EPIC North Walsham 5k

Date: 28/06/2024

Location: North Walsham Memorial Park, NR28 9AY

Website: link

Take part in this very popular town centre event, which takes you around the market town of North Walsham, while being supported by many local residents and supporters.

Any profits from the race will be reinvested into local sport and physical activity by race organisers EPIC Norfolk.

Race Entry: Early bird (20% discount) series entry to the EPIC North Walsham 5K and EPIC Aylsham 5K (only available until 31st December 2023) £23 (Affiliated), £27 (Unaffiliated) + booking fee. Individual race entry (open in January 2024) £14 Affiliated, £16 Unaffiliated + booking fee.

All entries include chip-timing and a bespoke race medal.

All entrants must be at least 11 years or over.

This race is UK Athletics Affiliated.

Awards: There will be e-certificates for the different age categories.

In the event that this race is postponed to another date due to unforeseen circumstances such as the weather, natural disasters etc, your entry will automatically be moved to the new date or you will have the option to transfer your place or complete it virtually.

In the event that this race is cancelled (and not postponed to a new date), you will be automatically deferred to next year’s race or you can request a refund before the deadline date, which will only be set in the event of a cancellation of this race.

Entries are non-refundable and the transfer window is now closed.

Your current entrants

Race Options

Name/Distance Start time Entrants
5k 19:00 pm

Entrance limit reached for this race!

Affiliated (inc admin fee) £15.10
Unaffiliated (inc admin fee) £17.10
Waiting List 19:00 pm
Waiting List - Affiliated £0.00
Waiting List - Unaffiliated £0.00
Name Club Race/Wave
William Abbs 5k
Thomas Abbs Bure Valley Harriers 5k
Paul Aislabie 5k
Elaine Albrow Norwich Road Runners 5k
Pete Alder Runners-Next-the-Sea 5k
Anna Alpe 5k
Amii Andrews Aylsham Runners 5k
Alan Anthony Dereham Runners AC 5k
Vicki Armes Runners-Next-the-Sea 5k
Marianne Armstrong Norfolk Gazelles AC 5k
Gary Asker 5k
Nikki Asker 5k
Jean-Michel Atchoarena 5k
Kate Atkins Norfolk Gazelles AC 5k
William Ayley-Dodd Runners-Next-the-Sea 5k
Luke Bailey 5k
Kevin Baker 5k
Dhinasha Balachandre 5k
Emma Baldry 5k
Jack Baldry 5k
Dougie Barber 5k
Steve Barkey Norwich Road Runners 5k
Lucy Barnard Aylsham Runners 5k
Ella Barnes 5k
Isabel Barnes 5k
Alexandra Barnes 5k
Mary Barrett Dereham Runners AC 5k
Les Bass Royston Runners 5k
Robin Batchelor Dereham Runners AC 5k
Hayley Baxter 5k
Tony Beales Wymondham AC 5k
Michelle Bean Great Yarmouth Road Runners 5k
Phil Beecher 5k
Phil Beecher 5k
Oliver Bell 5k
Abbie Bevan 5k
Stuart Bizley Dereham Runners AC 5k
Faye Blake 5k
Helen Boast 5k
Hannah Bolt 5k
Corbin Bolt 5k
James Bool Great Yarmouth Road Runners 5k
Leanne Botwright Bure Valley Harriers 5k
Bev Bowler 5k
Neil Boyce Norwich Road Runners 5k
Oliver Boyce Norwich Road Runners 5k
Michelle Brady 5k
Alan Brailsford Reepham Runners 5k
Pat Brightman Great Yarmouth & District AC 5k
Stephanie Brighty 5k
Adrian Britton 5k
Davina Broom Aylsham Runners 5k
Isaac Brown Dereham Runners AC 5k
Ian Brown Dereham Runners AC 5k
Ali Brown Dereham Runners AC 5k
Ross Browne 5k
David Bufton Coltishall Jaguars RC 5k
Ryan Bullimore Great Yarmouth & District AC 5k
Lucinda Bullimore Great Yarmouth & District AC 5k
Emma Bumphrey 5k
James Burrows 5k
David Burton Norwich Road Runners 5k
Beverley Cage 5k
Frankie Campling Norwich Road Runners 5k
Katherine Carr Runners-Next-the-Sea 5k
Clive Cartner Norfolk Gazelles AC 5k
Susan Carver Norwich Road Runners 5k
Wayne Catchpole 5k
John Causer Norwich Road Runners 5k
Alfie Chadwick 5k
Claire Chamberlain Ryston Runners 5k
Hazel Champkin 5k
Polly Chapman Ryston Runners 5k
Eleanor Chapman Bure Valley Harriers 5k
Scott Chapman Bure Valley Harriers 5k
Chris Chorley Bungay Black Dog RC 5k
Catherine Ciarleglio 5k
Luca Ciarleglio 5k
Hannah Clark 5k
Michael Clark City of Norwich AC 5k
Daniel Clarke Lonely Goat RC 5k
Amy Clarke Cambridge & Coleridge AC 5k
Kerry Clarke Aylsham Runners 5k
John Clarke 5k
Matthew Cole 5k
Annabelle Cole 5k
Martin Colley Bure Valley Harriers 5k
Ashton Collins Norwich Road Runners 5k
Hadley Connor 5k
Emma Constance 5k
Shaun Conway 5k
Roly Cook Norwich Road Runners 5k
Kelly Cornish 5k
Brett Cornish 5k
Oliver Covell 5k
Daniel Cowley 5k
Graham Cox Bure Valley Harriers 5k
Katy Coysh 5k
Lauren Crisp Aylsham Runners 5k
Mark Crookes Bure Valley Harriers 5k
Judy Crooks Norwich Road Runners 5k
Ben Cudden 5k
Oliver Dack Norwich Road Runners 5k
Heather Dagraca Norfolk Gazelles AC 5k
Rachel Dance 5k
Roger Daniels Aylsham Runners 5k
Nicholas Dash 5k
Stuart Davidson 5k
Helen Debbage 5k
Milo Debbage North Norfolk Harriers Athletics Club 5k
Kevin Denmark Wymondham AC 5k
Stuart Dewell Lowestoft Road Runners 5k
Amber Dickson 5k
Megan Dickson 5k
Rio Dobbie 5k
Kevin Dobson 5k
Mark Donders 5k
Millie Doubleday 5k
Natalie Drake North Norfolk Beach Runners 5k
Roger Dulson 5k
Susan Dulson 5k
Ross Durrant 5k
Rebecca Dyde 5k
Matthew Dyke Coltishall Jaguars RC 5k
Gracie East 5k
Hannah Easter 5k
Eva Eccles Bure Valley Harriers 5k
Billy Eccles Bure Valley Harriers 5k
Michael Eccles Bure Valley Harriers 5k
Adele Edwards Dereham Runners AC 5k
Sean Eke 5k
Robert Ellis 5k
Steph Ellis Bure Valley Harriers 5k
Donna Emptage Dereham Runners AC 5k
Dennis English 5k
Tagen Etheridge Great Yarmouth Road Runners 5k
Samantha Fabb 5k
Archie Fiddy 5k
Ryan Findlay 5k
Michelle Finnegan Runners-Next-the-Sea 5k
Steff Firth 5k
Colin Fish 5k
Amberley Fitzalan-Cram Norfolk Gazelles AC 5k
Julian Flatt Lonely Goat RC 5k
Caroline Flatt 5k
Gary Fletcher 5k
Jacob Foster Aylsham Runners 5k
Jane Freeman Norfolk Gazelles AC 5k
Matthew Freezer Runners-Next-the-Sea 5k
Liam Frost 5k
Sarah Fuller 5k
Ruth Gainsford Coltishall Jaguars RC 5k
Louise Gardiner 5k
Mark Garrett Norwich Road Runners 5k
Bethany Gaskin Aylsham Runners 5k
William George Aylsham Runners 5k
Georgi Georgiev 5k
Paul Gerber Coltishall Jaguars RC 5k
Lucie Gillett 5k
Karen Glenister 5k
Mark Goddard 5k
Matt Goode Wymondham AC 5k
David Goodwin Norfolk Gazelles AC 5k
Kieron Goreham Norwich Road Runners 5k
James Gosden 5k
Daniel Gowler 5k
Alice Grant Bure Valley Harriers 5k
Amanda Gray Wymondham AC 5k
Duncan Green 5k
Chloe Green 5k
Lisa Green Great Yarmouth Road Runners 5k
Susan Guest Wymondham AC 5k
Myles Hague Aylsham Runners 5k
Elizabeth Halford 5k
Tom Halkyard 5k
Barry Halkyard Coltishall Jaguars RC 5k
Lizzie Hall 5k
Rejane Hammond 5k
Scott Harding-Lister 5k
Steven Harding-Lister 5k
Gail Hardingham Bure Valley Harriers 5k
Annie Hardy 5k
Colin Harper 5k
Vicki Harper 5k
Jake Harris North Norfolk Harriers Athletics Club 5k
John Harris 5k
Phrancesca Harrison Great Yarmouth & District AC 5k
Daniel Hawking Dereham Runners AC 5k
Chris Haystead 5k
Cliff Heath 5k
Matt Hendry 5k
Emma Hewitt 5k
Kevin Heyhoe Runners-Next-the-Sea 5k
Charlotte Hickling Norfolk Harriers RC 5k
Stephen Higgs 5k
Richard High 5k
Rebecca Hill 5k
Andrew Hinsley 5k
Helen Hinsley 5k
Clare Hodges Great Yarmouth Road Runners 5k
Olivia Hodgson Norwich Road Runners 5k
Shanon Hodgson Lonely Goat RC 5k
Robert Holliday 5k
Helen Holmes Dereham Runners AC 5k
Thomas Hopkinson Aylsham Runners 5k
Sophia Horton-Jones Dereham Runners AC 5k
Teresa Hovell 5k
Paul Hovell 5k
Anthony Howard Aylsham Runners 5k
George Howard 5k
Ross Howe 5k
Ryan Howe 5k
James Howes City of Norwich AC 5k
John Hudson Norwich Road Runners 5k
Jordan Hunt 5k
Tom Hunt 5k
Ellie Hurn Norwich Road Runners 5k
Gina Hurrell Ryston Runners 5k
Stewart Ingram Norfolk Gazelles AC 5k
Daniel Jackman 5k
Rob Jackman Runners-Next-the-Sea 5k
Nita Jackman Runners-Next-the-Sea 5k
Yvonne Jackson 5k
Matt Jenkins Norwich Road Runners 5k
Paul Jenkins 5k
Beverly Jenkins 5k
Kathryn Jervis 5k
Graham Johnson Coltishall Jaguars RC 5k
Elizabeth Johnson North Norfolk Beach Runners 5k
Kimberley Johnstone 5k
Mark Jones Dereham Runners AC 5k
Paul Jones Norfolk Gazelles AC 5k
Gary Jones 5k
Ali Jordison 5k
Nicole Joyce 5k
Nicholas Keable Great Yarmouth Road Runners 5k
Tabitha Keeble Norwich Road Runners 5k
Sarah Keen North Norfolk Beach Runners 5k
Shane Kelly 5k
Jacob Kenworthy Wymondham AC 5k
Jaclyn Kettley 5k
Becky Kidd Runners-Next-the-Sea 5k
Lee Kiddell 5k
Lisa marie Kiddell 5k
Holly Kim 5k
Rita King 5k
Kelly King 5k
Laura Kirk 5k
Diane Lain Reepham Runners 5k
Robert Last Dereham Runners AC 5k
Martin Law Reepham Runners 5k
Will Layton Aylsham Runners 5k
Kristy Lee 5k
John Lee Norwich Road Runners 5k
Richard Lee 5k
Amber Lewis 5k
Jonah Life North Norfolk Harriers Athletics Club 5k
Ben Ling 5k
Morgan Lingley 5k
Kerrie Lingwood Aylsham Runners 5k
Mick Liston 5k
Daryl London North Norfolk Beach Runners 5k
Chris Long 5k
Jurgen Long 5k
Donna Loose 5k
Catherine Loveridge 5k
Ross Macdonald Metro Aberdeen Running Club 5k
Glyn Manton Norwich Road Runners 5k
Aaron Marche 5k
Tim Mardall 5k
Mark Mardell Norwich Road Runners 5k
Linda Marshall Ryston Runners 5k
Ryan Martin 5k
Claudia Matthews-Hawes 5k
Jimmy McCarthy 5k
Joe McCormick St Albans Striders 5k
Robert McKillop Lonely Goat RC 5k
Melanie Mears 5k
Edna Mendoza 5k
Sebina Micheli 5k
Alan Mickleburgh Aylsham Runners 5k
Chris Mickleburgh Aylsham Runners 5k
Karen Mitchell 5k
George Mooney 5k
Christine Mooney 5k
Suzanne Moore Wymondham AC 5k
David Moore Norfolk Gazelles AC 5k
Brian Moore Norwich Road Runners 5k
Richard Moore Norwich Road Runners 5k
Jonathan Moore 5k
John Moore Norfolk Gazelles AC 5k
Debbie Moore Runners-Next-the-Sea 5k
Ian Moore Wymondham AC 5k
Cerys Morey 5k
Aaron Murrell 5k
Lindsay Neenan 5k
Archie Neenan 5k
Travis Neenan 5k
John Neenan Aylsham Runners 5k
Claire Neil 5k
Warren Newell Lonely Goat RC 5k
Steve Newman Bungay Black Dog RC 5k
Steven Newstead 5k
Morgan Newstead 5k
Theresa Mae Noble 5k
Holly Northfield 5k
Jack Norton City of Norwich AC 5k
Faye Nottage Great Yarmouth & District AC 5k
Ailsa Nurse 5k
David Nurse 5k
Fin Obrien 5k
Megan Caroline Oram Dereham Runners AC 5k
James Ord Ryston Runners 5k
Janine Osborne Norwich Social Joggers 5k
Armin Palmer East Cornwall Harriers 5k
Phillip Palmer 5k
Adam Parke 5k
Kirsty Parke 5k
Chris Parke 5k
Paul Parker Coltishall Jaguars RC 5k
Kirsty Parker 5k
Sarah Parkes Coltishall Jaguars RC 5k
Max Parsley City of Norwich AC 5k
Shaun Parsley 5k
Karen Patterson Norwich Road Runners 5k
Gavin Payne 5k
Laura Payne 5k
Cody Pearman Ryston Runners 5k
Stuart Peck 5k
Mark Peel 5k
Hannah Pegg 5k
Elizabeth Pells 5k
Michael Persich Beccles & Bungay Harriers 5k
Richard Peters Coltishall Jaguars RC 5k
Emma Petersen 5k
Thomas Petersen 5k
George Pettit Ryston Runners 5k
Edward Pinch Tri-Anglia Triathlon Club 5k
Sally Porter Bure Valley Harriers 5k
Giverney Powles 5k
Sonya Powley 5k
Daryl Preston 5k
Debby Priddy 5k
Andrea Pridmore 5k
Andy Pridmore 5k
Jake Pye 5k
Michael Radbourne 5k
Wayne Ramsbottom Dereham Runners AC 5k
Ben Ramsey 5k
Nicholas Randall Norwich Road Runners 5k
Shelley Randall 5k
Gary Randall 5k
Toby Rayment 5k
Jo Rayner Wymondham AC 5k
Daniel Read Aylsham Runners 5k
Alison Read Aylsham Runners 5k
Jessica Read 5k
Chris Reid 5k
Carolyn Reid 5k
Chris Reid Ryston Runners 5k
Corben Reynolds Great Yarmouth Road Runners 5k
James Richardson Norwich Road Runners 5k
Jill Richardson 5k
Joanne Ring Norwich Road Runners 5k
Lucy Ring Norwich Road Runners 5k
Neil Rivers Dereham Runners AC 5k
Grant Rix 5k
Sandra Roberts Coltishall Jaguars RC 5k
Sarah Robertson NA 5k
Arthur Robinson Thetford AC 5k
Amber Robson 5k
Laurence Rouse 5k
Maureen Rumsby Norwich Road Runners 5k
Glenn Russell 5k
Michael Sadler North Norfolk Beach Runners 5k
Ellis Samuel Runners-Next-the-Sea 5k
Bobbie Sauerzapf Bungay Black Dog RC 5k
Catherine Sayer Norfolk Gazelles AC 5k
Martin Scothern Dereham Runners AC 5k
Helen Scothern Dereham Runners AC 5k
Fiona Searson 5k
Selica Sevigny 5k
Laura Seville Wymondham AC 5k
Emma Shanks Norwich Road Runners 5k
Glenn Sharman 5k
Gary Sharp 5k
Aimee Shaw Ryston Runners 5k
Karen Siggery 5k
Joshua Siggins 5k
Kevin Simpson Wymondham AC 5k
Dennis Simpson Norwich Road Runners 5k
Symon Sims 5k
Dan Skipper 5k
Peter Skivington 5k
Isaac Skivington North Norfolk Harriers Athletics Club 5k
Kieran Sladden 5k
Oliver Slater 5k
Eleanor Slater 5k
Adrian Slattery Great Yarmouth Road Runners 5k
Hayley Smith Coltishall Jaguars RC 5k
Sarah-Jane Smith Aylsham Runners 5k
Ruth Smith 5k
Daniel Smith Coltishall Jaguars RC 5k
Steve Smith 5k
Simon Smith 5k
Carensa Smith 5k
Paul Smithson 5k
Sue Smithson 5k
Kelly-Anne Snelling Norwich Road Runners 5k
Gary Snelling 5k
Paul Spooner 5k
Debbie Sporle 5k
Richard Squire 5k
Max Stapley 5k
Eve Stapley North Norfolk Harriers Athletics Club 5k
Craig Stapley 5k
Louise Stevens Wymondham AC 5k
Jim Stocker Huntingdonshire AC 5k
Jane Stockings 5k
Lauren Stroud Aylsham Runners 5k
Kirsty Sturman Lonely Goat RC 5k
Jack Stuttle North Norfolk Beach Runners 5k
Gemma Sullivan 5k
Lorna Sullivan 5k
Dave Sutton 5k
Peter Swales Dereham Runners AC 5k
Susan Swales Dereham Runners AC 5k
Michael Swindells 5k
Kareana Symonds Dereham Runners AC 5k
Jack Talbot 5k
Ian Taylor 5k
Rosemary Terry 5k
Dave Thomas 5k
Amy Thomas 5k
Kevin Thompson Norfolk Harriers RC 5k
Gareth Thompson 5k
Adrienne Thompson 5k
Gareth Thomson Norwich Social Joggers 5k
Mark Thorpe Norfolk Gazelles AC 5k
Mandie Thorpe Dereham Runners AC 5k
Jack Thorpe 5k
Catherine Thorpe Runners-Next-the-Sea 5k
Greg Tinder 5k
Mark Townsend Norwich Road Runners 5k
Luke Townshend 5k
Matthew Trollope Lonely Goat RC 5k
Lisa Trower 5k
Lewis Turner 5k
Robin Turner 5k
Maddic Walker 5k
Justin Walker Ryston Runners 5k
Alex Walpole Runners-Next-the-Sea 5k
Lucas Ward 5k
Simon Wardale 5k
Kathryn Warren 5k
William Wassmer Great Yarmouth & District AC 5k
Laura Waters 5k
Belle Watkins Bure Valley Harriers 5k
Lisa Webb 5k
Philip Websdale Dereham Runners AC 5k
Holly Websdale 5k
Nina Websdale 5k
Gary Wells 5k
Victoria Wells 5k
Alice Wells 5k
Richard West North Norfolk Beach Runners 5k
Karen West North Norfolk Beach Runners 5k
Rebecca Westall Aylsham Runners 5k
Kirsty Wheeler Lowestoft Road Runners 5k
Jake Whitbread North Norfolk Beach Runners 5k
Anthony Whitehouse 5k
Jamie Whitworth Norwich Road Runners 5k
Charlotte Wickham 5k
Becky Willett Norwich Road Runners 5k
Julie Williamson Ryston Runners 5k
Sophie Williamson 5k
Vicky Willimott Tri-Anglia Triathlon Club 5k
Amy Witty Norwich Road Runners 5k
Kate Woodcock 5k
Chris Woodhouse 5k
Richard Woodland 5k
Katherine Woods Norwich Road Runners 5k
Shane Woods 5k
Sarah Wright 5k
James Wright Norfolk Gazelles AC 5k
Billie Wright 5k
Jack Wright Bungay Black Dog RC 5k
Ashley Yellop Norwich Road Runners 5k
Annette Yeomanson 5k
Caroline Youngman Norwich Road Runners 5k
Waiting List Name Club
1 Andrea Krout Great Yarmouth Road Runners
2 Ian Krout Great Yarmouth Road Runners
3 Ava Connelly North Norfolk Harriers Athletics Club
4 Dougie Barber
5 Karen Bell
6 Andy Lillie
7 Ollie King
8 Benjamin Reed
9 Paul Rose
10 Sam Neil
11 Sue Lyons Great Yarmouth Road Runners
12 Beverley Read
13 Greg Dimsey
14 Sam Naylor
15 Alison Stewart Norwich Road Runners
16 Wayne Hallam Fordy Runs Running Club
17 Lauren Thurlow
18 Anthony Elsey