Run Snetterton 5k and 10k

Date: 31/07/2024

Location: Snetterton Race Track

Website: link

Good Running Events looks forward to welcoming runners of all abilities and ages to Snetterton Race Track, to run a midweek 5K or 10K.

Loop around the iconic Snetterton Race Track in this quick, flat 5k & 10k. Perfect for runners of all abilities, the course takes place on the tarmac traffic free roads of the race circuit and is ideal for a quick time. Come for a great atmosphere and this PB opportunity on a flat tarmac based course.

Taking place early evening on Wednesday 31st July and organised by Good Running Events, Run Snetterton will host runners for a 5K and 10K on the iconic racetrack in South Norfolk.

Don't miss it!

Registration Open: 5.30pm

Event Start: 10K 6.50pm, 5K 7.00pm

**Good Running Events are in no way linked or affiliated to the previous organisers of running events at Snetterton Race Track**

Age limits -
Entrants for this event must be aged 11 years or older for the 5k and 15 years or older for the 10k, on race day.

The 10K runners will be started first, with 5K runners starting ten minutes afterwards.

A bespoke medal, and finish goodies will be available to all runners. This event is chip timed, so please ensure your bib number is on display at all times.

Trophies are awarded to the top 3 male and female runners in both distances.

The main race will start and finish on the racetrack itself – and take in the 300 circuit for the race route (more details can be found on the event website).

The Event Village will be open from 5.30PM. Further details regarding race packs will be made available nearer the event, and you will need to line up in the queue designated by your surname. Runners MUST write their name, any medical condition, emergency contact name and contact number on reverse of their race number where requested.

The course is based exclusively on the flat tarmac of the race circuit. Please follow all signage and Marshal’s directions at all times and keep to the left unless instructed otherwise by marshals or signage.

There is a time limit of 1 hour if you are running the 5K, and 1 hour 30 minutes for the 10K.

Medical teams will be present onsite - if you feel pain, experience dizziness or any other symptoms immediately stop running and seek help from a marshal, who can radio through for medical assistance.

There will be at least 1 water stations out on the course for the 10K (unfortunately not for the 5K). Please bring refillable bottles where possible, and we can refill these at the designated water station on route.

In ear Headphones are banned from the race. Bone conducting headphones though are permitted as per England Athletics rules – so long as you can still hear marshal instructions clearly.

Appropriate footwear should be worn. The routes is based 100% on the Race track – a road surface.

Unfortunately, refunds are not available, but if you are unable to run on the day, transfers are available on the website until 23:59 on 17th July 2024. After this date, PLEASE DO NOT pass your race number to someone else. If this is identified, both the runner and ‘new runner’ will be disqualified, banned from future races and referred to the permit regulators.

Ample free parking is available at Snetterton Race Track, based close to the registration area & start/finish lines.

The organisers accept no responsibility for runners vehicles, contents, or baggage. Further details about any baggage and key drop facilities will be confirmed within the pre race instructions email – sent one week before the event.

Photos and video will be taken on the day, and details shared with runners in the post race email and on social media.

Entries are non-refundable and the transfer window is now closed.

Your current entrants

Race Options

Name/Distance Start time Entrants
10k 18:50 pm
Affiliated inc. admin fee £21.90
Unaffiliated inc. admin fee £23.90
5k 19:00 pm

Entrance limit reached for this race!

Affiliated inc. admin fee £17.90
Unaffiliated inc. admin fee £19.90
Name Club Race/Wave
Joy Adams 10k
Kat Alabaster 10k
Mike Alcock 10k
Tim Alderman 10k
Adam Aldridge 10k
Richard Alecock 10k
Harvey Alecock 10k
Usmaan Ali Bahadur 10k
George Allen Saint Edmund Pacers 10k
Mark Allen 10k
Ian Allen 10k
Jon Andrews Waveney Valley AC 10k
Charlotte Arnold 10k
Simon Ashton Lonely Goat RC 10k
Carl Atkins 10k
Kate Atkins Norfolk Gazelles AC 10k
Sarah Avard 10k
Pierce Badger 10k
Ashley Bailey 10k
Richard Baines 10k
Sam Baines 10k
Donna Baker 10k
Lauren Baker 10k
Stephen Baker 10k
Todd Baker Wymondham AC 10k
Billy Bales 10k
Joe Balfour 10k
Christine Barker Lonely Goat RC 10k
Peter Barrett Attleborough Athletics Academy 10k
Jack Barry 10k
Lee Bartlett 10k
Martyn Bath Norwich Road Runners 10k
Sally Beadle 10k
Rhiannon Beal Haverhill Running Club 10k
Thomas Beales Harlow Running & Tri Club 10k
James Bearham Braintree & District AC 10k
Dan Bell 10k
Robin Belsom Ipswich Jaffa RC 10k
Alex Berwick 10k
Nathan Betts 10k
Hannah Bewick 10k
Marc Bicker 10k
Shane Bidle Coltishall Jaguars RC 10k
Maud Bissey 10k
Becky Blake 10k
Keith Blake Wymondham AC 10k
Steve Blomfield 10k
Daniel Bodimeade 10k
Laurence Bolton 10k
Charlie Bond 10k
Alfie Boulton 10k
Peter Bowers 10k
Jamie Bowler 10k
Dane Boyle-smith 10k
David Brailey 10k
Alan Brailsford Reepham Runners 10k
Julian Brainhead Bungay Black Dog RC 10k
Paul Brazier 10k
Cameron Brett 10k
Joshua Brett 10k
Mathew Brice 10k
Keith Brindle Wakefield District H & AC 10k
Christopher Brockbank 10k
Chloe Brooks 10k
Jp Broughton 10k
Richard Broughton Wymondham AC 10k
Percy Brown 10k
Caroline Brown 10k
Claire Brown Wymondham AC 10k
Ross Browne 10k
Jack Bruce 10k
Ryan Bruty 10k
Warren Bryant 10k
Jason Buckley 10k
Andrew Buckley 10k
Gary Buick 10k
Karl Bunko 10k
Andrew Bunn 10k
Conrad Burgess 10k
Simon Burke 10k
Seb Butcher 10k
Jack Bye 10k
Westley Byford Saint Edmund Pacers 10k
Mark Cage 10k
Nick Caley 10k
Katie Calver 10k
Richard Calver 10k
James Campbell 10k
Gary Carruthers Norfolk Gazelles AC 10k
Alex Carswell City of Norwich AC 10k
Jamie Carter 10k
Rochelle Catchpole 10k
Thomas Catchpole 10k
Briony Chandler 10k
Dan Chapman 10k
Tom Chappell 10k
Gary Cheesman 10k
Chris Chorley Bungay Black Dog RC 10k
Lee Clarke 10k
Chloe Clarke 10k
Wesley Clarke 10k
Kevin Clarke 10k
Kate Clarke 10k
Joel Clarke 10k
Matt Clarke 10k
Hannah Claughton 10k
Jacob Cleverley 10k
James Cleverley 10k
Christopher Coates City of Norwich AC 10k
Margaret Colby 10k
Georgina Cole 10k
Kevin Coleman Stowmarket Striders RC 10k
Lisa Colledge 10k
Daniel Cook 10k
Ian Cook 10k
Natalie Cooke 10k
Rob Cooper 10k
Paul Cossey City of Norwich AC 10k
Stuart Cox 10k
Chester Curtis 10k
Mark Daniels 10k
Reece Daniels 10k
Ellie Davies 10k
Belinda Davies Lonely Goat RC 10k
Louis Day 10k
Harvey Debenham 10k
Maxine Debenham 10k
Malcolm Denison 10k
Chris Dennehy 10k
Neil Dennis Stowmarket Striders RC 10k
Matthew Dick 10k
Christopher Doggett Norfolk Gazelles AC 10k
Richard Dolman 10k
Chris Dorling 10k
Imogen Douglas-de-Fenzi 10k
Callum Dove 10k
Kirsty Dow 10k
Ryan Downing 10k
Adrian Dunn 10k
Ross Durrant 10k
James Duvall 10k
Samantha Duvall 10k
Jonathan Eagle Wymondham AC 10k
Martin Edgar 10k
Adele Edwards Dereham Runners AC 10k
Richard Edwards 10k
Jamie Ellam 10k
Jimmy Ellwood 10k
Darren Elsdon 10k
Anthony Elsey 10k
Dave Evans Wymondham AC 10k
Gareth Everitt 10k
Fiona Farmer 10k
Louise Farr 10k
Sarah Farrow 10k
Janet Fiddy 10k
Wayne Fincham 10k
Josh Fischer 10k
Colin Fish 10k
Lisa Fiske 10k
Danny Fiske 10k
Julian Flatt Lonely Goat RC 10k
Mary-beth Fleming 10k
Keri Ford 10k
Daisy Ford 10k
Loulou Ford 10k
Lisa Ford 10k
Andy Foreman Coltishall Jaguars RC 10k
Steven Fowler 10k
Garrick Fox Bungay Black Dog RC 10k
Lauren Fox 10k
Amy Frary 10k
Kevin Frazer Wymondham AC 10k
Jonathan Friday Epsom & Ewell Harriers 10k
James Frost 10k
Daniel Frost 10k
Robert Gammon 10k
Bruce Gardiner 10k
James Gaston 10k
Raymond Gayne Wymondham AC 10k
Nathan Gee 10k
Roelien Gerber 10k
Leo Gerber 10k
Nick Gerig 10k
Sophie Getley Norfolk Harriers RC 10k
Will Ghrairi 10k
Matthew Gibbard 10k
Jon Gibbs 10k
Peter Gierth 10k
Jimmy Giggins 10k
Daniel Gillson 10k
Maria Gipson 10k
Elli Gipson 10k
James Girling 10k
Daisy Glover 10k
Chris Godfrey 10k
Erin Godfrey 10k
Lukasz Golder 10k
Oliver Goodacre Stratford Upon Avon AC 10k
Kane Goodchild 10k
Joel Goodchild 10k
Matt Goode Wymondham AC 10k
Vic Goodman Brandon Fern Hoppers 10k
Nicola Graham 10k
John Grayston 10k
Eleanor Green 10k
Antony Green Saint Edmund Pacers 10k
Neil Green 10k
Georgia Green 10k
Jeanette Green 10k
Chloe Green 10k
Megan Greenacre 10k
Katie Greengrass 10k
Jack Greening 10k
Louise Griffiths Great Yarmouth Road Runners 10k
Gary Groom 10k
Susan Guest Wymondham AC 10k
Ray Haagensen 10k
Alex Hall 10k
James Hall Three Counties Running Club 10k
Andy Halls 10k
Alex Hamblin 10k
Michael Hamilton 10k
Sarah Hanlon Diss and District AC 10k
Andrew Hannant 10k
Martin Hardy 10k
David Hardy Norfolk Harriers RC 10k
Jemma Hardy-goddard 10k
Samantha Harland 10k
Rob Harlow 10k
Ella Harris 10k
Rebecca Harris 10k
Simon Hartshorne Norfolk Gazelles AC 10k
Claire Harvey 10k
James Harvey 10k
Gethin Harvey 10k
Daniel Hawking Dereham Runners AC 10k
Chris Hayden 10k
Robert Hayes 10k
Jo Hayward Stowmarket Striders RC 10k
Jack Hazel 10k
Joshua Head 10k
Adan Hehir 10k
Iain Hewett 10k
Stephen Higgs 10k
Adam Higgs 10k
Olivia Hill 10k
Eliot Hill Brandon Fern Hoppers 10k
Mark Hilton 10k
Louise Hipkin 10k
Ross Hollingsworth 10k
Julie Hooton 10k
David Hooton 10k
Gemma Horrex 10k
Lorraine Horrex 10k
Andrew Horton 10k
Paul Hovell 10k
Poppy Howard 10k
Jim Howe 10k
Jonathan Howes 10k
Hollie Howes 10k
Rob Howes 10k
Nick Hubbard 10k
Jordan Humm 10k
Peter Humphrey 10k
Tom Hunt 10k
Jordan Hunt 10k
Shaun Hunton Norwich Road Runners 10k
Richard Hursthouse Stowmarket Striders RC 10k
Trevor Hutchinson 10k
Jevon Hynds 10k
James Ingham 10k
Liam Jacobs Great Yarmouth Road Runners 10k
Ricci-lee Jarvis 10k
Daniel Jeffrey 10k
Hannah John Wymondham AC 10k
Christopher Jones 10k
Clayton Jones 10k
Michael Judd 10k
Richard Kelsall 10k
Mark Kemp 10k
Harrison Kemp 10k
Jonny Kentfield 10k
Tim Key 10k
Callum Kimber 10k
Gavin King 10k
Lucy King 10k
Emily King 10k
Tony Kirbycook Ely Runners 10k
Tamas Kiss 10k
James Knibb 10k
Tom Knibb 10k
Katherine Koetsier 10k
Theodore Kokubun 10k
Peter Laddiman Norfolk Harriers RC 10k
Nathaniel Laker 10k
Georgia Lancaster 10k
Luke Last 10k
Ashley Lawrence 10k
Derek Lawrie 10k
Patrick Layton 10k
Adam Lees 10k
Robert Limb 10k
Ben Ling 10k
Chris Linstead 10k
Julie London 10k
David Loomes Saint Edmund Pacers 10k
Michael Lozano 10k
Michael Lu 10k
Pamela Luna 10k
James Luong 10k
Barry Lynn 10k
Sharen Madge 10k
Graham Madge 10k
Stuart Main 10k
Jake Mallia 10k
Scott Manning 10k
Stephen Mansfield 10k
Joseph Marriott 10k
Oliver Marriott Herne Hill Harriers 10k
Emma Marsh 10k
Ian Marshall 10k
Alexandra McCourt 10k
Eamonn McCusker Ryston Runners 10k
Alex Mcgregor 10k
Michael Mckinstry Saint Edmund Pacers 10k
Kayleigh Mcquitty 10k
Jed Mears 10k
Clare Merchant 10k
Joel Metcalf 10k
Charlotte Miller 10k
David Mills 10k
Charlie Minnette Haverhill Running Club 10k
Harry Minnette Haverhill Running Club 10k
James Minnette Haverhill Running Club 10k
Katrina Minns Wymondham AC 10k
Nikos Mix 10k
Francis Mok 10k
Joseph Moore Norfolk Gazelles AC 10k
Jamie Moore 10k
Stephen Moore 10k
Liz Morey 10k
Shane Morgan 10k
Reuben Mouncey 10k
Keith Moyse Great Yarmouth Road Runners 10k
Karl Munnings 10k
Heather Musk 10k
Lewis Nabarro 10k
Mary Narey Stowmarket Striders RC 10k
Kat Navarro 10k
Nelson Navarro 10k
Nicolas Navarro Allen 10k
Adrian Newby 10k
Terri Newman 10k
Bianca Nixon Norwich Road Runners 10k
Lee Oakley 10k
Helen Odams 10k
Karen Offord 10k
Sam Osborne 10k
Daniel O’brien 10k
Phillip Palmer 10k
Claire Palmer 10k
Arron Palmer 10k
Evie Palmer Norwich Road Runners 10k
Cameron Panting 10k
Louis Parfett 10k
James Parker-clayton 10k
Duncan Partridge 10k
Charlotte Patrick 10k
Jack Payne 10k
Mark Peacher 10k
Megan Peachey 10k
Daren Peacock Brandon Fern Hoppers 10k
Danny Pearce 10k
Philip Pearson Great Yarmouth Road Runners 10k
Jennifer Peart 10k
Bradley Peart 10k
Sam Percy 10k
Lucy Perry 10k
George Perry 10k
Maryanne Peters Harling Athletic Club 10k
Stephen Pettit Fetch Everyone 10k
Helen Pidgeon Wymondham AC 10k
Norman Pit 10k
Callum Plaistow 10k
John Pollock 10k
Owen Potts 10k
David Powles Wymondham AC 10k
Giverney Powles 10k
Joe Prendergast 10k
Stephen Pretty 10k
Andy Pridmore 10k
Dawn Prime 10k
Beth Prior 10k
Chloe Quantrill 10k
Paul Quantrill 10k
Michael Radbourne 10k
Joshua Ramos 10k
Joe Randlesome 10k
Toby Rayment Waveney Valley AC 10k
Mark Read 10k
Andy Read Wymondham AC 10k
Paul Reed 10k
James Reeve 10k
Laura Reeves 10k
Carolyn Reid Runna 10k
Mark Reynolds Attleborough Athletics Academy 10k
Corben Reynolds Great Yarmouth Road Runners 10k
Katie Rich 10k
Jesse Richards 10k
Harriet Richards 10k
Emma Richardson 10k
Shannon Richardson 10k
Sarah Richardson 10k
Fiona Richardson 10k
Niall Riches 10k
Dave Robbie Saxmundham Sports Running & Fitness Club 10k
Victoria Roberts 10k
Liam Roberts 10k
Jack Roberts 10k
Sandra Roberts Coltishall Jaguars RC 10k
Jennie Roberts 10k
Harry Robinson Thetford AC 10k
James Robinson 10k
Amy Robinson 10k
Poppy-mae Robinson 10k
Sarah Rodway 10k
Graham Rose 10k
Ben Royal 10k
Soren Royds 10k
Kieran Rudrum 10k
Tanita Russell 10k
Ami Russell Wymondham AC 10k
Mark Russell 10k
Sue Rutland 10k
Charlie Sadd 10k
Dave Salisbury 10k
Bobbie Sauerzapf Bungay Black Dog RC 10k
Ieva Sceponyte 10k
Martin Scothern Dereham Runners AC 10k
Helen Scothern Dereham Runners AC 10k
Benjamin Shearing 10k
Paul Shelley 10k
Dylan Shepherd 10k
Emma Shore 10k
Adam Short 10k
Sarah Short Eye Community Runners 10k
Andy Short Eye Community Runners 10k
Jayson Shuter Haverhill Running Club 10k
Max Silvain 10k
Rob Simmonds Ryston Runners 10k
Kevin Simpson Wymondham AC 10k
Helen Simpson 10k
Molly Simpson 10k
Scott Sizer 10k
Craig Skipper Wymondham AC 10k
George Smith 10k
Sam Smith 10k
Marianne Smith 10k
Charlotte Smith Lowestoft Road Runners 10k
Jack Smith 10k
Ben Smith 10k
George Smith Ely Runners 10k
Ben Smith 10k
Daryl Smith 10k
Mark Snowdon 10k
Tracy Sparrow 10k
Robert Sparrow 10k
James Spillett 10k
Nigel Stallard-Mulford Coltishall Jaguars RC 10k
Ian Stammars Norwich Road Runners 10k
Nathan Steggles 10k
Darren Stephenson 10k
Jonathan Stevens 10k
David Stocks 10k
Matthew Stocks 10k
Barry Stocks 10k
Ben Stockwell 10k
Matt Stokes 10k
Mark Stone 10k
Christopher Stones 10k
Shane Stratford 10k
Rowan Stringer 10k
Matthew Stubington 10k
Peter Sturgeon 10k
Oliver Su 10k
Tom Suckling 10k
Paige Summers 10k
Stuart Sumner 10k
Felix Sumner 10k
David Tayler 10k
Richard Taylor 10k
Richard Taylor 10k
Martin Taylor 10k
Stuart Thompson 10k
Katie Thompson Norfolk Gazelles AC 10k
Callum Thompson-Browne 10k
Dean Thraves 10k
Joe Thurlbeck City of Norwich AC 10k
Dan Tickner Norwich Road Runners 10k
Marcus Todd 10k
Michelle Todd 10k
Tom Townsend Norfolk Gazelles AC 10k
Ryan Towsey West Norfolk AC 10k
Stacey Toynton 10k
Trevor Tribe 10k
Abigail Trinder Norfolk Gazelles AC 10k
Paul Tripp 10k
Kathryn Trumpess 10k
Myles Tuddenham 10k
Thomas Turner 10k
Gary Turner 10k
Amelia Turner 10k
Robin Turner 10k
Hayley Turner 10k
Fraser Tuttle 10k
Will Tuttle Lonely Goat RC 10k
Jason Tuttle 10k
Caitlin Tuttle 10k
Sean Tyler 10k
Vilma Vensloviene Lonely Goat RC 10k
Kirk Vincent 10k
Marta Virk 10k
Karl Walker Attleborough Athletics Academy 10k
Teresa Walker 10k
Ben Walker 10k
Nicky Waller 10k
Paul Walpole Dereham Runners AC 10k
Alex Walpole Runners-Next-the-Sea 10k
Graham Walsh Wymondham AC 10k
Anita Ward 10k
Andrew Ward 10k
Alex Ware 10k
Matthew Ware 10k
Peter Warland Stowmarket Striders RC 10k
Theresa Warren Lonely Goat RC 10k
Katrina Wasteney 10k
Olivia Waters 10k
Ryan Watson 10k
Chris Watson 10k
Nicky Watson 10k
Jason Webb 10k
Sydney Webb 10k
Lewis Wells 10k
Libby West 10k
Edward Whall 10k
Ethan White 10k
Ellena White Reepham Runners 10k
Laura Whitmore 10k
Jonathan Whytock 10k
Paul Wickens 10k
Tom Wild 10k
Olly Wilkins 10k
Clint Williams 10k
Jemma Williams 10k
Simon Willis 10k
Mark Willis 10k
Derek Wilson 10k
Anne-marie Wilson 10k
Kenny Wilson 10k
Lisa Wilson 10k
Marty Wilson 10k
Rob Wilton 10k
Matt Windle 10k
Simon Wingfield 10k
Mark Winteringham 10k
Ellie Witt 10k
Tom Wood 10k
Sam Woods 10k
Anny Wooldridge 10k
Peter Woolley 10k
Sarah Wright 10k
James Wright Norfolk Gazelles AC 10k
Amy Wright Norfolk Gazelles AC 10k
Miles Yaxley 10k
David Young 10k
Jamie Youngs 10k
Paul Aislabie 5k
Jack Aislabie 5k
Nadeem Akbar 5k
Barry Allen Lonely Goat RC 5k
Charlotte Anderson 5k
Amanda Anderson 5k
Jamie Ashford 5k
Jade Baber 5k
Ricky Bailey West Norfolk AC 5k
Olivia Baker Cambridge & Coleridge AC 5k
David Ballance 5k
Matthew Balls 5k
Richard Balls 5k
Emma Bareham 5k
Shannon Beales Harlow Running & Tri Club 5k
Irene Beck New Levels Run Club 5k
Simon Bell 5k
Anne Benion 5k
Alistair Berchier 5k
Adam Bezance 5k
Cameron Black Bungay Black Dog RC 5k
Lindsay Black Harleston Running Club 5k
Stephanie Blenkin 5k
Andrew Blenkin 5k
Melanie Borley 5k
Tony Bowling 5k
Neil Boyce Norwich Road Runners 5k
Oliver Boyce Norwich Road Runners 5k
Rachel Boyce 5k
Grant Bradfield 5k
Liam Bradley 5k
Andrew Brasier Runners-Next-the-Sea 5k
James Briggs 5k
Edward Broad 5k
Jeremy Broad 5k
William Bromfield 5k
Wayne Brown 5k
Kerry Brown 5k
Colin Browning Norfolk Gazelles AC 5k
Franziska Brugger 5k
Elizabeth Budd 5k
Dominic Bull 5k
Russ Bulmer 5k
Harley Bulmer 5k
Oscar Bunko 5k
Lauryn Canham 5k
Harry Canham 5k
Kevin Carpenter Hadleigh Hares AC 5k
Chris Cheang 5k
Tim Cheesman 5k
Matthew Chown 5k
Sarah Chown 5k
Emily Clark 5k
Rhian Coates 5k
Erika Cole 5k
Ashton Collins Norwich Road Runners 5k
Lisa Cook 5k
Katie Copestake 5k
Emma Cornish Norfolk Gazelles AC 5k
Daniel Cowley 5k
Molly Crane 5k
Lewis Cromack 5k
James Crook 5k
Troy Croxford 5k
Sylvie Cullinane 5k
Charlie Cullum 5k
Nichola Curd 5k
Stuart Curror 5k
Dean Cutting 5k
Heather Dagraca Norfolk Gazelles AC 5k
Jim Dart Norfolk Gazelles AC 5k
Laura Davies 5k
Janine Daynes Wikiwiki Tri Team 5k
Charlotte De-moore 5k
Alex De-moore 5k
Amber Dickson 5k
Harry Doran Great Yarmouth & District AC 5k
Daisy Driscoll 5k
James Ducker Lonely Goat RC 5k
Karl Dunn 5k
Alice Dunnett 5k
Paul Eastwood 5k
Jack Edwards 5k
Sharon Elsdon 5k
Thomas Elsdon West Norfolk AC 5k
Tagen Etheridge Great Yarmouth Road Runners 5k
Keighley Evans 5k
Edward Evans 5k
Coralie Evans Lonely Goat RC 5k
Frankie Evans 5k
Harley Evans 5k
Karl Feagan 5k
Chris Fenton 5k
Alex Ferris 5k
Clark Field 5k
Billy Finch City of Norwich AC 5k
Karl Fitt 5k
Emma Forrest Saint Edmund Pacers 5k
Lewis Fowler 5k
Tony Friend Lonely Goat RC 5k
Roz Furr 5k
Finnley Game 5k
Dudley Garner City of Norwich AC 5k
Elaine George Running Bear 5k
Federico Gerig 5k
David Gibbs-Kneller Norfolk Gazelles AC 5k
Theo Gilbert Ely Runners 5k
Justin Goddard 5k
Harry Gooding 5k
David Goodwin Norfolk Gazelles AC 5k
Kieron Goreham Norwich Road Runners 5k
Fraser Graham 5k
Charlotte Green 5k
Jasmine Greenhow 5k
Jenni Gregory 5k
Andrew Hall 5k
Neil Hannant 5k
Abi Hannant 5k
Jonnie Harris 5k
Wai Man Ho 5k
Fiona Holland London Heathside 5k
Rachel Horsley 5k
Teresa Hovell 5k
Chris Howard 5k
Michelle Howard 5k
Molly Howlett 5k
Kevin Jamieson 5k
Kate Jarrett 5k
Emma Jarrett 5k
Charlotte Jarrett 5k
Colin Jenkins East End Road Runners 5k
Val Jennings Ipswich Jaffa RC 5k
Joe Jermy 5k
Kathryn Jervis 5k
Suzannah Jex 5k
Victoria Johnson 5k
Robin Jones Waveney Valley AC 5k
Mary Jones Waveney Valley AC 5k
Paul Jones Norfolk Gazelles AC 5k
Gary Jones 5k
Eleanor Judd 5k
Caroline Judd 5k
Victoria Kane 5k
Nicola King 5k
Katie King Saint Edmund Pacers 5k
Kieron Knights 5k
Ross Kozyrko Lowestoft Road Runners 5k
Sarah Lake Dereham Runners AC 5k
Amy Lane 5k
Louise Latham 5k
Stephanie Laurence Bure Valley Harriers 5k
Lily Lawson 5k
Tessa Lawson 5k
Susan Lockhart Ipswich Jaffa RC 5k
Jenna Lord 5k
Jack Lovick 5k
Veronica Manly Harleston Running Club 5k
Cliff Manning 5k
Zoe Matthews 5k
Ashley Mayes 5k
Thomas Mayes 5k
Chris Measures Thetford AC 5k
Vernon Mills 5k
Wai Ying Mok 5k
Daniel Moll-morgan 5k
John Moore Norfolk Gazelles AC 5k
Caroline Moore 5k
Cameron Moore 5k
Chris Moore Norfolk Gazelles AC 5k
Sophia Mullins 5k
Helen Mullins Norfolk Gazelles AC 5k
Matthew Mullins 5k
Dylan Mullins 5k
Mary-rose Muscroft 5k
Philip Neave Bungay Black Dog RC 5k
Sally Neave 5k
David Neeve Harleston Running Club 5k
Claire Neil 5k
Steven Newson Norfolk Gazelles AC 5k
Liam Newson 5k
Gemma Newson 5k
Emma Nicholson 5k
Aga Niedzwiecka 5k
Michelle O'donnell 5k
Imogen OConnor 5k
Chloe Oakley 5k
Lola Oakley 5k
Eva Osborne Wymondham AC 5k
Robert Owen 5k
William Page Colchester & Tendring AC 5k
Kirsty Parker 5k
Lenny Parrot 5k
Shaun Parsley 5k
Alan Parsons 5k
Kate Patel 5k
Megan Peachey 5k
Mandy Perrin 5k
Melanie Pickett 5k
Krzysztof Pietrzyk 5k
Dan Ponder 5k
Sally Porter Bure Valley Harriers 5k
Ben Porter 5k
Tracey Pratt 5k
Andrea Pridmore 5k
Robert Quinlan 5k
Jason Ray 5k
Joshua Riding 5k
Jonathan Ringwood 5k
Samantha Roberts 5k
Roy Roberts 5k
Brett Robertshaw 5k
Becky Robertson Tri-Anglia Triathlon Club 5k
Joanna Rogers 5k
Maximilian Rogers 5k
Jack Russell 5k
Matt Russell 5k
Adam Russell 5k
Vee Scott 5k
Michaela Sears 5k
Saphire Shaw 5k
Martin Shelley Fordy Runs Running Club 5k
Charlie Shelton 5k
Catherine Rose Short 5k
Patrick Simon 5k
Julie Smith 5k
Kelly Smith 5k
Josh Smith Waveney Valley AC 5k
Lisa Smith 5k
Lorna Smith Dereham Runners AC 5k
Nathanael Sparrow 5k
Mary Sparrow 5k
Simon Sparrow 5k
Paul Spearman 5k
Adele Stach-Kevitz East End Road Runners 5k
Shirley Standley 5k
Louise Stevens Wymondham AC 5k
Rachel Stockwell 5k
Gary Stone 5k
Linda Storey Norwich Road Runners 5k
Mark Storey City of Norwich AC 5k
Ciaran Strike 5k
Bethany Studd Bungay Black Dog RC 5k
Kirsty Sturman Lonely Goat RC 5k
Lorna Sullivan 5k
Gemma Sullivan 5k
Victoria Tapp Hadleigh Hares AC 5k
Samantha Tapp Hadleigh Hares AC 5k
Ben Tattoo 5k
Gillian Taylor 5k
Andrew Taylor Newmarket Joggers 5k
Edward Theaker 5k
Benjamin Thompson Great Yarmouth & District AC 5k
Mark Thompson Great Yarmouth & District AC 5k
Lucy Thompson Great Yarmouth & District AC 5k
Jack Thorpe 5k
Dawn Thurlow 5k
Jacob Trangmar Saint Edmund Pacers 5k
Erin Trumpess 5k
Toby Veart 5k
Emily Webb 5k
Mark Webster 5k
Kirsty Wheeler Lowestoft Road Runners 5k
Kevin Whipps 5k
Ellie Whiting 5k
Jamie Wilks 5k
Amelia Willingham 5k
Nigel Willingham 5k
Lorna Willingham 5k
Michael Winter 5k
Emma Wooldridge 5k
Simon Wooldridge 5k
Jack Wright Bungay Black Dog RC 5k
Tamsin Young 5k
Maciej Zielinski Waveney Valley AC 5k
Matthew Zurowski 5k