Marham Flyers New Year’s Eve 10K

Date: 31/12/2023

Location: Marham

Website: link


Event Start time: 11:00 AM

Entry Price: £22 affiliated and service entrants / £24 non affiliated

Description: A flat, fast largely traffic free course around the airfield, giving lots of opportunities for PBs.

Event HQ and Registration: Black Top Car park – PE33 9NP - What3words -mock.tadpole.endings

Race Number Collection: Collect from Event Registration on the day

Event HQ and Registration opening: Registration from 09:00am on the day

Race Start and Finish: Ladywood Road Crash Gate 1 - approx. 5 mins from Event Registration (signposted) What3words reference: tags.removers.output

Medals: Attractive commemorative F35 Lightning medal and goody bag together with a commemorative bottle of beer for every entrant given out at the end.

Prizes: For 1st, 2nd and 3rd Male and Female runners overall.

Parking: Parking available on the Black Top Carpark, sign posted on the way in.

Bag drop: Please note – there will be no formal bag drop at race HQ but the car park is just a short distance from the race start and entrants will also be welcome to leave belongings at own risk at Event HQ. However, we encourage you to only bring / wear what you will require for the event and can take no responsibility for belongings left at Event HQ or in your vehicles.

Refreshments: A Tea Bar will open adjacent to Event HQ selling a range of tea, brewed coffees and cakes.

Toilets: Portales will be available at Event HQ and at the event start/finish.

Timing: Chip timing for the event is being provided by Total Race Timing, where the results will also be posted immediately at race end.

Prizes: Prizes will be awarded to the first three male and female entrants to finish.

If due to unforeseen operational reasons or due to poor weather conditions it is necessary to cancel the event, it will be re-scheduled to a later date, to which entries will automatically be transferred.

Entries are non-refundable and unfortunately cannot be deferred but transfers to another runner are available until midnight on 19/12/2023. Login to transfer your entry.

Your current entrants

Race Options

Name/Distance Start time Entrants
10k 11:00 am

Entrance limit reached for this race!

Affiliated £22.00
Unaffiliated £24.00
Waiting List 11:00 am
Waiting List - Affiliated £0.00
Waiting List - Unaffiliated £0.00
First Name Surname Club Race/Wave
Tracy Adams Three Counties Running Club 10k
Debbie Agger Three Counties Running Club 10k
Barry Allen Lonely Goat RC 10k
Thomas Anderson-fortnan 10k
Warren Armstrong Ryston Runners 10k
Jane Ashby Ryston Runners 10k
Kate Atkins Norfolk Gazelles AC 10k
William Ayley-Dodd Runners-Next-the-Sea 10k
John Bain Lonely Goat RC 10k
Matt Baldry Lowestoft Road Runners 10k
Daniel Barnes Ryston Runners 10k
Louise Barrett 10k
Amy Baxter Three Counties Running Club 10k
Amy Beck Bure Valley Harriers 10k
Jason Beeton Thetford AC 10k
Phil Beldom March AC 10k
Walter Beldom March AC 10k
Steve Bennington Ryston Runners 10k
Nicholas Bensley Ryston Runners 10k
Philip Berridge Thorney RC 10k
Judith Berry Ryston Runners 10k
Peter Bird Saint Edmund Pacers 10k
Abigaille Bishop Bushfield Joggers 10k
Jason Bishop Bushfield Joggers 10k
Brian Black Globetrotters 10k
Keith Blake Wymondham AC 10k
Clare Bland 10k
Gary Bligh Three Counties Running Club 10k
Chris Bone 10k
Carol Bowett Fenland Running Club 10k
Michelle Brady 10k
Andrew Brasier Dereham Runners AC 10k
David Brewster Felixstowe Road Runners 10k
David Briars 10k
Mathew Brice 10k
Adrian Britton 10k
Kyle Brooks Wymondham AC 10k
Alan Brown March AC 10k
Ross Browne 10k
Chloe Browne 10k
Teresa Bryant 10k
Diane Bunch Huntingdonshire AC 10k
Anita Burnett 10k
Andy Burr 10k
David Burton Norwich Road Runners 10k
Caine Burton Ryston Runners 10k
Tracy Burton 10k
Alan Burton 10k
Vince Butler 10k
Kirsty Butters Ryston Runners 10k
Christopher Cann Ryston Runners 10k
Jennie Chamberlain Thetford AC 10k
Chris Chaplin Ryston Runners 10k
Stuart Charlesworth Norfolk Gazelles AC 10k
Chris Chorley Bungay Black Dog RC 10k
Lily Churchyard 10k
Cheryl Cleary Thorney RC 10k
Alan Colby Ryston Runners 10k
Benjamin Collison West Norfolk AC 10k
Philip Cooper Three Counties Running Club 10k
Rachel Cooper Three Counties Running Club 10k
Chris Cotter 10k
David Cox Norfolk Trail Runners 10k
Mandy Cox Norfolk Trail Runners 10k
Sean Crawford 10k
James Crockford Cambridge & Coleridge AC 10k
Emma Cross 10k
Harry Daniels Thorney RC 10k
Sydney Davis 10k
Carole Davis March AC 10k
Gary Davis March AC 10k
Lauren Day Three Counties Running Club 10k
Jon Deacon 10k
Fiona Deem 10k
Gaye Demirsoy Dereham Runners AC 10k
David Dimech Renagade Runners 10k
Keith Doughty Ryston Runners 10k
Benjamin Dove 10k
Megan Dove 10k
Marie Dove 10k
Rachael Eadle 10k
Holly Edmonds 10k
Charlotte Edmunds Wymondham AC 10k
Adele Edwards Dereham Runners AC 10k
Joanne Edwards March AC 10k
Steve Eke Renagade Runners 10k
John Elgood Lingwood Leg-its 10k
Anne Ellen Norfolk Gazelles AC 10k
Rachael Elliott 10k
David Elliston 10k
Tracey Else Three Counties Running Club 10k
Martin Elsegood Ryston Runners 10k
Ryan Espley 10k
Joel Espley Ryston Runners 10k
Nichola Evans 10k
Stephanie Evans Norfolk Gazelles AC 10k
Rhiannon Evans Norfolk Gazelles AC 10k
Janet Everett 10k
Leanne Finch Bure Valley Harriers 10k
Michelle Finnegan Runners-Next-the-Sea 10k
Colin Fish 10k
Wendy Fisher Ryston Runners 10k
Joe Forshaw 10k
Bryan Freeman 10k
Craig Freestone Three Counties Running Club 10k
Matthew Freezer Dereham Runners AC 10k
Lisa Ann Garrand Newmarket Joggers 10k
Dawn Gibb Snowflakes 10k
Cathy Gibb-de Swarte Lonely Goat RC 10k
Ollie Gilder Norfolk Harriers RC 10k
Barnaby Gilder 10k
Tess Gilder 10k
Nicky Ginger Lonely Goat RC 10k
Karen Glenister 10k
Aaron Glenister 10k
James Goddard Runners-Next-the-Sea 10k
Mark Goodale Halmer Harriers 10k
Neil Goodbourn Ryston Runners 10k
Dawn Goodley Three Counties Running Club 10k
Richard Goodley Three Counties Running Club 10k
Vic Goodman Brandon Fern Hoppers 10k
Barney Goodrum Norfolk Gazelles AC 10k
Tracey Goodrum Norfolk Gazelles AC 10k
Robert Gosnell West Norfolk AC 10k
Lily-Jean Goult 10k
Jon Goult 10k
J Goult Ryston Runners 10k
Zoë Gourley Three Counties Running Club 10k
Samuel Gowler 10k
Ian Gowler March Triathlon Club 10k
Samantha Grainger Wymondham AC 10k
John Graves 10k
Jud Gray 10k
Charlotte Green 10k
Henrietta Green Dereham Runners AC 10k
Nik Greenough Tri-Anglia Triathlon Club 10k
Chris Greenough Tri-Anglia Triathlon Club 10k
Laura Greenwood Thorney RC 10k
Adam Griggs Breakfast Club 10k
Eleanor Grubb City of Norwich AC 10k
Susan Guest Wymondham AC 10k
Charlie Gunner 10k
Naomi Hallam Norfolk Gazelles AC 10k
Darren Hancox 10k
Andrew Hardy 10k
Karl Harper North Norfolk Beach Runners 10k
Leanne Harrington 10k
Andrew Harris Three Counties Running Club 10k
Craig Harris Ryston Runners 10k
Jonnie Harris 10k
Lisa Harris Ryston Runners 10k
Ethan Harrison 10k
James Harrison Holme Pierrepont Running Club 10k
Jessica Hatcher 10k
Aaden Hayes 10k
Mark Herrick 10k
Daniel Herrick RAF Marham 10k
Leslie Hill Norfolk Gazelles AC 10k
Stephen Hill Norwich Road Runners 10k
Nicola Hill Norwich Road Runners 10k
Ian Hodgson 10k
Alison Hodgson 10k
Charlotte Lucy Hodgson Norwich Road Runners 10k
Olivia Hodgson Norwich Road Runners 10k
Angela Holloway Norfolk Gazelles AC 10k
Andrew Hooks 10k
Andy Housego 10k
William Howard North Norfolk Beach Runners 10k
Nick Howe 10k
Lynne Howlett Ryston Runners 10k
Annie Hughes Run Things Run Club 10k
Jordan Humm 10k
Gareth Hunt Ryston Runners 10k
Malcolm Hunt March AC 10k
Matt Hunter Three Counties Running Club 10k
Francesca Iaccarino Runners-Next-the-Sea 10k
Alice Ingman Three Counties Running Club 10k
Gary Ingrey Three Counties Running Club 10k
Martin Ive Ryston Runners 10k
James Jarmy Lonely Goat RC 10k
Anne Jarrett 10k
Owen Jary Ryston Runners 10k
Steve Jenkins Lonely Goat RC 10k
Oliver Jenkins 10k
Sean Jermy Great Yarmouth Road Runners 10k
Matt Johnson 10k
Lee Johnson Ryston Runners 10k
Hayley Johnson Up and Out Ladies Running Club 10k
Sarah Johnson Three Counties Running Club 10k
Abi Karreman 10k
Helen Karreman Lynnsport Ladybirds 10k
Susan Kay Foxtrotters 10k
Hayden Kearns Three Counties Running Club 10k
Matthew Keeley-Smith 10k
Nigel Kenny Ryston Runners 10k
Amy Kenworthy Norwich Road Runners 10k
Simon Killen Three counties RC 10k
Anneli Killen Three Counties Running Club 10k
Ian King Fenland Running Club 10k
Natalie King Thetford AC 10k
Beth King Bure Valley Harriers 10k
Sally King Fenland Running Club 10k
Grant King Dereham Runners AC 10k
Sophie Kirtley Three Counties Running Club 10k
Neil Krajewski Ely Runners 10k
Trevor Lamb 10k
Sarah Lamb Three Counties Running Club 10k
Tony Lamb Three Counties Running Club 10k
Serge Lambert March AC 10k
Tina Lambert March AC 10k
Louise Latham 10k
Jessica Lawrence West Norfolk AC 10k
Lauren Lawrence Renegade Runners 10k
Graeme Leeson Ryston Runners 10k
Antony Leigh 10k
Malcolm Leith 10k
Chris Levy 10k
Simon Levy Ryston Runners 10k
Harry Livermore 10k
Ruth Logan 10k
Chris Long 10k
Jo Lucas 10k
Elaine Lumley Ryston Runners 10k
Barry Lynn 10k
Andrew Mallett 10k
Phillipa Mallett Bushfield Joggers 10k
John Manlow 10k
Carl Manning Ryston Runners 10k
Wiktoria Marcinek Ryston Runners 10k
Irena Marcinek Ryston Runners 10k
Linda Marshall Ryston Runners 10k
Anne-Marie Mattless Lonely Goat RC 10k
Mark Mattless Lonely Goat RC 10k
Edward Maxfield 10k
Lou Mayer Up and Out Ladies Running Club 10k
Louise McDonnell Wymondham AC 10k
Dipi McKernan 10k
Campbell McMorran Norwich Road Runners 10k
Erin McNeil Ryston Runners 10k
Rosie Mead 10k
Simon Mead Huntingdonshire AC 10k
Kerry Meatyard 10k
Nicholas anthony Meekins 10k
Sara Meekins Up and Out Ladies Running Club 10k
Henry Meekins 10k
Samantha Melton Up and Out Ladies Running Club 10k
Sarah Melton-Whitelam Three Counties Running Club 10k
Amber Miguel 10k
September Millett-Bangs Fordy Runs Running Club 10k
Cassie Moden Renegade Runners 10k
Daniel Moore 10k
Tracy Moore Thorney RC 10k
Debbie Moore Runners-Next-the-Sea 10k
Keith Morris Ryston Runners 10k
Tony Mowles 10k
Marina Murdoch Wymondham AC 10k
Eve Naughton 10k
Dave Neale King's Lynn Triathlon Club 10k
Jennifer Neave 10k
Carl Newell 10k
Warren Newell Lonely Goat RC 10k
Chloe Newman 10k
Darren Nockels 10k
Daniel North King's Lynn Renegades 10k
Jurgens Nortje 10k
Lucy Oakley Bushfield Joggers 10k
Adrian Olik Bushfield Joggers 10k
Victoria Olik Bushfield Joggers 10k
Ellena Olik Bushfield Joggers 10k
Emilia Olik Bushfield Joggers 10k
Andy Olive Tri Anglia Triathlon 10k
Thomas Orr 10k
Suzanne Orr Peterborough Paws 10k
Alison Orrell BRJ Run & Tri 10k
James Orrell Huntingdonshire AC 10k
Richard Orrell BRJ Run & Tri 10k
Claire Owen Coltishall Jaguars RC 10k
Lucy Owner Up and Out Ladies Running Club 10k
Damian Owner 10k
Marie Pacey Runners-Next-the-Sea 10k
Evie Palmer Norwich Road Runners 10k
Stephen Panting Braydeston milers 10k
Cameron Panting 10k
Marie Parker 10k
Lorraine Parker Three Counties Running Club 10k
Stacey Parkes 10k
Nicki Parrott Bushfield Joggers 10k
Christopher Parsons 10k
Katie Parsons 10k
Sarah Partridge Ryston Runners 10k
Mark Peacher 10k
Lewis Pearson Lonely Goat RC 10k
Greg Pearson Reepham Runners 10k
Hannah Pegg 10k
Mike Pembery 10k
Adrian Pepper Terrington St Clement Running Club 10k
Linda Pepper RMR CRC 10k
George Pettit Ryston Runners 10k
Les Phillips Three Counties Running Club 10k
Carl Pickett Ryston Runners 10k
Andrew Plater North Norfolk Beach Runners 10k
Louise Pollard 10k
Aaron Porter Renagade Runners 10k
Rachel Porter Lynnsport Ladybirds 10k
Debbie Powles Norfolk Gazelles AC 10k
Giverney Powles 10k
Dan Pratt Ryston Runners 10k
Charlotte Price Ryston Runners 10k
Darren Price Ryston Runners 10k
Courtney-Rose Price Ryston Runners 10k
Riley Price Ryston Runners 10k
Andrea Pridmore 10k
Andy Pridmore 10k
Dawn Prime 10k
Antony Quant 10k
Jemima Rae 10k
Stephen Ramm Tri-Anglia Triathlon Club 10k
Wayne Ramsbottom Dereham Runners AC 10k
James Rayner 10k
Jo Rayner Wymondham AC 10k
Emily Rayner 10k
Andy Redford Dragons Running Club (Sale) 10k
Bruce Reeve Renagade Runners 10k
Matt Reeves 10k
Jim Reeves March AC 10k
Marcus Retchless 10k
Linda Retchless 10k
Peter Rice Norfolk Gazelles AC 10k
Paul Richardson Renagade Runners 10k
Helen Richardson-Hulme Norfolk Gazelles AC 10k
Iain Rickerby 10k
Richard Roberts 10k
Lesley Robins Ryston Runners 10k
Dawn Robinson Ryston Runners 10k
Joanne Rodulfo 10k
Mark Rose Ipswich JAFFA RC 10k
Andy Rowles Dereham Runners AC 10k
Matt Rump 10k
Frances Salter Three Counties Running Club 10k
Arthur Sargeant Three Counties Running Club 10k
Adele Satur 10k
Bobbie Sauerzapf Bungay Black Dog RC 10k
Helen Scothern 10k
Martin Scothern 10k
James Scott Thetford AC 10k
Jo Sedgley King's Lynn Renegades 10k
Wim Seffelaar 10k
Agne Sellers Snowflakes 10k
Gareth Seville Wymondham AC 10k
Nicholas Sheehan Three Counties Running Club 10k
Claire Shields 10k
Joanna Shinn 10k
Claire Sibley Thorney RC 10k
Ramune Simanaviciene Renegade Runners 10k
Rob Simmonds Ryston Runners AC 10k
Robert Skillings Ryston Runners 10k
Mark Skipper 10k
Leigh Slack 10k
Oliver Slater 10k
Michael Small 10k
Daryl Smith 10k
Naomi Smith Three Counties Running Club 10k
Daniel Smith Ryston Runners 10k
Anna Smith Ryston Runners 10k
Mark Smith Watton Snowflakes 10k
Claire Smithee Three Counties Running Club 10k
Gillian Snook Wymondham AC 10k
Charlotte Soni- Barrett 10k
Amy Southam Ryston Runners 10k
Maria Southwood 10k
Graham Spark RAF Marham 10k
Pauline Sparrow Ryston Runners 10k
Paul Spooner 10k
Richard Squire 10k
Naomi Stanford Serpentine RC 10k
Robbie Starling Wymondham AC 10k
Andrew Steed Norwich Road Runners 10k
Jane Steed Breakfast Club 10k
Max Stevens Trianglia 10k
Martin Stevens Werrington Joggers 10k
Eleanor Stevens City of Norwich AC 10k
Rob Stratton Wymondham AC 10k
Jean Streeter Renagade Runners 10k
Gordana Sucur-Hills Runners-Next-the-Sea 10k
Clare Suter Wymondham AC 10k
Trevor Sutherill Fenland Running Club 10k
Catherine Swann Fenland Running Club 10k
Stephanie Tann 10k
Joanna Taylor Ryston Runners 10k
Simon Taylor 10k
Becky Taylor Ryston Runners 10k
Ian Taylor Renagade Runners 10k
Julia Tebbs Hunts AC 10k
Phil Terry 10k
Dean Terry Sutton Striders 10k
Karen Terry 10k
Kasia Thomas 10k
Richard Thompson 10k
Phil Thompson Ryston Runners 10k
Liz Thomson Lynnsport Ladybirds 10k
Royston Thorne 10k
Lauren Thorne 10k
Jemma Thorne 10k
Laura Tighe 10k
Colin Travi Ryston Runners 10k
James Trim Ryston Runners 10k
Rickie Trundle Three Counties Running Club 10k
Richard Tucker Snowflakes 10k
Fiona Tucker Snowflakes 10k
Andrew Tuckett Runners-Next-the-Sea 10k
Malcolm Tuff Ryston Runners 10k
Robin Turner 10k
Richard Upchurch Thorney RC 10k
Vilma Vensloviene Lonely Goat RC 10k
Ben Wade 10k
Lawrence Wade City of Norwich AC 10k
Teresa Walker 10k
James Waller 10k
Neil Walpole City of Norwich AC 10k
Keith Walpole Lonely Goat RC 10k
Adam Walshaw 10k
Andy Walter Norfolk Gazelles AC 10k
Jessica Ward 10k
Jamie Waters City of Norwich AC 10k
Christopher Watson 10k
Amanda Wearing 10k
Barry Wells Norwich Road Runners 10k
Ian Wells 10k
Mitchell Wesley 10k
Claire Whalley 10k
Billy Wheeler Wymondham AC 10k
Steve Whitelam Three Counties Running Club 10k
Sarah Whiting Tri-Anglia Triathlon Club 10k
Ian Wiggins Renegade Runners 10k
Bethan Williams 10k
Julie Williamson Ryston Runners 10k
Caroline Williamson 10k
Mark Willis 10k
Steven Wilson Thorney RC 10k
Andrew Wilson 10k
Lisa Wilson 10k
Darius Wiltcher 10k
Sonia Witham March AC 10k
Rebecca Witton Bushfield Joggers 10k
Kate Woodcock 10k
Mark Woods Ipswich Phoenix Running Club 10k
Paul Woodyatt Bure Valley Harriers 10k
Anna Wright Norfolk Gazelles AC 10k
James Wright Norfolk Gazelles AC 10k
Ed Wright 10k
Abigail Wright 10k
Simon Wright Norfolk Gazelles AC 10k
Angela Yare 10k
John Yare 10k
Eva Zakalicka Up and Out Ladies Running Club 10k
Waiting List First Name Surname Club
1 Clare Kitchener Lynnsport Ladybirds
2 Kerry Taylor
3 Peter Pavitt King's Lynn Triathlon Club
4 James Hornigold Ryston Runners
5 Gilly Anderson Fenland Running Club
6 Joanna Banaszek
7 Charlie Wilson
8 Joanne Rosenwold Haverhill Running Club
9 Lyndsey Girling Diss and District AC
10 Mark Nichols
11 Emma Carrington Norwich Road Runners
12 Brad Armstrong
13 Emma Potter-Campbell Dereham Runners AC
14 Sonia Bradshaw
15 Santana Huckle
16 Laura Brown Ryston Runners
17 Laila-May Brown Ryston Runners
18 Danny Barker
19 Ellie Grieve
20 Seb Belton Thetford AC
21 Hannah Pollard Newmarket Joggers
22 Neil Pollard Newmarket Joggers
23 Natasha Ferenczy
24 Stephen DeAth Renegade Runners
25 Richard Redhead
26 Martyn Benstead
27 Andrew Jakeman March AC
28 Sean Robson North Norfolk Beach Runners
29 Jordan Beldom Thorney RC
30 Kevin Frazer Wymondham AC
31 Wendy Smith Norwich Road Runners
32 Matt Russell
33 Aimee Read
34 Rebecca Yare
35 Jon Shorten Wymondham AC
36 Ella Redhead
37 Simon Sparkes Bungay Black Dog RC
38 Sarah Sparkes Bungay Black Dog RC
39 Ade Mills Fenland Running Club
40 Martin Jackson Three Counties Running Club
41 Laurie Whitehair
42 Clive Steward Longdale Striders
43 Andy Palmer Randle
44 Joanne Hocking
45 Leonora Munson Renagade Runners
46 George Munson Renagade Runners
47 Sam Laws King's Lynn Renegades
48 Diane Tyler Three Counties Running Club
49 Gavin Reynolds Ryston Runners
50 Sam Barry Wymondham AC
51 John Sayer King's Lynn Triathlon Club
52 Andy Doyle Renagade Runners
53 Michaela Willsher
54 Darren Tame Worlingham Roadrunnerz
55 Allan Nelson
56 Suzanne Nelson
57 Hollie Nelson
58 Daniel Gowler
59 Robyn Macrae
60 Oliver Thomson
61 Kate Holt
62 Paul Freear Ryston Runners
63 Chris Gay Wymondham AC
64 Olivia Manners
65 Fliss Davidson
66 Jake Pye
67 Robin Belsom Ipswich Jaffa RC
68 Jacob Loweth
69 Jade Petherick Ryston Runners
70 Sarah Wright
71 Chris Haystead
72 Sarah Crockett
73 Sasha Perfect RAF Marham
74 Dan Gent
75 Fred Wigglesworth
76 Lockey Wigglesworth
77 Bob Pearson Norfolk Gazelles AC
78 Megan Brand
79 Dani Sparkes
80 Alistair Shearer Wymondham AC
81 Emma Hotchin Ryston Runners
82 Emma Peak
83 Aimee Shaw Ryston Runners