Littleport 10k

Date: 28/07/2019

Location: Littleport

Website: link

Race Info: The Littleport 10k is a multi-terrain race suitable for runners of all abilities, from new runners to the more experienced. Entrants must be a minimum age of 15 on race day

Prizes: Race medals to all finishers
Overall Male/Female Race winners individual Trophies
Trophies for Veteran entries, both men and women, 1 st Place only: Over 35’s, Over 45’s, Over 55’s and Over 65’s.

Chips and Race Numbers can be collected on Saturday 27 th July between 9am and 2pm, or collected on the day

The Race Centre HQ will be based at the Littleport Leisure Centre and will include abaggage storage facility. Changing and showers are available in the leisure centre.
Hot and cold refreshments will also be available.
There is adequate free parking for runners and spectators in the leisure centre car park.
If not sold out, entries will be available on the day for £1 extra

Entries are non-refundable but transfers are available until midnight on 20/07/2019. Login to transfer your entry.

Your current entrants

Race Options

Name/Distance Start time Entrants
10k 10:45 am
Affiliated £12.00
Unaffiliated £15.00
Name Club Wave
Clare Andrews Ely Runners 10k
Sara Austen 10k
Alicia Bailey 10k
Laura Baker 10k
Greg Barker 10k
Nina Bayes Lonely Goats RC 10k
Amanda Beavis Ely Runners 10k
Tammy Bell Thorney Running Club 10k
Martyn Benstead 10k
Philip Berridge Thorney Running Club 10k
Michelle Berry Ely Runners 10k
Allistair Berry Ely Runners 10k
Adam Blake Yaxley Runners & Joggers 10k
Kieran Brady Cambridge & Coleridge AC 10k
Harriet Brewerton Ely Triathlon Club 10k
Mike Bull 10k
Hugh Burton Yaxley Runners & Joggers 10k
Michael Butler Ely Triathlon Club 10k
Andrew Catton 10k
Andy Cole March AC 10k
Lesley Coles Yaxley Runners & Joggers 10k
Robert Coles Yaxley Runners & Joggers 10k
Deborah Cook Yaxley Runners & Joggers 10k
Gina Crane Yaxley Runners & Joggers 10k
Edward Crothall Cambridge & Coleridge AC 10k
Sabrina Crothall BRJ Run & Tri 10k
Emma Davis 10k
Paul Day 10k
Annabel Devall 10k
Paul Dickerson Ely Triathlon Club 10k
Amber Dorrington 10k
Lesley Dorrington 10k
Caline Easey 10k
Donna Egerton Bodymode Running Club 10k
Justin Elvidge March AC 10k
Cathrine Evans 10k
Kevin Farquhar Ryston Runners AC 10k
Steven Farquhar Ryston Runners AC 10k
Ian Fleming Ramsey Road Runners 10k
Jennifer Fogg 10k
Verity Fretwell 10k
Dawn Friend Yaxley Runners & Joggers 10k
Steve Frost 10k
Annabelle Fullerton Yaxley Runners & Joggers 10k
Andrew Galloway 10k
Jamie Gayfer 10k
Cathy Gibb-de Swarte 10k
Sarah Gibson 10k
Thomas Gibson Cambridge & Coleridge AC 10k
Gwen Graves Ely Runners 10k
Barry Graves Ely Runners 10k
Jessica Guittet-Roberts 10k
Ray Harding 10k
Neil Harries 10k
Andrew Harrop Eye Community Runners 10k
Roy Harwood Benfleet Running Club 10k
Shara Hayes Lonely Goats RC 10k
Jenni Homent 10k
Stacey Hurrell 10k
Kelly Jackson Bodymode Running Club 10k
Jane Johannessen 10k
Ian Keys Ely Runners 10k
Tony Kirby-cook Ely Runners 10k
Anne Kirk Ramsey Road Runners 10k
Martin Kirk Ramsey Road Runners 10k
Nicola Knott Ely Runners 10k
Reece Laffar 10k
Simon Lock Notfast RC 10k
Darren Maddison Yaxley Runners & Joggers 10k
Jean Maggs Yaxley Runners & Joggers 10k
Matthew Mason Ely Runners 10k
Chloe Massey Lonely Goats RC 10k
Neil McCombie 10k
Naomi McCombie 10k
Helen McLean Ramsey Road Runners 10k
Simon Mead Ramsey Road Runners 10k
Simon Nicholls Lonely Goats RC 10k
Rachael Nichols Fenland Running Club 10k
Paul Nicol 10k
Janet Noland Ely Runners 10k
Mark O' Connell 10k
Gayna O'Rourke Bodymode Running Club 10k
Celine Ophelders REC 10k
Jill O’Grady Newmarket Joggers 10k
Sianie Painter Newmarket Joggers 10k
Hannah Parsons Newmarket Joggers 10k
Nicola Peck Lonely Goats RC 10k
Sarah Pettit Run DMC 10k
George Pettit 10k
David Platt 10k
David Pope 10k
Helena Potgieter Yaxley Runners & Joggers 10k
David Price 10k
Beth Prior 10k
Clive Purbrook Newmarket Joggers 10k
Jamie Randall Haverhill Running Club 10k
Maria Reed Haverhill Running Club 10k
Ian Rendall 10k
Karen Ricketts 10k
Sharon Rodgers Run Mummy Run 10k
Stuart Rollings 10k
Ben Royal 10k
Timothy Rudd Reepham Runners 10k
Matthew Rushton Royal Navy AC 10k
Andy Savage Yaxley Runners & Joggers 10k
Ann Schofield 10k
Steve Sharp 10k
Rebecca Sharpe Cambridge & Coleridge AC 10k
Stuart Shepherd Saint Edmund Pacers 10k
Claire Sibley Thorney Running Club 10k
Kristy Smalley 10k
Barry Smith Ryston Runners AC 10k
Nigel Smith 10k
Elaine Smith Ely Runners 10k
Bethany Spalding 10k
Keith Squires 10k
Dan Staite 10k
Lee Tatum Ely Runners 10k
Liz Taylor 10k
Andrew Taylor Newmarket Joggers 10k
Lewis Tippett Royal Engineers RC 10k
Gemma Toogood Yaxley Runners & Joggers 10k
David Towns Yaxley Runners & Joggers 10k
Andrew Wallis Ely Triathlon Club 10k
Holly Watson 10k