Sportlink GP

Dereham 5k

Date: 18/08/2024

Location: Dereham

Website: link

This will be the 12th running of this popular 5km event.

Sportlink Grand Prix

This event is Race 13 in the Sportlink Grand Prix series.
Sportlink pride themselves on delivering an outstanding customer service and it is their combined knowledge and experience which will ensure that you receive the very best professional advice when visiting the store.
Sportlink Running & Fitness….so very proud to sponsor the Grand Prix series whilst supporting Norfolk athletics and road running.
Run by Runners for Runners.

This event is run under UK Athletics Rules. UK Athletics Licence applied for.

Location: Dereham Recreation Ground, off Station Road, Dereham NR19 1AE (What3Words location daytime.mercy.hobbyists). There will be limited parking at the event HQ therefore it is strongly advised to use public car parks within the town centre. Unfortunately, no changing facilities available although toilet facilities available in adjacent leisure centre.

The Dereham 5k is a 2-lap course around the town centre on mostly closed roads, it is a fast & flat ideal for those seeking a PB.

Race Entry: £16.00 affiliated £18.00 unaffiliated (NO ENTRIES ACCEPTED ON DAY). Minimum age is 12.

Race Time: 9:00 am

Prizes: 1st M/F, Senior, 40-44, 45-49, 50-54, 55-59, 60-64, 65-69, 70-74, 75+

Medal to all race finishers.

No team prizes.

Winners of overall prizes cannot also win age group prize.

NO devices with headphones or earbuds, including bone conduction headphones, may be worn while racing.

Entries are non-refundable and unfortunately cannot be deferred but transfers to another runner are available until midnight on 12/08/2024. Login to transfer your entry.

Your current entrants

Race Options

Name/Distance Start time Entrants
5k 09:00 am
Affiliated (£16 + £1.10 admin fee) £17.10
Unaffiliated (£18 + £1.10 admin fee) £19.10
Name Club Race/Wave
Neil Adams North Norfolk Beach Runners 5k
Simon Alcock Bure Valley Harriers 5k
Barry Allen Lonely Goat RC 5k
Neil Anderton 5k
Vicki Armes Runners-Next-the-Sea 5k
Christine Ashe Bungay Black Dog RC 5k
Robin Ashe Bungay Black Dog RC 5k
William Ayley-Dodd Runners-Next-the-Sea 5k
Rob Bailey Great Yarmouth Road Runners 5k
Lacie Bailey 5k
Sarah Baker Runners-Next-the-Sea 5k
Amy Balaam Bure Valley Harriers 5k
Karen Balcombe North Norfolk Beach Runners 5k
Lacey Bareham Wymondham AC 5k
Samantha Beales 5k
Yitzhak Ben-aroya Wymondham AC 5k
Anita Betts Great Yarmouth Road Runners 5k
Laura Black 5k
James Bool Great Yarmouth Road Runners 5k
Katie Bowers 5k
Suzanne Bowers 5k
Oliver Boyce Norwich Road Runners 5k
Neil Boyce Norwich Road Runners 5k
Alan Bradley Norwich Road Runners 5k
Sarah Bradley Norwich Road Runners 5k
Alan Brailsford Reepham Runners 5k
Emily Bridges 5k
Dawn Broom Penistone Footpath Runners & Athletic Club 5k
John Broom Penistone Footpath Runners & Athletic Club 5k
Emma Brown 5k
Dave Brunton 5k
Chris Bullock Wymondham AC 5k
Daryl Burlingham 5k
Kirsty Butters Ryston Runners 5k
Nicola Byford Thetford AC 5k
Westley Byford Saint Edmund Pacers 5k
Tim Carr 5k
Dennis Carter Wymondham AC 5k
Nick Cason 5k
Jennie Chamberlain Thetford AC 5k
Scott Chapman Bure Valley Harriers 5k
Eleanor Chapman Bure Valley Harriers 5k
Chris Chorley Bungay Black Dog RC 5k
Jennifer Christie 5k
Ben Christie 5k
Evie Clayton West Norfolk AC 5k
Steven Cleveland Norwich Road Runners 5k
William Cobbold 5k
Terry Collins Coltishall Jaguars RC 5k
Dawn Collyer Aylsham Runners 5k
Richard Collyer Aylsham Runners 5k
Shaun Conway 5k
Toni Cooper Dereham Runners AC 5k
Jason Corner Tri-Anglia Triathlon Club 5k
Richard Crewe Thetford AC 5k
Kayleigh Crewe Thetford AC 5k
Mark Crookes Bure Valley Harriers 5k
Sam Cryan 5k
Anthony Cude Runners-Next-the-Sea 5k
Nichola Curd 5k
Linda Cusack Thetford AC 5k
Heather Dagraca Norfolk Gazelles AC 5k
Clare Daly 5k
Cathal Daly City of Norwich AC 5k
James Davis Reepham Runners 5k
Paolo De Marco Norfolk Gazelles AC 5k
Alan Dean Lonely Goat RC 5k
Michael Dean Lonely Goat RC 5k
Anna Dean Thetford AC 5k
Kevin Denmark Wymondham AC 5k
James Doggett 5k
Tom Downs 5k
Jack Doy 5k
Sophie Draper Dereham Runners AC 5k
Helen Driver Ryston Runners 5k
Jude Durrant Lonely Goat RC 5k
Jackie Eastaugh-king Norwich Road Runners 5k
Darren Easter Ryston Runners 5k
Richard Edwards 5k
Rachael Elliott 5k
Melanie Elliott Reepham Runners 5k
Paul Elliott Reepham Runners 5k
Steph Ellis Bure Valley Harriers 5k
Jason Elrick Thetford AC 5k
Anthony Elsey 5k
Dave Evans Wymondham AC 5k
Minnie Eve 5k
Steven Everett 5k
Karl Feagan Ipswich Harriers 5k
Ginny Fellows Coltishall Jaguars RC 5k
Donna Finney Thetford AC 5k
Joselean Fisher 5k
Kristina Fisher 5k
Julian Flatt Lonely Goat RC 5k
Andrew Fleet Thetford AC 5k
Suzanne Fleet Thetford AC 5k
Sarah Fleet Thetford AC 5k
Joe Forshaw 5k
Katie Forshaw 5k
Claire Foulkes North Norfolk Beach Runners 5k
Digby Frammingham West Norfolk AC 5k
Charlie Frammingham West Norfolk AC 5k
Matthew Freezer Runners-Next-the-Sea 5k
Liam Frost Great Yarmouth Road Runners 5k
Dudley Garner City of Norwich AC 5k
Mark Garrett Norwich Road Runners 5k
Sine Garviemcinally 5k
Alex Gaunt Norwich Road Runners 5k
Ruth Gaunt Norwich Road Runners 5k
Laura George Aylsham Runners 5k
William George Aylsham Runners 5k
Jason Gibbons Aylsham Runners 5k
Danielle Gilbert Wymondham AC 5k
Aaron Glenister Lonely Goat RC 5k
Karen Glenister 5k
Lauren Goldsmith Saint Edmund Pacers 5k
Daniel Gowler 5k
Jake Grand Norwich Road Runners 5k
Amanda Gray Wymondham AC 5k
Lisa Green Great Yarmouth Road Runners 5k
Chloe Green 5k
Chris Greenough Tri-Anglia Triathlon Club 5k
Nick Gurney Norwich Road Runners 5k
Elaine Haggarty Great Yarmouth Road Runners 5k
Myles Hague Aylsham Runners 5k
Andrew Hammond Norfolk Gazelles AC 5k
Richard Hancock 5k
Kevin Hardingham Norfolk Gazelles AC 5k
Gail Hardingham Bure Valley Harriers 5k
Graham Hardingham Norfolk Gazelles AC 5k
Kerry Harman 5k
Charlotte Harris Cook Bure Valley Harriers 5k
Edwina Harvey 5k
Simon Haywood 5k
Gillian Haywood 5k
Kathryn Heaney Wymondham AC 5k
James Heaney Wymondham AC 5k
Emma Hewitt 5k
Stewart Hewitt 5k
Leslie Hill Norfolk Gazelles AC 5k
Jim Hosier 5k
Tor Hosier 5k
Aleisje Howes 5k
Ewan Howes 5k
James Howes City of Norwich AC 5k
Jordan Humm 5k
Ashleigh Humm 5k
Ellie Hurn Norwich Road Runners 5k
Shaun Hurr Bure Valley Harriers 5k
Phil Hurr North Norfolk Beach Runners 5k
Louise Hurr Norfolk Gazelles AC 5k
Rob Jackman Runners-Next-the-Sea 5k
Nita Jackman Runners-Next-the-Sea 5k
William Jackson 5k
Rosemary Jackson Coltishall Jaguars RC 5k
Melanie Jarvis 5k
Owen Jary Ryston Runners 5k
Ellie Jones 5k
Paul Jones Norfolk Gazelles AC 5k
Lloyd Kidd 5k
Beth King Bure Valley Harriers 5k
Natalie King Thetford AC 5k
Phil King North Norfolk Beach Runners 5k
Donna Knibb 5k
Tom Knibb 5k
Stephen Lee Bure Valley Harriers 5k
David Loomes Saint Edmund Pacers 5k
Anette Lorimer Lonely Goat RC 5k
Christine Loveday 5k
Sophie Loveridge 5k
Kevin Mann 5k
Robert McKillop Lonely Goat RC 5k
Andy Menin 5k
Alan Mickleburgh Aylsham Runners 5k
Chris Mickleburgh Aylsham Runners 5k
Rachel Miller Norwich Road Runners 5k
Stacey Mockford Thetford AC 5k
Jason Mold 5k
Joshua Moore 5k
Ian Moore Wymondham AC 5k
Suzanne Moore Wymondham AC 5k
Jovin Mulloor 5k
Andrew Mundy Wymondham AC 5k
Marina Murdoch Wymondham AC 5k
Tobias Neale North Norfolk Harriers Athletics Club 5k
Philip Neave Bungay Black Dog RC 5k
Warren Newell Lonely Goat RC 5k
Brian Ogden 5k
Olivia Ord Ryston Runners 5k
James Ord Ryston Runners 5k
Truman Panks 5k
Jane Parker 5k
Faith Pearce Norfolk Gazelles AC 5k
Marcus Pearson 5k
Gary Pearson 5k
Jennifer Peart 5k
Eloise Peek Wymondham AC 5k
Michael Persich Beccles & Bungay Harriers 5k
Dan Ponder 5k
Kirsty Ponder 5k
Sally Porter Bure Valley Harriers 5k
Andy Pridmore 5k
Andrea Pridmore 5k
Tom Pullinger Harleston Running Club 5k
Lee Quibell Bure Valley Harriers 5k
Robert Quinlan 5k
Michael Radbourne 5k
Jo Rayner Wymondham AC 5k
Paul Regester 5k
Sandra Roberts Coltishall Jaguars RC 5k
Stewart Robins Ryston Runners 5k
Lesley Robins Ryston Runners 5k
Mark Robinson Lonely Goat RC 5k
Lukasz Ryzinski 5k
Max Samuel 5k
Bobbie Sauerzapf Bungay Black Dog RC 5k
Rob Sears 5k
Tim Seville 5k
Laura Seville Wymondham AC 5k
Glenn Sharman Coltishall Jaguars RC 5k
Marco Silva Thetford AC 5k
Kevin Simpson Wymondham AC 5k
Adrian Slattery Great Yarmouth Road Runners 5k
Heather Smith Norfolk Gazelles AC 5k
Sarah-Jane Smith Aylsham Runners 5k
Lorna Smith Dereham Runners AC 5k
Andrew Smith Thetford AC 5k
Debbie Smith Thetford AC 5k
Rita Smith 5k
Ben Smith Wymondham AC 5k
Steve Smith 5k
Paula Smith Runners-Next-the-Sea 5k
Hayley Smith 5k
Andy Sparrow 5k
Nick Spencer 5k
Rocky Spencer 5k
Callum Stanforth West Norfolk AC 5k
Claire Stroud 5k
Bethany Studd Bungay Black Dog RC 5k
Kirsty Sturman Lonely Goat RC 5k
Christopher Syrad 5k
Simon Taylor 5k
Mark Thorpe Norfolk Gazelles AC 5k
Mark Townsend Norwich Road Runners 5k
Malcolm Tuff Fenland Running Club 5k
Jamie Tufts Reepham Runners 5k
Neil Vendy Thetford AC 5k
Carri Vendy Thetford AC 5k
Vilma Vensloviene Lonely Goat RC 5k
Chris Vernon 5k
Kris Wagg 5k
Jessica Ward 5k
Harry Ward 5k
Laura Waters 5k
Barry Wells Norwich Road Runners 5k
Patrick A Welsh 5k
Stephanie Wenn 5k
Paul Westgate Great Yarmouth Road Runners 5k
Martin Westley Harlow Running & Tri Club 5k
Samantha Weston 5k
Kirsty Wheeler Lowestoft Road Runners 5k
Billy Wheeler Wymondham AC 5k
Jamie Whitworth Norwich Road Runners 5k
Andrew Wilson 5k
John Wilson 5k
Sally Wilson 5k
Daniel Wilson 5k
Ellena Wiseman 5k
Claire Woodcroft Wymondham AC 5k
Karl Wright Thetford AC 5k
Simon Wright Norfolk Gazelles AC 5k
Luke Wrycraft 5k
Charlotte Youngs Great Yarmouth Road Runners 5k