendred Birmingham Swifts Marathon
Ceri Lian Penson Wymondham AC Marathon
Sam Percy Marathon
David Perks Marathon
Martin Perry Marathon
Geoff Perry Marathon
Louise Pettman Marathon
Keith Phillips North Norfolk Beach Runners Marathon
Les Phillips Three Counties Running Club Marathon
Jonathan Phillips North Norfolk Beach Runners Marathon
Julie Phillips Marathon
Rob Philpin Marathon
Sandra Pietsch Marathon
Ruth Pilch Coltishall Jaguars RC Marathon
James Pilch Eton Manor AC Marathon
Kerrie Pimble Marathon
Mike Place Marathon
Rosemary Plant Waveney Valley AC Marathon
Rachel Plant Lowestoft Road Runners Marathon
Ben Player Marathon
Joanne Plowright Lonely Goat RC Marathon
Luke Plumb Marathon
Bethany Plummer Marathon
Oli Pointer Marathon
Melvyn Porter Coltishall Jaguars RC Marathon
Neil Porter Marathon
Harvey Potter Marathon
David Potter Marathon
Liam Powers Marathon
David Powles Wymondham AC Marathon
Kasper Powles Marathon
Kimberley Powles Wymondham AC Marathon
Sonya Powley Marathon
Shaun Prentice Marathon
Scott Prentice Marathon
Joe Preston Marathon
Kim Prevett Marathon
Jody Price Marathon
George Price Marathon
Andy Pridmore Marathon
Karen Prime Marathon
Sadie May Prince South Cheshire Harriers Marathon
Ferran Puig-calvache Marathon
Stephen Pullinger Marathon
Justin Punt Marathon
Christopher Purdy Marathon
Rachelle Purnell Marathon
Jonathan Puxley Beccles & Bungay Harriers Marathon
Keelan Pywell Marathon
Matthew Quick Marathon
Craig Rackham Marathon
Allison Ragosa Tri-Anglia Triathlon Club Marathon
Ian Ralph Marathon
Luke Randall City of Southend On Sea AC Marathon
Oliver Randall City of Southend On Sea AC Marathon
Matt Randall City of Southend AC Marathon
Gary Randall Marathon
Steven Randel Marathon
Andy Rea Marathon
Alison Read Aylsham Runners Marathon
Axl Redwine Marathon
Sam Rees-Davies Marathon
Sean Reeve Harleston Running Club Marathon
Carolyn Reid Marathon
Lewis Render Marathon
Kyle Revell Marathon
Daniel Reynolds Marathon
Liam Reynolds Marathon
Matthew Reynolds Lowestoft Road Runners Marathon
Glen Reynolds Marathon
Jac Richards Fenland Running Club Marathon
Dean Richards Marathon
James Richardson Norwich Road Runners Marathon
Sam Richardson Marathon
Cara Richardson Marathon
Matthew Richardson Marathon
Julie Rickards Bungay Black Dog RC Marathon
Katt Riley Marathon
Liz Riley Marathon
Joseph Riley Marathon
Paul Rinder Marathon
Lucy Ring Norwich Road Runners Marathon
Keith Rix Marathon
Callum Rke Marathon
Simon Roberts Marathon
James Robertson Marathon
Lesley Robins Ryston Runners Marathon
Matthew Robinson Lonely Goat RC Marathon
Peter Robinson Marathon
Scott Robinson Marathon
Alex Robinson North Norfolk Beach Runners Marathon
Jennifer Robinson Marathon
George Robinson Marathon
Francesca Roche-Kelly Marathon
Charlotte Rose Marathon
Clive Rounce Marathon
Connor Rouse Marathon
Stephen Rulton Halstead RRC Marathon
Craig Rush Marathon
Marie Russell Marathon
Josh Russell Marathon
Ami Russell Wymondham AC Marathon
Shaquille Russell Marathon
Dulcie Ruttley-Dornan Vegan Runners UK Marathon
Tim Ryder Hadleigh Hares AC Marathon
Gracey Rye Marathon
David Rye Marathon
Samuel Sadd Marathon
Michael Sadler North Norfolk Beach Runners Marathon
Derek Sadler North Norfolk Beach Runners Marathon
Michelle Sadler Wymondham AC Marathon
James Salmon Marathon
Michaela Sanders 100 Marathon Club Marathon
Chris Sandford Marathon
Alan Sansom North Norfolk Beach Runners Marathon
Eric Santos Marathon
Bobbie Sauerzapf Bungay Black Dog RC Marathon
Jamie Saunders Norwich Road Runners Marathon
Jed Saunders Marathon
Emma Saxton Marathon
Stuart Sayer Marathon
James Schaitel Marathon
Jacqui Scott Ryston Runners Marathon
Kathryn Scott Aylsham Runners Marathon
Gemma Scrivener Marathon
Debbie Secret Lowestoft Road Runners Marathon
Jamie Sergeant North Norfolk Beach Runners Marathon
Archie Shapeero-lown Marathon
David Sharp Runners-Next-the-Sea Marathon
Danny Sharpe Marathon
Stephen Shaw Marathon
Donna Shayler Marathon
Christopher Shearwood Metros RC Marathon
Jack Sheehan Marathon
Martin Shelley Fordy Runs Running Club Marathon
Shaun Shelley Marathon
Paul Shelley Marathon
Freddy Sheppard Marathon
Justine Shepperson Marathon
Thomas Paul Sheridan Marathon
Shaun Sherwood Marathon
Jack Shipton Marathon
Karl Shirley Marathon
Scott Shrubsall Coltishall Jaguars RC Marathon
Deirdre Siddaway Marathon
James Sidwell Marathon
Jo Silver Marathon
Chris Sim Marathon
Summer Simmons Marathon
Rachael Simpson Marathon
Dennis Simpson Norwich Road Runners Marathon
David Skinner Marathon
Craig Skipper Wymondham AC Marathon
Joanna Skorupa Marathon
Robert Slarke Marathon
Jonny Slater Marathon
Alexandra Smart Marathon
Sarah Smedley Marathon
Rhianwen Smee Marathon
Sam Smith Marathon
Hannah Smith Marathon
Kerri Smith Marathon
Lindsay Smith Coltishall Jaguars RC Marathon
Garry Smith Marathon
Jamie Smith Bishops Stortford RC Marathon
Tim Smith Desford Striders Marathon
Alison Smith Great Yarmouth road runners Marathon
Sarah Smith Marathon
Shane Smith Marathon
Shane Smith Marathon
Tom Smith Marathon
Lauren Smith Marathon
Ben Snelling Marathon
Jason Snook Marathon
Teresa Solomon Marathon
Rich South Marathon
William Sowerby Marathon
Simon Sparkes Marathon
Craig Speirs Marathon
Ayla Spells Marathon
John Spinks Marathon
Jo Spooner Royal Hillsborough & Rivelin RC Marathon
Ramalingam Srinivasan Marathon
Alex Stabler-Hall Marathon
Richard Stacey Marathon
Isaac Staff Marathon
Yvette Stallwood Marathon
Nadia Stamp Marathon
Kaylee Staples Marathon
Christopher Stapleton Bushfield Joggers Marathon
Howard Steel Ampthill & Flitwick Flyers RC Marathon
Tom Stephens Felixstowe RRC Marathon
Philip Stevens Marathon
Gareth Stevens UKRunChat Running Club Marathon
Justin Stevenson Marathon
Ross Stewart Marathon
Peter Stillings Marathon
James Stinton Marathon
Sue Stirling Wymondham AC Marathon
Ben Stone Great Yarmouth Road Runners Marathon
Christopher Stones Marathon
Mark Storey City of Norwich AC Marathon
Richard Strange Marathon
Rob Stratton Wymondham AC Marathon
Ian Stride Marathon
Lauren Stroud Aylsham Runners Marathon
Eleanor Stylianides Marathon
Gordana Sucur-Hills Runners-Next-the-Sea Marathon
Lokesh Suraparaju Marathon
Kerry Surkitt BRJ Run & Tri Marathon
Tim Suswain Reepham Runners Marathon
Isabel Sutton Norwich Road Runners Marathon
Jack Sutton Marathon
Matthew Sutton Marathon
Jed Talbot Marathon
Darren Tame Marathon
Evan Tate Marathon
Alan Taylor Ware Joggers Marathon
Robin Taylor Marathon
Glynn Taylor Marathon
Iain Taylor Woodbridge Shufflers RC Marathon
Lewis Taylor Marathon
Sebastian Taylor Marathon
Katarina Terzieva Marathon
Sarah Thacker Marathon
Corin Thoday Reepham Runners Marathon
Joel Thomas Marathon
Gabriele Thomas-Neher Beeston AC Marathon
Amy Thompson Marathon
Callum Thompson-Browne Marathon
Gareth Thomson Marathon
Ollie Thorn Marathon
Royston Thorne Marathon
Christopher Thornton TRISudbury Marathon
Katherine Thrower Marathon
Luke Thurlow Marathon
Robert Thurtell Marathon
Dan Tickner Norwich Road Runners Marathon
Adam Tiffany Marathon
James Timmis Marathon
Paul Timson Wymondham AC Marathon
Katie Tongue Northampton Road Runners Marathon
Jan Totterdale Dereham Runners AC Marathon
Thomas Townshend Marathon
Nicholas Trafford Marathon
Paul Tripp Marathon
Louisa Trower Marathon
Jamie Tufts Reepham Runners Marathon
Victoria Turner Tri-Anglia Triathlon Club Marathon
Caitlin Tuttle Marathon
Denis Tuttle Lonely Goat RC Marathon
David Tyrrell Marathon
Sam Upton Marathon
Carolyn Urry Marathon
Teresa Utting Marathon
Connie Vallis Marathon
Beth Van Melsen Marathon
Jack Vargeson Marathon
Pheobe Vaughan Marathon
William Vincent Marathon
Alison Wakeman Marathon
Justin Walker Ryston Runners Marathon
Mandy Walker Bushfield Joggers Marathon
Matt Walker Marathon
Jannette Walker Haverhill Running Club Marathon
Nicky Waller Marathon
Christopher Walls Marathon
Lizzie Walsh Marathon
Joshua Walton-Taylor Marathon
Anita Ward Marathon
Sean Ward Marathon
Emma Ward Norwich Road Runners Marathon
Greg Ward Norwich Road Runners Marathon
Andrew Ward Marathon
Harry Ward Marathon
Georgette Ward Great Yarmouth Road Runners Marathon
Martin Ward Marathon
Lewis Wardale Marathon
James Ware Wymondham AC Marathon
Matthew Warren Marathon
Stuart Wasey Marathon
Laura Waters Marathon
David Waters Aylsham Runners Marathon
Jon Watkins 100 Marathon Club Marathon
Connor Watkins Marathon
Jack Watling Marathon
Meg Watling Marathon
Lee Watson Wymondham AC Marathon
Mark Watson Marathon
Jackie Watt Lonely Goat RC Marathon
Hannah Wattam Marathon
Catherine Watts Norfolk Gazelles AC Marathon
Jack Watts Marathon
Shane West Norwich Road Runners Marathon
Rebecca Westall Aylsham Runners Marathon
Rebecca Westmoreland Coltishall Jaguars RC Marathon
Paul Wheeler Norwich Road Runners Marathon
Fay Wheeler Tri-Anglia Triathlon Club Marathon
Matt Whisker Wikiwiki Tri Team Marathon
Jake Whitbread North Norfolk Beach Runners Marathon
Stefan White Reepham Runners Marathon
Luke White Marathon
Steve White Coltishall Jaguars RC Marathon
Sonja White Coltishall Jaguars RC Marathon
Ellena White Reepham Runners Marathon
Richard Whitehead Marathon
Matt Whitehouse Marathon
Sarah Whiting Marathon
Bernice Whitten Marathon
Alexander Wigney Marathon
David Wildman Marathon
Eva Wilkes Norfolk Gazelles AC Marathon
Thomas Wilkins Marathon
James Wilkins Marathon
Shaun Wilkinson Marathon
Gemma Williams Marathon
Mark Williams Marathon
Mark Williams Marathon
Kieran Williams Marathon
Barry Williams Marathon
Ashley Williams Vegan Runners UK Marathon
Dean Williamson Marathon
Eleanor Williamson Marathon
Daniel Williamson Marathon
Debbie Williment Great Yarmouth Road Runners Marathon
Vicky Willimott Tri-Anglia Triathlon Club Marathon
Sam Willis Marathon
John Wilson Marathon
Tony Wilson Marathon
Kate Wilson Marathon
Phoenix Wilton Marathon
Anton Wimmer Marathon
Matt Windle Marathon
Cameron Wing Marathon
Jim Winter Harleston Running Club Marathon
Alistair Winter Marathon
Emily Winter Marathon
Sophie Winter Marathon
Ellen Winton Marathon
Kate Wlodarczyk Marathon
Gavin Wood Marathon
Kate Wood Marathon
William Woodcock Marathon
Joe Woodley Wymondham AC Marathon
Arabella Woodruff Marathon
Ben Woods Marathon
Darren Woodward Tri-Anglia Triathlon Club Marathon
Hugh Woolfenden Norfolk Gazelles AC Marathon
Scott Wreford Marathon
Amanda Wright Marathon
Robert Wright Fairlands Valley Spartans Marathon
Chloe Wright Marathon
Sarah Wright Marathon
James Wright Norfolk Gazelles AC Marathon
Mark Wright Marathon
Barny Wright Marathon
Jemma Wright Marathon
Marianna Wysocki Marathon
Daniel Yallop Ryston Runners Marathon
Miles Yaxley Marathon
Zoe Young Marathon
Jack Younge Marathon
Lucy Younge Marathon
Caroline Youngman Norwich Road Runners Marathon
Lee Youngs Norwich Road Runners Marathon
Wenqi Zhang Marathon
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