Sportlink GP

NNBR Holt 10km

Date: 26/05/2024

Location: Gresham's School, Holt. NR25 6EA

Website: link

The 7th race in the SPORTLINK GRAND PRIX SERIES 2024

Sportlink Grand Prix
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Sportlink Running & Fitness….so very proud to sponsor the Grand Prix series whilst supporting Norfolk athletics and road running.
Run by Runners for Runners.

North Norfolk Beach Runners look forward to welcoming you to this popular event. Suitable for all abilities, this is a mostly flat course in beautiful North Norfolk scenery, with a mixture of road and trail, starting and finishing in the stunning grounds of the prestigious Gresham School, an ideal venue for the NNBR annual 10k race.

We are following the established route, starting and finishing within the school complex. There will be the usual ample parking, porta loos and a charity cake stall available. Sadly we will NOT be able to offer any changing facilities or supervised bag drop area.

  • The race briefing will be emailed to entrants before the race, and a verbal briefing held outside, near the start line 10 minutes before the gun time.
  • Free Parking is available, SatNav NR25 6EA, What3words ///spud.alley.skinning - follow signs on the day.
  • Entry £19 Affiliated, £21 Unaffiliated.
  • Minimum Age is 16 on the day of the race
  • The race is held under ARC Rules of Competition
  • A medal and water for all Finishers
  • Age Group Prize Categories
  • Collect race numbers on the day at registration, open at 8.45am – arrive in good time to park, collect your race number and get settled. Runners to write their name, any medical condition, emergency contact name and contact number on reverse of their race number.
  • Numbers must be visible whilst racing – please provide your own safety pins to secure the race number to your clothing
  • For your convenience, chips will be incorporated into the bibs.
  • The race is chip timed, and the start will be sectioned by estimated finishing time.
  • The course will be marshalled and clearly signposted.
  • The race starts in the Gresham School grounds at 10:00am.
  • Do not run with pets, wheelchairs or prams 
  • Well behaved dogs on leads are permitted within the school grounds. Please clear up any dog mess.

The course is run mainly on open roads. Although the race route follows quiet roads, they are NOT CLOSED from traffic and are narrow! Please follow Marshal’s directions at all times and keep to the left!

First Aid/Medical cover will be present at the start/finish of the race. If you feel pain, experience dizziness or any other symptoms immediately stop running and seek help from a marshal.

  • Water will be provided free of charge at the half way mark, please do not litter the course.
  • Headphones are banned from the race. Anyone seen wearing them will be disqualified and removed from the results.
  • Appropriate footwear should be worn.
  • Entries are non-refundable and unfortunately cannot be deferred but transfers to another runner are available until midnight on 20/05/2024. Login to transfer your entry.
  • After this date, PLEASE DO NOT pass your race number to someone else. If this is identified, both the runner and ‘new runner’ will be disqualified, banned from future races and referred to the permit regulators.
  • It would be helpful if you share lifts!
  • The organisers accept no responsibility for runners vehicles, contents, or baggage.

For more information email:

Prize giving will be held outside on completion of the race. Runners are responsible for collecting their prizes or delegating a deputy. Enjoy the refreshments whilst you wait.

NNBR Holt 10k 2024 Prize Categories:

1st, 2nd, 3rd: (male & female) for age categories: 
16-19 (Junior)
oldest male
oldest female

1st Male Team (of 3, on lowest finishing places)
1st Female Team (of 3, on lowest finishing places)

Entries are non-refundable and the transfer window is now closed.

Your current entrants

Race Options

Name/Distance Start time Entrants
10k 10:00 am
Affiliated £19.00
Unaffiliated £21.00
Name Club Race/Wave
Thomas Abbs Bure Valley Harriers 10k
Neil Adams North Norfolk Beach Runners 10k
Tara Adams Great Yarmouth Road Runners 10k
Lisa Alborough 10k
Pete Alder Runners-Next-the-Sea 10k
Richard Allsworth 10k
Paul Almond 10k
Jade Anderson Great Yarmouth Road Runners 10k
Carolyn Anderson 10k
Greg Anderson 10k
Neil Anderton 10k
Henry Andrews Saint Edmund Pacers 10k
Vicki Armes Runners-Next-the-Sea 10k
Alex Armes Great Yarmouth Road Runners 10k
Marianne Armstrong Norfolk Gazelles AC 10k
Rhianne Ayers 10k
William Ayley-Dodd Runners-Next-the-Sea 10k
Rob Bailey Great Yarmouth Road Runners 10k
Jonathon Bainbridge 10k
Graham Bainger Norwich Road Runners 10k
Jordan Baker 10k
Duncan Baker 10k
Gerard Baker 10k
Karen Balcombe North Norfolk Beach Runners 10k
Alice Bamber 10k
Alan Barnes Great Yarmouth Road Runners 10k
Mary Barrett Dereham Runners AC 10k
Peter Barrett Attleborough Athletics Academy 10k
Chris Bartlett 10k
Les Bass Royston Runners 10k
Tim Bates 10k
Martyn Bath Norwich Road Runners 10k
Tony Beales Wymondham AC 10k
Phil Beecher 10k
Robin Belsom Ipswich Jaffa RC 10k
Catherine Belsom 10k
Yitzhak Ben-aroya Wymondham AC 10k
Ben Beynon Wymondham AC 10k
Samuel Binks 10k
John Bishop 10k
Keith Blake Wymondham AC 10k
Steve Blomfield 10k
Christine Blyth 10k
Stefan Boakes 10k
James Bool Great Yarmouth Road Runners 10k
Joanne Bouttell Newmarket Joggers 10k
Bradley Boyd 10k
Lori Brackley 10k
Sarah Bradley Norwich Road Runners 10k
Alan Bradley Norwich Road Runners 10k
Rosie Bradley 10k
Andrew Brasier Runners-Next-the-Sea 10k
Sophie Bray 10k
Mark Breeze 10k
Naomi Brennan 10k
Claire Brown Wymondham AC 10k
Finlay Brown 10k
Natalie Brown Waveney Valley AC 10k
Roy Brown Great Yarmouth Road Runners 10k
Titus Brunton Dereham Runners AC 10k
Terry Brunton Dereham Runners AC 10k
Dave Brunton 10k
Grace Buchanan City of Norwich AC 10k
Remi Bullent Great Yarmouth Road Runners 10k
Chris Bullock Wymondham AC 10k
Penny Bunn 10k
Ashlyn Byrne 10k
Lucy Callaby Dereham Runners AC 10k
Lucy Campbell Norfolk Harriers RC 10k
David Campbell 10k
Frankie Campling Norwich Road Runners 10k
Christopher Cann Ryston Runners 10k
Paula Carr Great Yarmouth Road Runners 10k
Gary Carruthers Norfolk Gazelles AC 10k
Kimberly Carter 10k
Hazel Cason Dereham Runners AC 10k
John Causer Norwich Road Runners 10k
Ruth Chadwick Ryston Runners 10k
Claire Chamberlain Ryston Runners 10k
Graham Chapman Ely Runners 10k
Andrew Charge Great Yarmouth Road Runners 10k
Jennifer Child Aylsham Runners 10k
Chris Chorley Bungay Black Dog RC 10k
Jonathan Clemas 10k
Mark Clues Tri-Anglia Triathlon Club 10k
Liz Clues Tri-Anglia Triathlon Club 10k
Jake Coe 10k
Alex Coghill 10k
Ben Coghill 10k
Hannah Cole 10k
Kraig Cole 10k
Clare Cole 10k
John Conquest 10k
Shaun Conway 10k
Alison Cooper Waveney Valley AC 10k
Jason Corner Tri-Anglia Triathlon Club 10k
David Coslett Runners-Next-the-Sea 10k
Sharn Crane Beccles Triathlon Club 10k
Molly Crane 10k
Robert Cranham Barlick Fell Runners 10k
Dan Croker 10k
Imogen Crookes 10k
David Crotch Norwich Road Runners 10k
Anthony Cude Runners-Next-the-Sea 10k
Oliver Dack Norwich Road Runners 10k
Stephen Dady Wymondham AC 10k
Clare Daly 10k
Cathal Daly City of Norwich AC 10k
Neal Daniels 10k
Fran Dasseville Newmarket Joggers 10k
Karen Davies 10k
Adam Daw 10k
Kevin Denmark Wymondham AC 10k
Neil Dennis Stowmarket Striders RC 10k
Ness Dent North Norfolk Beach Runners 10k
Ted Derisley 10k
Alan Diaper Great Yarmouth Road Runners 10k
Jonathan Dickens 10k
Patricia Dicks Fetch Everyone 10k
Charles Dicks Fetch Everyone 10k
Mark Doughty Ryston Runners 10k
Sam Doughty Ryston Runners 10k
Angela Drury Newmarket Joggers 10k
Jackie Eastaugh-king Norwich Road Runners 10k
Adele Edwards Dereham Runners AC 10k
Paul Elliott Reepham Runners 10k
Melanie Elliott Reepham Runners 10k
Rachael Elliott 10k
Steph Ellis Bure Valley Harriers 10k
Martin Elsegood Ryston Runners 10k
Anthony Elsey 10k
Gary Ely 10k
Bob Empson Fulham Running Club 10k
Fiona Entwistle 10k
Iain Entwistle 10k
Dave Evans Wymondham AC 10k
Denise Ewart Norwich Road Runners 10k
Sarah Ewart 10k
Mark Farmer-Wright 10k
Emma Faulkner 10k
Christina Feilden 10k
Ginny Fellows Coltishall Jaguars RC 10k
Lauren Feltham Fulham Running Club 10k
Leanne Finch Bure Valley Harriers 10k
Anton Fines 10k
Colin Fish 10k
Bethany Fisher 10k
Malcolm Fisher Dereham Runners AC 10k
Julian Flatt Lonely Goat RC 10k
Andy Foreman Coltishall Jaguars RC 10k
Lillie Franklin 10k
Jane Freeman Norfolk Gazelles AC 10k
Matthew Freezer Runners-Next-the-Sea 10k
Liam Frost 10k
Andy Fryatt Newmarket Joggers 10k
Robin Gainher 10k
Becky Garratt 10k
Mark Garrett Norwich Road Runners 10k
Alex Gaunt Norwich Road Runners 10k
Ruth Gaunt Norwich Road Runners 10k
George Gay City of Norwich AC 10k
Chris Gay Wymondham AC 10k
Ben Giacomelli 10k
Greg Gibson 10k
Lottie Gibson 10k
Ashley Gilbert Dereham Runners AC 10k
Hazel Gillett 10k
Jenine Gillett-Thomas Norwich Road Runners 10k
Aaron Glenister Lonely Goat RC 10k
Karen Glenister 10k
Mark Goddard 10k
Harriet Goff 10k
Tom Goff 10k
Viaceslav Goncarenko 10k
Laura Goodwin 10k
Samantha Grainger Wymondham AC 10k
Amanda Gray Wymondham AC 10k
Lisa Green Great Yarmouth Road Runners 10k
William Green 10k
Michael Green Great Yarmouth Road Runners 10k
Lisa Greengrass Wymondham AC 10k
John Greenhalgh West Norfolk AC 10k
Jack Greening 10k
Robert Greeves Reepham Runners 10k
Chris Groves Tri-Anglia Triathlon Club 10k
Lisa Hall 10k
Stuart Hall 10k
Helen Hall 10k
Richard Hancock 10k
Richard Hanson 10k
Sarah Hanson 10k
Christopher Harbord Great Yarmouth Road Runners 10k
Scott Harding-Lister 10k
Mike Hardy Lonely Goat RC 10k
Charlotte Harris Cook Bure Valley Harriers 10k
Chris Harrison Norwich Road Runners 10k
Alice Harvey 10k
Samuel Hayward Dereham Runners AC 10k
Iain Hewett 10k
Stephen Higgs 10k
Adam Higgs 10k
Christopher High 10k
Leslie Hill Norfolk Gazelles AC 10k
Louise Hipkin 10k
Michelle Hodds Great Yarmouth Road Runners 10k
Lilly Hodges 10k
Charlotte Lucy Hodgson Norwich Road Runners 10k
Shanon Hodgson Lonely Goat RC 10k
Olivia Hodgson Norwich Road Runners 10k
Kevin Holland Wymondham AC 10k
Christopher Hollinshead Cannock & Stafford AC 10k
Emma Hollinshead Cannock & Stafford AC 10k
Adrian Hollis Dereham Runners AC 10k
Helen Holmes Dereham Runners AC 10k
Jan Holmes Newmarket Joggers 10k
Evie Hood City of Norwich AC 10k
Nicholas Hood 10k
Andrew Hooks 10k
Matthew Hooton Long Eaton Running Club 10k
Clare Horner 10k
Alice Horney Norwich Road Runners 10k
Suzanne Horth Norfolk Harriers RC 10k
Heather Houghton 10k
Chris Howard 10k
Ceridwen Howell Ryston Runners 10k
Jonathan Howes 10k
Suzanne Howes 10k
James Howes City of Norwich AC 10k
Kevin Howlett Ryston Runners 10k
Lisa Howlett 10k
Lynne Howlett Ryston Runners 10k
Michael Howlett Ryston Runners 10k
Chris Howlett 10k
David Hudson Tri-Anglia Triathlon Club 10k
Ellie Hurn Norwich Road Runners 10k
Phil Hurr North Norfolk Beach Runners 10k
Louise Hurr Norfolk Gazelles AC 10k
Caren Ingold 10k
Rob Jackman Runners-Next-the-Sea 10k
Nita Jackman Runners-Next-the-Sea 10k
Martin Jackson 10k
Amy Janes 10k
James Jarmy City of Norwich AC 10k
Timothy Jarrett 10k
Owen Jary Ryston Runners 10k
Sarah Jay Aylsham Runners 10k
Adrian Jay Aylsham Runners 10k
Sean Jermy Great Yarmouth Road Runners 10k
Chris Jilbert 10k
Sandra Johnson 10k
Graham Johnson Coltishall Jaguars RC 10k
Mark Jolly 10k
Esme Jonas North Norfolk Harriers Athletics Club 10k
Billy Jonas 10k
Paul Jones Norfolk Gazelles AC 10k
Liz Jones Norwich Road Runners 10k
Christopher Jones 10k
Erin Kelf Great Yarmouth Road Runners 10k
Jacob Kenworthy Wymondham AC 10k
Beth King Bure Valley Harriers 10k
Craig Knights 10k
Jacob Knights 10k
Lucyna Kniola 10k
Ian Krout Great Yarmouth Road Runners 10k
Daniel Krout 10k
Trevor Kuhrt Norwich Road Runners 10k
Peter Laddiman Norfolk Harriers RC 10k
Diane Lain Reepham Runners 10k
Sarah Lake Dereham Runners AC 10k
Michelle Lamprecht 10k
Alice Lamprecht 10k
Richard Lascelles 10k
Susanna Lascelles 10k
Deborah Last Dereham Runners AC 10k
Jacob Last Dereham Runners AC 10k
Robert Last Dereham Runners AC 10k
Martin Law Reepham Runners 10k
Emily Laxton 10k
Claire Lee 10k
Elizabeth Letzer North Norfolk Beach Runners 10k
Frank Liebmann 10k
James Lillistone Aylsham Runners 10k
Morgan Lingley 10k
Tom Lloyd-Edwards 10k
Danielle Lloyd-Edwards 10k
Delilah Lloyd-Edwards 10k
Elana Lloyd-Edwards 10k
Talia Lloyd-Edwards 10k
Amy Long 10k
David Loxton 10k
Chris Lubbock Runners-Next-the-Sea 10k
Daniel Lubbock 10k
Perry Lushington 10k
Kieran Macsweeney 10k
Sharen Madge Attleborough Athletics Academy 10k
Graham Madge Attleborough Athletics Academy 10k
Jade Maguire 10k
James Mair 10k
Kevin Mann 10k
Patrick Manning Lonely Goat RC 10k
Mark Mantle Bungay Black Dog RC 10k
Irena Marcinek Ryston Runners 10k
Edward Margetson 10k
Silvia Marroqui 10k
Louise Marsden North Norfolk Beach Runners 10k
Emma Marsh 10k
Steve Marsh 10k
Linda Marshall Ryston Runners 10k
Stuart Matheson 10k
Stuart Matthews Saint Edmund Pacers 10k
Adam Matthews Ryston Runners 10k
Jason Mattless Dereham Runners AC 10k
Daisy Mattless Dereham Runners AC 10k
Jackie McCambridge North Norfolk Beach Runners 10k
Robert McKillop Lonely Goat RC 10k
Will McMorris 10k
Kevin Mellor Redway Runners 10k
Joseph Mercer 10k
September Millett-Bangs City of Norwich AC 10k
Katrina Minns Wymondham AC 10k
Menzile Mkiza 10k
Seb Moore Runners-Next-the-Sea 10k
Suzanne Moore Wymondham AC 10k
John Moore Norfolk Gazelles AC 10k
Ian Moore Wymondham AC 10k
Alan Moorehead Corby AC 10k
Richard Moss 10k
Keith Moyse Great Yarmouth Road Runners 10k
Jonathan Mulley 10k
Jovin Mulloor 10k
David Mummery 10k
Andrea Mummery 10k
Joshua Mummery 10k
James Nairne-Clark Dereham Runners AC 10k
Lynette Nash 10k
Harry Neale Norfolk Gazelles AC 10k
Leon Neeve City of Norwich AC 10k
Sarah Nelis Wymondham AC 10k
Carl Nelson 10k
Glen Nelson 10k
Warren Newell Lonely Goat RC 10k
Thomas Newman City of Norwich AC 10k
James Nice City of Norwich AC 10k
Sheila Nicholls 10k
Mark Nicholls 10k
Declan Nicol 10k
Janet Noland Ely Runners 10k
Caroline Nunn 10k
James O'Neill Ryston Runners 10k
Denis O'Sullivan 10k
Keira OSullivan 10k
Angela OSullivan 10k
Paul Oakley Horsham Joggers 10k
Sam Osborne 10k
Eva Osborne Wymondham AC 10k
Oliver Owen 10k
Paul Parker Coltishall Jaguars RC 10k
Gavin Pauling 10k
Louis Payne North Norfolk Beach Runners 10k
Daren Peacock Brandon Fern Hoppers 10k
Faith Pearce Norfolk Gazelles AC 10k
Jack Pearce 10k
Cody Pearman Ryston Runners 10k
Greg Pearson Reepham Runners 10k
Bradley Peart 10k
Stuart Peck 10k
Eloise Peek Wymondham AC 10k
Hannah Pegg 10k
Johanna Penfold 10k
David Percival Attleborough Athletics Academy 10k
Angela Perkins 10k
Anton Perkins 10k
Michael Persich Beccles & Bungay Harriers 10k
George Pettit Ryston Runners 10k
Jonathan Phillips North Norfolk Beach Runners 10k
Gemma Pickering Runners-Next-the-Sea 10k
Matthew Plane 10k
Jake Playford 10k
Heather Pocklington Ryston Runners 10k
Sophia Poignand 10k
John Pollock 10k
Emma Potter-Campbell Dereham Runners AC 10k
Vickey Poulter 10k
Mark Preston Dereham Runners AC 10k
Carole Preston Dereham Runners AC 10k
Evette Price Runners-Next-the-Sea 10k
Dawn Protheroe Dereham Runners AC 10k
Natisha Ramsbottom Dereham Runners AC 10k
Wayne Ramsbottom Dereham Runners AC 10k
Hannah Rawsthorne 10k
Jo Rayner Wymondham AC 10k
Sarah Raynsford Waveney Valley AC 10k
Emma Redman Corby AC 10k
Paul Richardson Norwich Road Runners 10k
Steven Rix Dereham Runners AC 10k
Sandra Roberts Coltishall Jaguars RC 10k
Denise Rookyard 10k
Jamie Rose 10k
Kitty Rosser 10k
Luis Rovira 10k
Andy Rowles Dereham Runners AC 10k
Steve Rush Aylsham Runners 10k
Ami Russell Wymondham AC 10k
Josh Russell Norwich Road Runners 10k
Sarah Russell Norwich Road Runners 10k
Jake Sadler 10k
Regan Luke Sadler 10k
Derek Sadler North Norfolk Beach Runners 10k
Ellis Samuel Runners-Next-the-Sea 10k
Max Samuel 10k
Clare Sandall Norwich Road Runners 10k
Bobbie Sauerzapf Bungay Black Dog RC 10k
Tony Savage Ryston Runners 10k
Robert Scarfe Dereham Runners AC 10k
Francesca Self Norwich Road Runners 10k
Tim Seville 10k
Jonathan Shackshaft 10k
Jamie Sheehan 10k
Sarah Shiplee 10k
David Shirley 10k
Kevin Short Runners-Next-the-Sea 10k
Neil Shorten North Norfolk Beach Runners 10k
Kevin Simpson Wymondham AC 10k
Adrian Slattery Great Yarmouth Road Runners 10k
Zoe Smith 10k
Paul Smith 10k
Heather Smith Norfolk Gazelles AC 10k
Paula Smith Runners-Next-the-Sea 10k
Julian Smith Coltishall Jaguars RC 10k
Andrew Soanes Waveney Valley AC 10k
Gary Spackman 10k
Pauline Sparrow Ryston Runners 10k
Amelia Speechley 10k
Shona Spells 10k
Lewis Spurgin Norfolk Gazelles AC 10k
Joseph Stacey 10k
Kate Stearman 10k
Karl Steward 10k
Alison Stewart Norwich Road Runners 10k
Liz Stirling 10k
Ben Stone Great Yarmouth Road Runners 10k
Kelly Stone Great Yarmouth Road Runners 10k
Tom Storey Wymondham AC 10k
Rob Stratton Wymondham AC 10k
Jason Surroop 10k
John Swallow North Norfolk Beach Runners 10k
Kareana Symonds Dereham Runners AC 10k
Rachel Tarkenter Dereham Runners AC 10k
Nouha Tate Coltishall Jaguars RC 10k
Hugh Tawell Newmarket Joggers 10k
James Tester 10k
Andrew Thomas Great Yarmouth Road Runners 10k
Ian Thomas Norfolk Gazelles AC 10k
Melanie Thomas 10k
William Thornhill Newmarket Joggers 10k
Mark Thorpe Norfolk Gazelles AC 10k
Jan Totterdale Dereham Runners AC 10k
Catherine Townsend Aylsham Runners 10k
Teresa Tranter Sudbury Joggers 10k
Jimmy Tubb Reepham Runners 10k
Andrew Tuckett Runners-Next-the-Sea 10k
Malcolm Tuff Fenland Running Club 10k
Chris Vernon 10k
David Wakefield 10k
Alice Wakeley 10k
Angela Wakeley Great Yarmouth Road Runners 10k
Ella Wakeley 10k
Harry Wales 10k
Bridget Wallwin Newmarket Joggers 10k
Alex Walpole Runners-Next-the-Sea 10k
Mark Walpole 10k
Graham Walsh Wymondham AC 10k
Peter Wapshott 10k
Chloe Ward Norwich Road Runners 10k
Emma Ward Norwich Road Runners 10k
Cat Wardell 10k
Graham Watering Norwich Road Runners 10k
Laura Waters 10k
Olivia Waters 10k
Belle Watkins Bure Valley Harriers 10k
Philip Websdale Dereham Runners AC 10k
Barry Wells Norwich Road Runners 10k
Victoria Wells 10k
Gary Wells 10k
Sophie West 10k
Marcus Westgate 10k
Paul Westgate Great Yarmouth Road Runners 10k
Billy Wheeler Wymondham AC 10k
Samantha White Run Things Run Club 10k
Carl White Bure Valley Harriers 10k
Jamie Whitworth Norwich Road Runners 10k
Sebastian Wiles 10k
Becky Willett Norwich Road Runners 10k
Reece Williams Tri-Anglia Triathlon Club 10k
Carl Willimott Reepham Runners 10k
Vicky Willimott Tri-Anglia Triathlon Club 10k
Eadie Winterbone 10k
Jacquie Wood Dereham Runners AC 10k
Claire Woodcroft Wymondham AC 10k
Gill Woodhouse Dereham Runners AC 10k
Sam Woods 10k
Tim Woods Norfolk Gazelles AC 10k
Hazel Wray 10k
Ed Wright 10k
Simon Wright Norfolk Gazelles AC 10k
Abigail Wright 10k
Pippa Wright 10k